Kiss Guy (YAYO Sanchez) plays Monkeywrench w/ Foo Fighters Austin TX 4-18-18

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martinaee : Can't wait for the Kiss_Guy IAMA on Reddit.

Khu NoPie : Imagine shredding so hard that your face pulls a runner! Hellz yeah!

قناة ماهر - maher channel : That guitar didn't know what hit it

Lancer____ Dog : Wow seize the day kiss guy

choo choo : He brought the pick of destiny with him

Invincible Extremes Muscle Cars Garage : Dave, a real likable rock star. Class act.

miked765 : life energy level increased by 200% after watching this.

homemadehuman : i love how he takes his moment but still respects dave's space.

alex lerman : Kid said 9 years ago in an interview that dave grohl is one of his biggest idols. Cool to see it come full circle

Salv : And that my friend... is how you finally prove to your 8th grade teacher, that you would some day make it.

ninjaman12310 : So stoked to see this! Yayo was an assistant at a make a band camp I was in about 10 years back. He was an amazing guitarist then and clearly still is. I got to see him jam with the bassist from disturbed... now this. Hell yeah Yayo.

DianaLatorre : Re fulllllllllll yes ❤😍

Comp3630 : If Kendrick Lamar is watching, take note. This is how you invite a fan on stage.

Hubert Stasiak : That solo

Fact 5 : Every once in a while, the world is just right.....

SPACE GIMP : Kiss guy is my spirit animal......

Test Nexus 7 : I hope they gave Kiss Guy the 🎸! Nice one FF! 😎

Lizard of Oz : Kiss guy with the right measure to play with Foo Fighters. Kiss guy had a lot of class just to play the right solos and compliment the band. Gave the audience a great show for the moment he was given to perform. Dave is a great person not just a great artist. Loved what I just saw!

muzikman183 : I love how Dave could barely start the second verse from laughing at the fact that the kid played a tasty solo, AND he cut it perfectly on cue for the second verse without missing a beat! i fell out laughing too!

Cece Cardona : So much talent that's hidden in the world. This man was awesome.

Jacob Alvarez : This guy is ridiculously good. He is a grade a performer and guitarist. Stage presence is out of this world and plays like he's played with the foo fighters for 20 years. His timing, impeccable. Everything was great. Would love to see more unknown musicians get on stage with big names

Replay the past : The greatest video I’ve seen in the last decade. Phenomenal

GeekisCarnage : Was at the show last night in merriweather and Dave said they won’t bring anyone else on stage to play a song because no one will be as good as kids guy.

Arie Salim : This guy just blew me away......this absolutely amazing!! Kiss guy needs to be famous!!!

Marko B. : THAT´s whay rock`n roll will live forever... I`m not big FF fan, but Dave Grohl is one off the greatest persons in that business, in my opinion. Well played Kiss guy! I really love that video. Wish I was there. Greetings from germany

TheOrisya : how he did not mess it up... im so happy seeing this

Timothy Smith : I love the intro. Dave tries to "prep" the guy and he's just letting the distortion ring, then pumps up the crowd, gets his queue from Taylor and then just jumps on the fucking song! Epic.

DANIEL GARCIA : I've seen this video, without lying, like 60 times xD

Pause Screen : I am blown away. This is the shit we think about in the stands. "If Dave gets hurt and needs a guitar player I am so ready to go." "Hey Kiss guy... come up here."

Danielle Nelson : This is one of the many reasons Dave is a true rock legend, he still knows it's about music and the fans

rci30 : Good for everyone involved here. Wow. Finally something beautiful in the middle of such Garbage that we see every day...every day...

LuckyJ Lozano : Dave Should Have Just Said.... Here Bro. You Can Keep The Fucken Guitar. 🤘🤘👍That Would Have Been Great!

FenderStrat 4Life! : Aside from his playing one of the best things about this video is the smiles coming from the band members. That’s got to be one of the best feelings in the world for this guy.

Vinny D : Kiss guy was smart to pull out some tasty licks and not overplay.

Wile E Coyote : Dave Grohl always makes me feel happy to be alive.....the man is credit to himself, his family, and anyone who knows him. The nicest guy in the world period!

Martin Ward : Moments like those aren't meant for words. Nothing can describe what I just watched.

Revolutionist : "come on kiss guy"

Jett Crash : I cannot stop watching this. One of the coolest live show things I’ve ever seen!

Deez Balls : Not even that big a FF fan but wow..Dave is a real class act

boomwa2002 : he should have smashed the guitar

Makikomi : Absolutely LOVED this! Sat through it over and over with a stupid grin on my face :D

Runs With Scissors : Dave has to be one of the nicest dudes to ever make it big. Even in interviews he's just the shit.

Johnny Bonez : He came. He Saw! HE CONQUERED!!!

Vincecouk : I can't un-hear these solo's whenever I hear this tune now.

GOLF CODE WEEKLY : Kiss now refer to him as Kiss Guy

attk177 : Never seen anyone more prepared for an opportunity

Gisncarlo Marengo : Grande Dave Grohl! E grande kiss guy

sierra_aviator : That's slash in disguise

RNG : Talk about shooting your shot

theonlyty : Dave's laugh after the solo is SO good, that's genuine shock. And the way the dude points back at Dave like "ok, your turn!" Killer.