The times Jordan Schlansky broke character.

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Lee Lanzini : He has various emotions. He has various facial expressions. He has various things to say.

Chris Fajardo : he doesn't break character, its just his last bit of soul escaping from his body.

Assassin Aquilus : He protec He attac but most importantly He has various tasks

Porkchop Sandwiches : Jordan the poet: I don’t care if I’m a big deal A little deal a medium deal a neutral deal I just want to go eat a good meal

chrazye : That’s not him laughing, his circuit boards are just glitching out

Jeet Chatterjee : One thing for sure......Jordan was happy as hell in the italy trip...😂😂😂

HNB Clan : Jordan finally got system updated

David Dalmatian : >puts train ticket against nose >the moment in improv when you realize you have nothing

Mitch Cumstein : These are the rare moments where Jordan comes in to realization of his own absurdity.

M Julian : Sweetness...when Jordan told Conan "I'm enjoying my time with you" so nice. I love these two guys and their adventures.

Feel The Heat : This is the result of a successful trip to Italy while maintaining your body at peak performance with a Neapolitan Cappuccino consisting of 25 milliliters of coffee made of 7 grams of beans and 4 ounces of milk all while being perfectly groomed head to toe with the new Phillips Norelco Body Groom BG2038 with the new lithium ion battery, ready to go after 1 hour charge.

ermitanyo hermit : This whats happeb when he realize what he is saying is absolutely absurd. Just like the one in the wine tasting when he said he feels like he is lost in the woods, he trying to contain his laughter when he realize how stupid that sounds like.

Dave C : LOL Jordan's argument style when cracking up: 0:08 What are you laughing at? "What are YOU laughing at?" 0:14 The way you started to laugh was insane. "YOU'RE insane." 0:23 A weird Joker smile came on your face. "Look at YOUR face." 2:01 You're not even drunk yet, idiot. "YOU'RE an idiot." 6:00 Do you say 'Excuse me, I need to go to the men's room to make some human soil?' "Do You say I have to go to the men's room to make feces??'"

Russell Purvis : I'm really glad that he's playing a character, in the rest of the videos it just looks like Conan is torturing him.

Dan Von Carr : "break character" it's just his new software that can mimic human laughter. The thing is the timing is a bit off that's why he laughs suddenly and at inappropriate times.

Meiji : He looks like a totally different person when he laughs

Sammantha sandoval : "You're frightening me" LMAO I'm crying 07:11

andrea105 beautygirl : *(Laughs in italian)*

R0binHood : If you make him smell something, he breaks character.

Mike Seo : "I Soiled myself" is an actual saying though... for shitting.

Archie Mohan : he’s so cute when he laughs aw

P1kk3 : Human Soil is the name of my new punk band.

Hani Hassan : This is priceless because Conan is ever so taunting and he BREAKS too!!!!!! 😂😂😂

Pshwaye ThaGod : Jordan is a hybrid of Tobi and Dwight from the Office. If the show ever comes back, Jordan needs to be on it.

Mythagoras : This Italy trip was the event that finally broke Jordan

Daniel : Jordan Schlansky...better comedic genius than his boss?

Mark Black : 6:54 Jordan is clinically insane..

RaniniPastel : plot twist, jordan is actually the producer of all of Conan's online content, including all his remotes and his little office adventures! he purposely makes himself the butt of the joke!

drServitis : I LIKE THE HAPPY JORDAN SCHLANSKY! Conan is just a bully :-(

Kevin Xu : The Italy trip shows the different side of Jordan.

boi! I'm sad, please kill me. : Jordon is a great foil to Conan

Rican Cobain : Jordan is a gem on the level of Karl Pilkington.

CHEESE COOKIES : I’m human soiling right now

Doven Ro Galus : anyone else get the feeling they could be a gay couple? XD


Ariblake : They’re like an old bickering couple

AnimeWeeb : I feel like when they are on the train Jordan is just really uncomfortable and doesn’t know what to do. Idk that’s just what I saw

Mark Black : Jordan's laughter is like a mad man

Mikela Marine : Jordan's latest software update is INSANE

Sonnie : You can tell that underneath the act that these two are best pals 👍

Mike : who knows poop jokes will crack Jordan up

Misbah S : Im in tears of laughter everytime he breaks character because he just tries to carry on in character but just can't hahaha 🤣🤣🤣

Hani Hassan : I've been shipping them

AlkaidZ : The machine has learnt to laugh, we are doomed

Kol legion : *Jordan schlansky vs Poppy.*

Lawliet Ryuzaki : You have the party soiler, then you have the jester.

Sitranine : That wine tasting exposed him

NeverForPeace : HUMAN SOIL

Jessie james : He seems really happy while in italy.

Josh Hatchett : Seeing him smile and laugh genuinely disturbs me