Kiss Guy (YAYO Sanchez) plays Monkeywrench w/ Foo Fighters Austin TX 4-18-18

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قناة ماهر maher channel : That guitar didn't know what hit it

Robert Augsdorfer : That guy is wearing Kiss makeup, wearing a Motorhead shirt, playing Dave Grohl's guitar at a Foo Fighters concert. If that isn't rock and roll then idk what is.

attk177 : Never seen anyone more prepared for an opportunity

choo choo : He brought the pick of destiny with him

Lancer____ Dog : Wow seize the day kiss guy

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage : Dave, a real likable rock star. Class act.

Morgan Viscardi : This is my neighbours favourite song, wether he likes it or not

VARIETT1 : The fact that i havent seen a single hater in the comments make me believe in humanity

homemadehuman : i love how he takes his moment but still respects dave's space.

snoodster92 : “If you had One shot Or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted In one moment Would you capture it Or just let it slip?” Kiss guy: “hold my beer”

Salv : And that my friend... is how you finally prove to your 8th grade teacher, that you would some day make it.

Fact 5 : Every once in a while, the world is just right.....

Jacob Alvarez : This guy is ridiculously good. He is a grade a performer and guitarist. Stage presence is out of this world and plays like he's played with the foo fighters for 20 years. His timing, impeccable. Everything was great. Would love to see more unknown musicians get on stage with big names

Timothy Clark : If I was that dude. I would put that I played with the Foo Fighters on all my resumes. Doesnt matter the job. Just put it in, attach a video and get the job.

Khu NoPie : Imagine shredding so hard that your face pulls a runner! Hellz yeah!

GeekisCarnage : Was at the show last night in merriweather and Dave said they won’t bring anyone else on stage to play a song because no one will be as good as kiss guy.

muzikman183 : I love how Dave could barely start the second verse from laughing at the fact that the kid played a tasty solo, AND he cut it perfectly on cue for the second verse without missing a beat! i fell out laughing too!

Daily Browser : Kid said 9 years ago in an interview that dave grohl is one of his biggest idols. Cool to see it come full circle

martin_e : Can't wait for the Kiss_Guy IAMA on Reddit.

Danielle Nelson : This is one of the many reasons Dave is a true rock legend, he still knows it's about music and the fans

Carlos Anaya : Yayo use to play in front of his parents restaurant as a little nino. He’s a better young man than he is guitar player and that’s saying a lot cause he killed it.Proud of you Yayo!!!

Comp3630 : If Kendrick Lamar is watching, take note. This is how you invite a fan on stage.

DANIEL GARCIA : I've seen this video, without lying, like 60 times xD

FenderStrat 4Life! : Aside from his playing one of the best things about this video is the smiles coming from the band members. That’s got to be one of the best feelings in the world for this guy.

broken skull : Thank God we were raised in the 90s...

GOLF CODE WEEKLY : Kiss now refer to him as Kiss Guy

The Mask : Dave Grohl always makes me feel happy to be alive.....the man is credit to himself, his family, and anyone who knows him. The nicest guy in the world period!

Vinny D : Kiss guy was smart to pull out some tasty licks and not overplay.

jennifer anderson : I can't stop watching this video. The reason you are so compelling is your ability to be truly present in the moment, the respect you show to your fellow musicians, and your incredible ability to be confident yet so humble at the same time. I am rooting for your unlimited success!

Runs With Scissors : Dave has to be one of the nicest dudes to ever make it big. Even in interviews he's just the shit.

Nick M : I went to middle school with this guy and he was kicking ass in guitar talent shows even back then.

Greg Pedder : any guy who goes to a concert dressed as a kiss member and also brings their own pick is obviously going to be great at guitar

Vincecouk : I can't un-hear these solo's whenever I hear this tune now.

Martin Ward : Moments like those aren't meant for words. Nothing can describe what I just watched.

Whip Dan : "cmon gimme, give me a solo!" dude then nails a tight solo just in time for Dave to go into his verse but he cracks up because of how mind blown he was. That shit was epic, this type of stuff needs to happend more.

DingleBungus : It's not just the way he played but his position on stage, the way he move around, took spot light and stood back. It was really good. Lol

Axel Brakkee : we need a timemachine and 727 condoms for the people who disliked it

mo786 : I just smiled all through this video! what talent!

DianaLatorre BenditaTusManos : Re fulllllllllll yes ❤😍

anshul kumar : The best thing I love in such hard rock concerts is that I can fart out loud. KABOOM... Try it next time you are in such a show. Just be careful not to fart during the end of a song. else the spotlight will be on you my friend.

BaileysMariner : As lots of other people are saying, best thing was that he wasn't greedy with the solos, communicated with the band and knew when to pass the ball. What a pro.

Joey Meuchelboeck : I love how Dave can't even remember the words because of how pumped he is hahaha

Eddie : Dave's reactions - Flawless!!!!

buickmonte : Maybe....just maybe....there is Rock n Roll hope for the youth!!!!!!

Revolutionist : "come on kiss guy"

Trev Mingus : This will never not make me smile.

TheOrisya : how he did not mess it up... im so happy seeing this

Ollie Law : *Googles: how to nail being asked on stage by favourite band* Results: "Kiss Guy (YAYO Sanchez) plays Monkeywrench w/ Foo Fighters Austin TX 4-18-18"

New Century : One of the best scenes I've seen so far on YT!! Awesome!!!

Hou Hawaiian : Kiss guy definitely grew up playing guitar hero