Cybersix Opening

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Dylan Taheri : Look at this theme! How can this be canceled due to low ratings! The visuals are amazing and the song is so beautiful! According to one of the other comments it was shown at 5 AM, so why didn't they just move the time?!

sudoStef : Its too bad theres no full song of this show, late 90s early 2000s was a grea time with so many awesome shows and anime.

ThRippJck : Argentina origin, Japanese animation, Canadian production. What do you get? God tier shows.

EG : This was a criminally underrated show. It's actually brilliant.

O-Dog Kubrick : This used to be on Teletoon at night!!! Man I love how this used to be on that channel!!! I totally want this to return!!!

Tony Bittner : There's a time when the moon  reveals its face through the clouds. I let out a sigh  and want to cry out loud. But deep in my heart,  I feel love so alive. In the depths of my soul,  I know we will survive. I'm the one they would break  In their greed and their pride. But deep in my heart,  I feel love so alive. In the depths of my soul,  I know we will survive.

Roscor Jekkes : Once upon a time Teletoon and YTV were good. Then shit. THE END


GreatAwesomeReviewers | StarDust Studios : Me as a child: "God is this opening terrible..." Me as an adult: "God is this opening awesome!" I wish I could go back in time and slap myself.

Mark Lee : This series is an underrated classic.

TheRetardedTeenager : who else keeps listening to this over and over?

Missqueenfairy : I finally have seen the opening of the show that has been haunting me all of these years. I've been trying to find this show but I couldn't remember what the title was.

K B : I can't believe this show only has 13 episodes. It had a great plot, a back story they really could have gone somewhere with, and amazing music. I hear it got bad ratings when it started, but that doesn't make ANY sense considering the shows that did get good ratings during it's time.

Hin : now that I look back on it I'm pretty sure Cybersix awakened my interest in androgynous looking people. I could be wrong

Sanni : Thats a better capes than batman's

Mister Bones : Why was I not warned? I was not aware that you could die from too much nostalgia... Goddamn you Argentina and your weird comics turned into slightly less weird cartoons that still freaked people out.

RyanX1231 : I've never heard of this show, nor have I ever watched it, but this theme song is just beautiful. Seriously, how can a theme song to a cartoon give me chills like that? I may need to check this one out. :)

Bartolomé Terrizzano : Canadian-Japanese kinda-anime cartoon based on an Argentine comic. One on its kind.

Macy Lilienthal : Dude that ending animation tho! Felt like I was falling with her!

Sikitoma : I miss this so much! I remember when I was like 9 and I used to always stay up late past my bed time even if I got In trouble it was worth it just to watch cybersix:')

Digiman Live : Anyone else here from YMS?

JLacay : People who are saying Canadian cartoon shows sucks, haven't watch this show before thinking

joethehero2 : Anyone else know that the same actress who voices Cybersix also voices Spike the dragon?

Fomzer : Only Canadians can comprehend this! The U.S. trashed this so hard on FOX....

Dom Jay : Love the ending jump.

416RG : yo this is absolutely crazy i forgot all about this show but i remember when i was like 7-9 yrs old i loved this show. I remember the gooey green monster thing was like her husband or something and it was such an emotional part for me as a kid but as I watch this now at 22 the song is what Im paying attention to, good intro song. back then this was the baddest bitch in cartoons

Potsherd : I think I missed this one when I was young. And now I'm salty -.-

Zachary Goldberg : The Fox Box is what killed saturday morning cartoons....after that WB became CW and thus the end of an era.

Jolene Jolly : I can't explain my emotions right now, this show...just...

DragonflyDax : This was my FAVORITE show when I was like 7-8 omgg I remember begging my parents to stay up late and watch it :)

Matt Lipton : Man, I remember watching this as a kid. I also remember looking it up on Wikipedia years later and being shocked to find out the big bad of the show was a Nazi.

Joshua Armstrong : that animation at the end is really sexy.

tuxedomark : Regarding the full-length version of the song, I had tweeted Coral Egan about it, and she replied today at about 1:54 PM (EDT). Here's what she said: "I have inquired about it but sadly the answer Is always no. The owners of the master won't release it yet. Sorry!"

MitchMeister : In case people forgot, Discotek Media is releasing the DVD of this series sometime THIS YEAR!!!

McKenzie Sauder : Ah, the late 90s really did have some of the most inspired and, at times, shocking, cartoons while the Censors weren't looking. Can we please have all those shows back? Except maybe MEGA Babies, that show was a little too warped.

Quincy B. : 0:48.. I just CANNOT be the only who still gets goosebumps when she dives off that rooftop :D

Dark_Lucan : I get goosebumps every time I hear this

Mega Buster : OMG! The quality of this show's opening is stellar! It even actually feels on par with some the best anime openings!

Elijha Bishop : This was my show

UCTV! : Such an under-rated show. Why do I feel like Hei and Cybersix would get along great ?

Extra-Spoopy Horror Games : Epsiodes I'll never forget: Terra The greatest Mechanical Show in Meridia  Data 7 The eye The gargoyles Final Confrontation Btw who else gets goosebumps when the electricity sparks in front of the professors face?

Ringkun Mori : Damn! That animation!

Earthknight 3400 : This is one of those shows that was influenced by Anime.

goracks69 : The intro was amazing. And I had a huge crush on Cybersix when I was around 9 or 10 and the show was new. But why didnt they bring it back for a second season? I mean did cybersix survive? We think so, but you never find out for sure. And do her and lucien finally get together??? I mean c'mon!

Toomnyusernae : I've never seen a cartoon that made me want to leap off high places like this does.

Fitness-Dammy : Friendship is Magic is not beter than this.

Gio A : This opening should have a disclaimer: "warning, the following opening is extremely addictive"

Lauchlin MacPhee :        The full lyrics to this *amazing* theme song. There's a time, when the moon reveals it's face to the clouds. I let out a sigh and want to cry aloud. But deep in my heart, I feel love so alive! From the depths of my soul, I know we will survive! I'm the one they would break, in their greed and their pride! But deep in my heart, I feel love so alive! From the depths of my soul, I know we will survive! (Cybersix)

Charles Pwnage : one thing that pisses me off is that RWBY is considered and categorized as an anime even though its american cg that barely pass's as an anime (seen more american cg that looked closer to anime) while this an actual collaboration between Canada and "japan" with the animation of an anime from back in the day is still just considered a cartoon wtf is with this shit. and i do love rwby but this show deserves better if rwby is gonna be called anime. also i do love cybersix more since i grew up with it lol

Cameron Pearce : How have I never heard of this, this looks friggin amazing.