Patrick Stewart talks about meeting Sting on the set of DUNE (Funny to the EXTREME)

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Aaron Greenfield : That had to sting!

Roland Lytle : This was one of your best! Have a great weekend and God bless you.

Helium Road : I'd be curious to hear Sting's side of the story, if he even remembers it.

Herb Bluntman : I've long hoped to hear Patrick answer a question or tell an anecdote about his work on Dune. While Lynch's effort failed to do justice to the book, there are a lot of things to like about the movie. Patrick Stewart as Gurney Halleck was one of them. I'm glad Lynch made the "mistake" of casting him.

Warribo : "You play in a police band?" I wonder how many years that memory made Patrick cringe with embarrassment?

thedavecorp : Glad he played Gurney.

Uma Chan : Patrick Stewart is a national treasure... even though he's British.

Andrew Hollins : Why is the moderator interrupting him and trying to make him move on? I found it very rude. Is there something going on that's more important than Sir Stewart's story about meeting Sting?

lokisgodhi : This is great. The cultural generation gap that exists between men who were only eleven years apart in age is really funny. A silent generation versus a mid baby boomer.

Lynn Mitzy : I L❤ve all the books !!!

Invidious Don : Had thought Patrick Stewart's performance in DUNE helped him get his role on TNG.

Gilmaris : In all fairness, this would have taken place in 1983. And granted, The Police formed in 1977, but I'm sure there are lots of six year old bands today which are quite famous which I've never heard of, either. Like Patrick, I'm not into popular music - which is what The Police was at the time. Sting would have been famous in 1983, but not the legend that he is today.

tziporah torbati : Now I want to know how he got cast by mistake. And who was supposed to be cast. Tell us the story!

ralphyetmore : That's awesome. I would think that a very famous musician would find it refreshing to talk to someone who had never heard of them.

Tiamat Michelle Hart : "What instrument do you play?" "Bass...and some drums that sound like stomping Targhese moonbeasts; they're said to calm the nerves of Dunese worms!" Now *that* was a deep cut my favourite episode!

Ben W : Oh my goodness, that's so, so classic! Hahaha! I hope Sting took things gracefully and I also hope Patrick Stewart then made sure to listen to Sting and the Police's music. -- I still remember the song, "Russians" playing from dorm windows when I was in college. (I liked both the Dune movie and the miniseries versions, but it's a very hard book series to get into film. Both versions made a good try and had different takes on it.) -- Dune was the first time I'd seen Patrick Stewart. Unlike him, I knew who Sting was and what he did, hahah. Wow, what a story!

Monty Wolfe : How dare that man try to wrangle Patrick Stewart.  He'll get to it, dude!!!

dosmastrify : Don't hate, dune was awesome

Sam Hall : David Lynch is an excellent director, but thing is he is just not someone you 'hire', he tells his own stories. He is so extraordinarily specific about what he wants down to the seams on a dress or the screws in a table, he doesn't answer to studios and he doesn't usually succeed in telling other peoples stories. There are exceptions of course, but he was just the wrong person to hire for this film, however I don't blame the producers, he hadn't made that many films at that point, now people know better.

Mikey_Suze Four : Sting got stung by Sir Patrick Stewart LMAO Classic!

chardtomp : I was puzzled by that casting at the time because Gurney Halleck in the book is a big burley fellow. I wonder who it was that they thought they were hiring.

linus gemvik : I love both the books and the movie Dune, though not really the same thing. It is in parts a masterpiece. It is like a magical glimpse into a syfy universe like no other. Patrick is brilliant as always and Gordon is playing very well also. This was a really fun clip thanks.

frzstat : "The whole of Mexico City was ABUZZ..." (over Sting)

Bertrum Arthur : Then sting said, "Don't stand so close to me".

markkens9 : "You young pup!!! You young pup!" (As always, no other person could have played the part ..."and they shall sup up!")

Lucid Stew : They need to take the mic away from the person after they get done asking the question at these things.

Mark Arandjus : Max Von Sydow is Patrick Stewart's Patrick Stewart :P

Jon Ericson : Patrick Stewart-awesome to me since the mid 80s.

oneangrybanana : This is terrific! My fav person talking about other fav people ❣️

Philippe Nachtergal : Reminds me of that Matt Damon anecdote where he was with his family in a park and a couple came with a camera and asked "would you ?" and he went to pose with the the girl except the couple had no idea who he was and just wanted him to take a picture of them...

Doofus Rufus : "Where's the God damn Juice!!"

Pc Genie : I can barely hear the audio.

Bryan Smith : First time I wish I had attended a con. And this one is here in my hometown.

Art Houston : I only wish I could have seen the expression on Gordon's must have been like talking with a friend of your grandfather about the Beatles. "Are they insects?"

dishmanw : I liked Patrick Stewart in Dune. He had such charisma.

Franco : Would love to hear Stings take and who the other guy was supposed to be.

Leonardo Ceballos : The thing that most amuses me is the sequence of events. At the time, Patrick Stewart knew nothing about Sting, which was unusual, but Sting probably had never heard of Mr. Stewart which at the time would have been the norm. I wonder if at some point Sting came across Star Trek TNG and had a "heeeeeey its that guy!" moment. And then as Mr. Stewart would go on to become better and better known, it must have been a story that got better and better for him.

Eric Masters : This video is amazing, thanks for sharing.

seekertosecrets : You can not make that one up!

Cosmic Blob : So funny! :D

kausmo tumynski : I love it, nice job Patrick! Way to clown Sting. He needs to be clowned and often, and by someone who knows how to do it.

Taumpy Tears : thats funny , now to find Stings telling of this story ....if there is one

Lucid Stew : It's funny, when Patrick Stewart does the voice of his younger self talking to Sting, you can hear a bit more of that Yorkshire accent coming out.

Cardinal Doomsday : I 've loved Patrick Stewart since I first became aware of him, in "I, Claudius" but I love him even more after hearing this.

CharHe : He’s so adorable!

Fedaykin24 : Not in the mahood?! Mahood's a thing for cattle and love play... not fighting.

Jon south : awesome

Malik Gamaliel : Favorite film of all time.

JoeAlan : I fucking love you Patrick Stewart XD

CousinPaddy : I’ve heard that Sting is actually a very friendly guy in person.