Productivity Hack: The Upside Down Work Day

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Johnny DeepMind : Have you ever thought of writing a book? Your music and business advice is solid! you present these ideas in such a way that could be up there with the Tim Ferris's and Michael Gerber's of the entrepreneurial world! I certainly would look forward to a copy if you ever did! Great stuff and thanks!

EYTPS : Yay, new Graham video. BTW, the thumbnail of this video is funny!

Sara Carter : Like top down mixing ;)

CrivasOficial : I like this Graham A LOT more! keep this one on this channel!

Matt WhoisMatt Johnson : Love this tip!

Ben Donovan : So good. Been thinking about this today funnily enough. I have gotten into the habit of getting the small easy stuff done first, kidding myself that these easy wins help with momentum. But it never works as distraction always interrupts much easier! Time to turn it upside down.

Caleb J. Murphy : Doing this tomorrow. I literally have my email tab open ALL DAY.

Musikality : Very motivating. Thank you :)

A H : Ill try that! Thanks

EYTPS : RIP Stan Lee

Greg Eichelberger : I'm so guilty of this.... I'm going to try it and see what happens!