[YTP] Shlock: Season One

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Install a Friend : 40 seconds in and i'm pissing

Kevin Northwood : Jim Morioriarty Ah *I CAN'T BREATHE*

Martine Aleksandr : This is better than the Sherlock Crack I’ve seen lol my stomach hurts

jen jen : of all the videos i’ve watched, this is definitely one of them

Thomas G : "I'll make you that cuppa, you rest your leg." "DAA̷A͜A̐̒À̷Aͩ̓͡҉Ą̗̜̳͔̻͙̝̩̉̅̉̒ͅA̷̠̱͕̐͂̌̍ͧͧ͌̎A͔͕ͫ͂̍̇ͅA̷̛̞̠̮ͭͯͮ̕Aͣ̌͏̫͕͙A̓ͥ̓͆̆͏̡̱͍̭A̧̻͓̟͔͔̅̌̉̎̀̂͐̀̚͢͢"

Numberer1 : Wanna see some more?

JoeDeeeezy : All that matters to me, is *memes*.

NDR3 : Doesn't it bother you? That the painting's a painting? Have a nice day! YaY!


Sharon Amira : *At a time i was 16.. i was 15,,*

EmberDrops : 1:31 - The perfect murder weapon of the modern age, the laal -Shlock, 2017

Nuwanda : I'm Moririorioriorioarty...ah.

New World Disorder : the deadly chinese

Little Hayabusa : "Found your website." "Wanna see some more?" "God yes!"

Interruptus Contra Natura : Anything else you can do? A doctor. (  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Unlimited Stone9 : *"Stranger Things"* *"That's A Horrible Thing To Say"* I couldn't agree more!

Kai the Spy : Easily one of the best YTPs out there! Very funny and clever.

AquaDX : This guy is the king of editing.

The Brony Notion : it was literally Ian. nice

sonconmas : Daddy's had enough noO0oo0Ow!

Sabba7h : _im choking on my own saliva is this level of funny possible_

Anakarina : "I'll make you that cuppa, you rest your leg." *DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

RiotFed : 1:01 I SNORTED SO LOUD

spoot : 5:20 his face inflates for like half a second These small edits are a welcome addition to an already great ytp :^)

here for the tea : hey guys guess what? when i was sixteen, *i w a s f i f t e e n*

tyneesha bon : 5:45 no one ever gets to meemes

Tootleg Boy : Urrrrgh I'm still watching this after like 2 years because the tattoo we saw on the tattooed bodies the mark of the tattong.

Alicia Donato : This video made me ship JohnLock, and I haven’t even watched the show yet. Great stuff you’ve got here, dude.

theMadladX : When I was 16, I was 15.

Scythe Sketches : This is the greatest ytp I have ever seen oh my god

Joel the cat : I don't even watch sherlock and I love this

Cupid X : Watson bent over. He shoved the big black shlong into his cavity, screaming with delight. He pulls in deeper as Shock begins to passionately kiss him. -My- His tongue swirls around the end. He's my very own JoJ Wawsus-flavoured popsicle. Shock sucks harder and harder. Suddenly, he sits up and tugs Shlock's panties off and throws them on the floor. Pulling off his boxer briefs, his erection springs free. Holy cow! ... He kneels up and pulls a condom onto his considerable length. Oh no...

TheBlueNinja Mc : *A BOWL OF NIPPLES...* 3:27

Simon Barton : "The game, Mrs. Hudson, is Auzzie."

4LifeGamer : "I am on FIRE"

Dancing like a Zebra : Omg, im pissin' myself laughing, what have you done?

tricksterthing : Jim Morioriarty. hah.

Ayy Lmao : The name's shlock and the address is 221222B. 2222221Street Afternoon

Kaden Shipp : I need to wank.

film kid : daddys had enough *nowwewww*

Undead Banditø : omfg I don't know what is ytp but this is so much better than crack omg

Sunstone : "I cook myself." *"Thank you, Andrew."*

Gl1tchh : daddy's had enough nOOoOAaWWHh~

wskrzeszenie : *HEY COME ON, COME ON, COME ON*

Space Oddity : *daddy's had enough noOoW* I'm literally choking help jfstgsr


Now OrNever : "well, you're a bit overqualified" "and a doctor" "anything else you can do?" "a doctor"

Siriuslygeeky -Batman : This is how sherlock sees it when he's high

exploring saturn : 2:04 is it bad if I stopped and read that? Also that was terrible literature.

TheSacredBlade : 3:21 ... is that a cocaine moustache? Like a milk mustache but for cocaine