Dad at Comedy Barn

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bigedude33 : How the heck did I not see this video until today?!??! Doug makes me happy!!

shockraid1 : I love that the one thing - THE ONE THING - the professional comic isn't ready for, is a guy who's *_laughing too hard._*

* Lyns : I actually saw this in person and almost cried from laughing

Ariel Jones : I bet you those school bus kids have six packs now. lol

Thomasawesome55 : I love watching the guy on the right just DIE from laughing.

AlbertaGamer : I emailed this to my parents way back in Jan 2007 when this video was new.  They really enjoyed it then.  I had to watch this again as we lost Dad yesterday.  He had a really recognizable laugh as well.

Senior Constable Ash Bowden : If Doug is laughing at his own laugh, does that mean that he has hour long laughing fits because he cant stop laughing at his laugh?

Medalion : This laugh needs to be weaponized

SamuraiMan316 : Oh hey.. I'd recognize that laugh anywhere. Isn't that the old guy from the skype laughter chain video? Or are there actually 'two' people in the world that laugh like that?

Captain Cartman : I have seen so many funny videos on Youtube.. and this video hands down has made me laugh so damn hard it tops everything else. Funniest video online period 

MythOfLegend : 1080p 720p 480p 240p Minecraft This Video

Opalium : I'm wondering how this guy feels now, knowing he made millions of people around the world laugh... this is amazing!

Kriss Zet89 : Hjo Hjo Hjo Hjo Hjo😂😂😂😂

Sergio lopez : i watched this while eating cereal BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!

Matthew Labayog : This is the most impossible try not to laugh challenge EVER

gatinez : So old but still funny as hell

ZombieThugginPro : Please tell me he's still alive and laughin. Awesome vid bro

DarthSinistris : The tragic thing about the video is that the rest of this guy's bit was really bad in comparison.

Sheldon Miller : I love the guy on the right- he's dying the whole time.

Olav : How awkward would it be if he put the mic there and he didn't laugh at all for the rest of it


Shenea J : I have literally laughed *HARD* for at least a solid 5 minutes..... 

Tom Vincent : I was there when this happened

Susan Ackman : hee hee hee hee! hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk!

cantomagica : Your Dad is adorable!  I always come listen to him when I can find no reason to smile.  He cheers me right up!  :-D  Awesome Dad!

Makaila Hall : That's my bus driver lol the one in the middle if you didn't hear

Yohann the Programmer : I am laughing so much I am crying. Literally crying. Oh God.

TheSkullArmyMC : I challenge someone to watch this at a Starbucks.

Supervious : Imagine this as the only video sent out across the Universe to represent mankind.

Peter Nichols : That's how you steal the show :)

Weebst ! : I just noticed: this was uploaded before Skype Laughter Chain.

Pac Man : the yellow shirt guy was off of the Skype laughter chain.

Berenice Lopez : -laughs hard I peed on myself- 😳😳😳😳- watches more,.........*died*

PerfectTangent : Someone decipher this laugh into onomatopoeia

tankmaster1018 : Its odd, but almost my favorite part of this video is the two other guys that the comic pulled up on stage laughing before he set the microphone up in front of your dad! They had almost a full minute to listen to and crack up over his laugh before the microphone was set up and them laughing uncontrollably over something we couldn't even hear yet was almost funnier to me then when the comic set up the microphone! Lmfao your dad has the best laugh!

Owly Cloud : hyo hyo hyo hyo a hee hee hee hee

Noctis Cae1um : Is that old guy laughing who I think it is from skype laughter chain?

L K : 2,523 people do not see the COMEDY in COMEDY barn! How could someone not like this?! I had tears! The comedy barn is great! They made me and my husband stand up and kiss because we were there on our honeymoon. We ended up moving to Tennessee and lived there for 5 years.

Shaniq307 : I can't stop laughing oh my god... this is the best thing in the world! xD

Potidaon : Hard to believe it's been 9 years since I first watched this.

CutThroatNin3 : Grumps Ahoy!

Angelic.Angel_ : I remember first watching this in 2008 with a whole group of ppl at some party, and we were all crying of laughter lol :D I still am to this day! >W<

Mehmet Karagül : He said this show may be over but I bet this show couldn't be better :)

Michelle Davey : I laughed so hard. It was so cute. :)

Thaydrian : Best laugh ever!! Love this old man, he seems like such a fun guy!!

bigroy38 : Prayers for Tennessee,y'all.

Luke Bond : I know this guy, I live in his neighboring town

Gori Liya : Yok yok yok yok yok ..

Kallermo : This video is as funny as in eight years ago when I watched first time this video. A legendary clip!

Dennis Mackey : I say lock the leaders of every nation in a room and force them to watch this together......THEN see if they still wanna kill each other.....