The times Jordan Schlansky broke character.

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All The Humor : 1 milli!!! grateful🙏

Lee Lanzini : He has various emotions. He has various facial expressions. He has various things to say.

ThisOffendsMeTV : Jordan actually makes me laugh, out loud. I almost soiled right outta my ass laughing at the dude. Been loving these skits for YEARS and finally...he's a smiling little bastard. Bless

Chris Fajardo : he doesn't break character, its just his last bit of soul escaping from his body.

Assassin Aquilus : He protec He attac but most importantly He has various tasks

chrazye : That’s not him laughing, his circuit boards are just glitching out

Feel The Heat : This is the result of a successful trip to Italy while maintaining your body at peak performance with a Neapolitan Cappuccino consisting of 25 milliliters of coffee made of 7 grams of beans and 4 ounces of milk all while being perfectly groomed head to toe with the new Phillips Norelco Body Groom BG2038 with the new lithium ion battery, ready to go after 1 hour charge.

Raish PS : How does he get poop on his arm, he is literally so bothered by it 😂😂

Dunkacccino : H U M A N S O I L

elNingyou : Jordan laughing while calling Conan a fool has pried me away from the conceit that I’m 100% straight, it is precious and holy and I love him and he is my schmooples.

Mitch Cumstein : These are the rare moments where Jordan comes in to realization of his own absurdity.

Jeet Chatterjee : One thing for sure......Jordan was happy as hell in the italy trip...😂😂😂

HNB Clan : Jordan finally got system updated

M Julian : Sweetness...when Jordan told Conan "I'm enjoying my time with you" so nice. I love these two guys and their adventures.

T1000AX : I have to go to the mens room to make feces

TheOwl : Schlansky-bot model 8432 malfunctioning requires immediate repairs.

Meiji : He looks like a totally different person when he laughs


Sammantha sandoval : "You're frightening me" LMAO I'm crying 07:11

Dan Von Carr : "break character" it's just his new software that can mimic human laughter. The thing is the timing is a bit off that's why he laughs suddenly and at inappropriate times.

ZuRriX : 6:53 - He completely lost it.

Bob Saget : Jordan the poet: I don’t care if I’m a big deal A little deal a medium deal a neutral deal I just want to go eat a good meal

JOHN LEAHY : I love this it's great to see him laugh and smile and shows that he actually likes conan as a person

Heki Kahni : I am becoming human. The human soil has seeped into my brain.

HITMAN JJs : *(Laughs in italian)*

Mythagoras : This Italy trip was the event that finally broke Jordan

Mike Seo : "I Soiled myself" is an actual saying though... for shitting.

anurag23611 : Just take a good look at the thumbnail and tell me Jordan doesn't have vampiric characteristics 😮😮😮

Archie Mohan : he’s so cute when he laughs aw

Hani Hassan : This is priceless because Conan is ever so taunting and he BREAKS too!!!!!! 😂😂😂

sthoverthere : Here's the most important life lesson of all life lessons: Don't be concerned with being a big deal, be concerned with having a good meal. Don't care if you're a big deal, a little deal, a medium deal. A neutral deal. Just go eat a good meal.

Atticus Crowley : He looks a bit like Martin Freeman, lol

David Dalmatian : >puts train ticket against nose >the moment in improv when you realize you have nothing

Acuraintegraman1 : I could see Jordan transforming into the joker if his family was ever murdered by the mob.

Tantish : He is a very emotional man

Robert Treis : Jordan and Conan are one of greatest straight man / fool combos of all time.

ACE INC. : If Conan and Jordan made a road trip movie about them trying to get to a live show but everything goes wrong... I'd watch the shit out of it!

Jh and Lm music : Man I gotta take a *human soil*

Eoin Hickey : But most of the time he is amazing at keeping straight facw

Trelaras Leontas : my cheeks hurt from smiling in the entire video

Doven Ro Galus : anyone else get the feeling they could be a gay couple? XD

Brad Doan : I think Jordan and Conan are secretly like best friends and this robotic thing is probably an exaggerated version of Jordan

Jessie james : He seems really happy while in italy.

Ponkuno : this is a cursed video.

Mikela Michele : Jordan's latest software update is INSANE

S4 G : I met him in real life 😂he literally is the exact same

Josh Hatchett : Seeing him smile and laugh genuinely disturbs me

Henrÿ TM : *if thats his laugh i don't wanna see his cry*

Taiki Mori : Well, we gotta give a break since majority of his lines are abviously ad libbed

AlkaidZ : The machine has learnt to laugh, we are doomed