The times Jordan Schlansky broke character.
Jordan Schlansky breaking character conan

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I.A : What so good about him is that i honestly still don't know if he's actually playing a character or not.

Handsome Jack : He doesn't break character, his human emotion software package just doesn't run sometimes.

R0binHood : If you make him smell something, he breaks character.

NV SNAKE : You can tell Jordan genuinely had a good time during that Italy trip. He broke character so many times and this is just a fraction of it lol

Random Viewer : It took me a solid year of watching Conan to figure out Jordan's performance was completely satire.

P1kk3 : Human Soil is the name of my new punk band.

Jon Buehler : I don't care if I'm a big deal A little deal A medium deal A nuetral deal I just want to go eat a good meal Who knew Jordan was Dr Seuss?

Meiji : He looks like a totally different person when he laughs

Sonnie : You can tell that underneath the act that these two are best pals πŸ‘

Dan Von Carr : "break character" it's just his new software that can mimic human laughter. The thing is the timing is a bit off that's why he laughs suddenly and at inappropriate times.

Remi Kvalheim : I laughed so hard i made human soil in my pants

Hani Hassan : This is priceless because Conan is ever so taunting and he BREAKS too!!!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

odessa : h u m a n *s o i l*

KallaMigCP : "why are you laughing?" "because I want. To fit. In."

ermitanyo hermit : This whats happeb when he realize what he is saying is absolutely absurd. Just like the one in the wine tasting when he said he feels like he is lost in the woods, he trying to contain his laughter when he realize how stupid that sounds like.

CLuv : When Jordan laughs....all is right in the world

Mythagoras : This Italy trip was the event that finally broke Jordan

Dave C : LOL Jordan's argument style when cracking up: 0:08 What are you laughing at? "What are YOU laughing at?" 0:14 The way you started to laugh was insane. "YOU'RE insane." 0:23 A weird Joker smile came on your face. "Look at YOUR face." 2:01 You're not even drunk yet, idiot. "YOU'RE an idiot." 6:00 Do you say 'Excuse me, I need to go to the men's room to make some human soil?' "Do You say I have to go to the men's room to make feces??'"

Tal Peretz : I love how Jordan breaking character is literally just every time he smiles

SHRED SHREDDER : We need a netflix special : Conan schlansky.....

Mark Black : 6:54 Jordan is clinically insane..

Pat Man : Jordan is a hybrid of Tobi and Dwight from the Office. If the show ever comes back, Jordan needs to be on it.

Nez : 7:25 *Im enjoying my time with you* Conan reacts seems so surprised lol aww 😭

wolfjedisamuel : Every time Jordan laughs, He's actually laughing at the thought of the different ways he can dismember Conan's corpse.

Kevin Varela : I need to see Jordan and Jeff Goldblum have a conversation lol

Slaughter Bot : *Jordan is not playing a role... He is The Dude !*

Sam Varkey : I think he is a Ghoul, a ghoul from Tokyo ghoul anime. He likes coffee and has different taste from rest of people. He has a different type smelling system.. 🀣 + he talks like he is not a human, like human soil etc.. 🀣🀣

siara705 : "i dont concentrate on the fruit, i concentrate on the earth. i smell forest." he's high

blake duhon : I think he’s just gotten comfortable around Conan and getting trashed by him

ibanboi : Conan makes joke/laugh Conan : :D Jordan : :l Jordan makes joke/laugh Jordan : >:D Conan : :( *gets scared

Bobby Hernandez : the Wine Tasting was CLASSIC omg i haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

Leptonaut : Schlansky's Guide to Travel: American human soil = crap. Italian human soil = gold. Ya still got some on your arm though.

Kool Aid : Honestly I don't think he's Playing an act, as for the times he supposedly broke character, he's a human being like us all who laughs at things he finds funny and enjoyable Either way we like him the way he is

MrRICEBALL : Me: hah , its not even funny brain: HUMAN SOIL

Mark Anderson : I don't know how they keep a straight face as often as they do

Mark Black : Jordan's laughter is like a mad man

Leo Oh : When Jordan breaks character he gets so defensive hahah, then he just starts insulting Conan! XD

Abigail : "You're having a meltdown talking about a bidet" πŸ˜‚

Luka Djokic : Hes not playing a character

uncle ho : Please smoke weed in Amsterdam Conan & Jordan

269 : His new software update is just a bit buggy

RaniniPastel : plot twist, jordan is actually the producer of all of Conan's online content, including all his remotes and his little office adventures! he purposely makes himself the butt of the joke!

Choco Peat : I'm gay and I 100% confirm this is a budding, loving relationship.

Simona H. : Hello, my name is Jordan. I am the android sent by CyberLife.

jesus christ himself : 6:11 They say "What" in unison

User name : Jordan.exe has stopped working

nisko C : dude he laughs like a psychopath lmaoo but he had a point about the bidet

Henry Livingstone : I like how in it’s essence the human soil scene, is two adults laughing at poop πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

You Got No Jams : I died when he started laughing about the bidetπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚