Impossible golf accident... guy KILLS duck with driver mid-flight!

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Jack Blades : "Birdie!"

Safodo : Is the ball okay... ?

Pan Limak : You're so bad at golf that when you hit the ball you made dinner.

electricatom2 : how many points was that?

Marcin Kow : congratz XD

eagle8e : It's bleeding in the water

YouStuThis Beatz : What are the chances of things like this happening?

eagle8e : That's part of nature

bog standard : Great shot

mexidomi flow : kill confirmed

sion người máy biến hình : Unlucky duck :v

Treyson Schneider : Oh ok

Gamerbob Plush : That was totally an accident

JamaicaSound79 : "That's the story of Jesus..."

floppinfish : Dinner

Renaldo Gaskins : Sad😯😢

Tyler Ellyson : Bogey!

Daniel W : FAKE

alfa2518 : RIP 🙏🙏🙏😥😢😭😔😔😔😓😓😓🐦


JamesLR : not is funny

Altantuya Tseden-Ish : They were laughing, normal people would rush to the water to see if it was ok, yet they were laughing...

Quit. : Nice shot

Lex Jacob : He has aimbot

PC Studios : Four!

ClipHunterZorro : AIM BOT

AndrewPlayZxX : Oof

1995dresser : Now that Truly is a Slice    Should have Fished him out and ate him

Kiera Brossart : No!

SAMAND33 : It is all his therefore he should roast it.

CliveRuggins : Sergio Garcia already did this

garnok : 480p en 2017, alguien se merece que le peguen un tiro por esto

Jauan Quintero : Tango Down

Aslamnur Fikri : Pilot knocked out Player credited for kill: Golfer

Wibbly Wobbly : head shot

DCY888 : "This kills the bird"

Tomass Turkins : the best gowl

Aegis Arclight : VACC'D for using aimbot

Tomasz Sz : what is so funny?

Eyal namerode : who is here from ifunny

Xbethecoolguyx 5511 : Animal abuse

edvardh8 : Wew lad

Tony cantu : He’s just sleeping

Qhashbba : ...with driver mid - flight hehehe

mognut1 : 0:13 = ding dong

Kitty100 Dolan : stupid cunts

Pandeayer : De que cojones os reis yankees hijos de la gran puta?? espero que mueran todas vuestras putas familias

Fidgez Fidgez : Sounds like birdshot ripping through a goose

D : Plot twist: this guy is a retired sharpshooter.

Mark Young : It was his time