Dog vs Dating Apps: B's BUST (FULL interview)
Dog vs Dating Apps Bs BUST FULL interview

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In our sting operation, we caught B in the dog run, but she won't be running very far today. We sit down to talk to her about her misleading intentions after talking to a guy she met online. Hopefully she can help make sense out of such a disgusting trend. is under development maybe. Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: daneisnumber1 Finding the Balance by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist:


Ali Abdulla : super createive and high quality. Like the concept and execution. a shame there isn't more views. Try sharing this with Chris hanson on twitter?

Ben Schofield : It's sick. Girls never date nice guys; they're only interested in good boys.

Adam Davies : Subbed for the mic on a bannana.

Jonny Hendry : Should've had the police tackle her outside. Great video.

summ1else : I lost it when the dog toy hit the table.

fnba dude : I don't know how a human in that place didn't break when the pig oinked.

Joe Jackson : Great video, may the youtube algorithm gods be good to you.

The Eggplant : I feel attacked

kingbenjoel : Shameful. How dare people attempt to match with guys souly for their dogs. (/s ovb)

Thejobelly13 : I love it!


Tanner Smith : Wow this was pretty high quality it made my Dumbledore bedazzled ladel fall right in the speghetti sauce! Wow! You owe me a knee plain white shirt Ben skofield! Oh dear Lord why do I make these bad decisions

terrance martins : White women do fuck dogs tho

partybarge : this was fucking hilarious but sad we didn't get a stern "what're you doing here?" to kick off the interview