Kiss Guy (YAYO Sanchez) plays Monkeywrench w/ Foo Fighters Austin TX 4-18-18

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martinaee : Can't wait for the Kiss_Guy IAMA on Reddit.

ninjaman12310 : So stoked to see this! Yayo was an assistant at a make a band camp I was in about 10 years back. He was an amazing guitarist then and clearly still is. I got to see him jam with the bassist from disturbed... now this. Hell yeah Yayo.

SPACE GIMP : Kiss guy is my spirit animal......

Babby : Remember that boy in Coco? That’s him now. Feel old yet?

Robyn Howell : I hope Gene doesn't try to sue KISS guy!

DeathWish808 : Love that Dave does this, but this is the first one I've seen that really fucking nailed it. I mean playing the guitar and winging it and following the band without blinking an eye and rocking the solos without overdoing it... BUT... his stage presence was great. I'm just "guessing" that he's already in a band and that he's used to playing in front of people. Yeah, even so, still fucking killed it! EDIT: OK, this dude IS in a band (not surprised) and he's really fucking good as well as the rest of the band. His site is "under construction" like in the late 90s and early 00s. Get that shit straight. You've got a following.

Sloppywhopper : Sued by Gene Simmons for playing better than him

G E : I'm pushing 60 but felt like i was 25 years younger....thanks!!!

Jennifer Webb : kiss guy just got an herbal essence endorsement :)

Patrick James : When Dave Grohl gets on his hands and knees to bow to you, you have done something incredibly right with your life

Marvin Barkanowitz : This is what the Internet is made for.

TheLeatheryman : One serving of Foo please. Extra Yayo

choo choo : He brought the pick of destiny with him

Pause Screen : I am blown away. This is the shit we think about in the stands. "If Dave gets hurt and needs a guitar player I am so ready to go." "Hey Kiss guy... come up here."

Jarrod Hurd : I loved when kissguy pulled out his own guitar pick!!!! Dave was like🤘🤤🤘

maxwell theobald : Kiss guy sooo got laid that night.

miked765 : life energy level increased by 200% after watching this.

Matt Foster : holy shit is right..this kids career was just made

Deez Balls : Not even that big a FF fan but wow..Dave is a real class act

William Lane : I was there in the pit near him. He rocked it so hard! Dave was speechless and forgot the words. It was awesome.

Xander Skullion : Now Gene Simmons is gonna sue kissguy :(

Eric Muschlitz : In the smoldering ruin that used to be a civilization, there was a twitch in the ashes. A moment later, another larger one. A breeze picked up with a change of direction. Then, a sudden tumble of ramparts hastenend. From the fallen away rubble pushed through a figure. KISS GUY. Clutching a gleaming goldtop Les Paul. There was sound. A barrage of E5 at 120 decibals. Despite the end of it all, one thing still remained. Pristine. Unspoiled. Unchallenged. Rock And Roll lives.

Joe Momma : Thanks kiss guy, I got to live a lil' vicarious dream thanks to you!

Vinny D : Kiss guy was smart to pull out some tasty licks and not overplay.

Markus Ek : This is so beautiful! Makes me so happy!

homemadehuman : i love how he takes his moment but still respects dave's space.

MiCaCasTuCaCa : Kiss guy with the right measure to play with Foo Fighters. Kiss guy had a lot of class just to play the right solos and compliment the band. Gave the audience a great show for the moment he was given to perform. Dave is a great person not just a great artist. Loved what I just saw!

Replay the past : The greatest video I’ve seen in the last decade. Phenomenal

sierra_aviator : That's slash in disguise

alex lerman : Kid said 9 years ago in an interview that dave grohl is one of his biggest idols. Cool to see it come full circle

Martyr0ne : great hair.

Hubert Stasiak : That solo

Test Nexus 7 : I hope they gave Kiss Guy the 🎸! Nice one FF! 😎

John Martinez : Dave's facial expressions and reactions are enough to show that this was definitely not planned

outthasky : Dude played his face off

slidetek : Yayo is listed on brotherhood of guitar (and here on youtube) - but this was just a hoot to watch. Great break for an 18 year old, I hope he's rich and famous someday.

Francisco Tomás Méndez Maturana : como convertirse en leyenda en 7 minutos LA WEA BUENA CTM

Cece Cardona : So much talent that's hidden in the world. This man was awesome.

cmoneystwobuckchuck : He melted his own face with his guitar solo.

Lisa Stark : Dave's face! He's so fun! Kiss guy is amazing!

Marko B. : THAT´s whay rock`n roll will live forever... I`m not big FF fan, but Dave Grohl is one off the greatest persons in that business, in my opinion. Well played Kiss guy! I really love that video. Wish I was there. Greetings from germany

Gisncarlo Marengo : Grande Dave Grohl! E grande kiss guy

Jenni Turcotte : Kiss guy is awesome. Dave grohl is so cool

jrin12 : Kiss guy rocks

theInimitablePip : Fuckin' AWESOME!

Morin Macias : he is better known now as Kiss Guy

TheOrisya : how he did not mess it up... im so happy seeing this

Arie Salim : This guy just blew me away......this absolutely amazing!! Kiss guy needs to be famous!!!

Justin B. : I literally clapped at the end and without thinking and almost woke up my son lol. This dude is a rock star.

DANIEL GARCIA : I've seen this video, without lying, like 60 times xD