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Domerame TV Spatiale : Jack the car, go underneath and pray god the jacks don't get broken.

Big_Adam_2050 : Two big ones I say you missed; Is the engine warm when you get there? - Yes? - The it might be it runs like shit from cold / is hard to start. If you're going to the sellers home, check the driveway for big spots. Few are okay in the middle, but around the edge might be brake fluid.

Cars Uncovered : "Check your pulse...has it stopped? Then you're broooken"

Nimdonomuskid : is your car from Haggard Garage? then it's BROKENNN but that's NORMALLL

Big Smoke : It''s a E36, BROKEN = NORMAL!

Yoeri Kurvers : What do you call something that doesn't work?

Franco Pettine : Do you still like he car? THEN ITS BROOOKEN!

HoboJIm117 : that intro gave me stage 4 cancer

Ryan Smith : intro gave me cancer almost as terminal as my videos do

Tiago Reis : Haggard Garage should watch this

hellfire08 : "Is it a BMW? Then it's brooooken"

Bran Man : Gr8 video especially for the newbie owners!

KLS Films : I learned more from this video than I did from drivers Ed about buying a used car

Jose Cabral : I dont need this advice, coz im BROOOKEEn

Avengersoul : Brooooken

PlagueRoamer : One important detail about buying a used car: When you turn the key to start the car all of the dash lights should flash once to give a readiness signal. If any of those don't light up theres a chance that the owner may have yanked the light bulb out. Also they make bluetooth diagnostic scanners that will hook up to your phone for your test drive. Best of luck!

Gary Singh : Carfax Reports are useless.

MJ Maranan : Car have a fake M badge? Then it's broooooken

VexingCode : Definitely don't want random strangers bringing tools around my car thinking they are mechanics or know what they are doing. I'd jack it up myself, but no way I am taking that liability having them do it.

Tyler Haley : step 1. check kelly blue book value. most people put up 1990 toyotas for 3k becuase "its a toyota" lol

Mesina626 : Is it a Hyundai? How about kia? Yes? Then its broooooken

OleSocratesJohnson : This is great if you're a mechanic - I'd say just drive it over to a trustworthy shop. The problem with buying on craigslist is that there's really not a lot of room to haggle. There are a lot of uninformed buyers who will pay asking price without questions.

Blake Y : How to buy a used car? FIND THE SHIT THAT IS BROKEN

The TeddyBear : well its an e36 if its brokeeeen thats mean its good

Ty U. : Funny ass vid but helpful, my dad tought me most of this as he inspects semis for a living, also check the gaps between the body panels.

86rolla : if you actually worry this much about buying a used car then don't buy a used car......

Robert Rauch : CarFax can "lie". There is no way to fix any typos that get into a record from state inspectors. E.g. a car I bough new off the lot - when I tried to sell it - one year it was reported to have over 100,000 miles because the dude put in an extra zero. :-(

LanzaGrenada : What I do in addition to all this, Step 1: Take the oil filler cap off if it's accessible and wipe my finger around the inner walls. If I see metal shavings, any type of sludge, discoloration, or anything that doesn't look like clean oil, that tells me that engine is dirty and who knows what maybe going on inside. Step 2: do the same with all other filler access ports. Step 3: open the fuse boxes on the engine bay and check for discoloration on fuses wires and even test some for continuity. Check all wires for fraying cracking and what not. Step 4: check where the water pump, thermostat, and head gaskets meet the engine block. If I see colored sealant, that's a good sign they have been changed and bring up the question as to why it was. Step 5: check the battery for any white bluish greenish deposit on the terminals. That battery better be clean. Step 6: Connect a computer to it for any codes.You can take it to AutoZone while on a test drive and they can do this for free. Step 7. When I first test drive it. Star off slow in a nice straight and ensure the car shifts properly through every gear. Usually around the 2-3 RPM but it may differ depending on the car. I also do the same for a fast test drive those gears better not redline and shift smoothly. Now this is only for automatics. Step 8: Check all body lines for even spacing and any non matching paint.

KILLERSNIPSx909 : You feel like your on a boat it's = BROKEN

JoseLuis Rodriguez : Does it burnout? No... then it's BROKEN!

POTATO FORCE : Now my mind is brookeen

flexor212000 : Buying a car on craigslist.. Not even once..

Lil Cumstain : Is your pockets or wallet empty? Then you're broookkkeee

Dan Zicarelli : = BROKEN

Hodagz : I got screwed buying a used car. Within 16 months of purchase I needed new rotors and break pads, and all new tires, the wheelwell covers on the front cracked off, and it developed a strange pinging noise that only occurs while I accelerate between 1500-1750 RPM. I'm just ignoring the pinging noise, but everything else got fixed for about $1400.

Trevis Sweet : Broken

JellyFishJuices : This should be a PSA

TheSecondShift : VIN- Vehicle Identification Number...Its not a VIN number

Helmi Ekoviputro : than it's brokenn

Bubble Butt : If its broken than its BROOOKEN.

Savvy Jones : Or instead just use a service that DOES ALL THIS FOR YOU for a small price, because if you know nothing about cars you're definitely gonna miss things.. I did it for my first car and I've had no problems

Steve Brule : According to them, every used car will be at least a little broken, focus on the drivetrain people.

Patryk Slomczynski : perfect video!

gitlitwitit : BrooookenBrooookenBrooookenBrooookenBrooooken

St Brick : It's brooken

Ace Cat : great vid

Doge And mor : Why does the car fax fox look like he's having a ww2 flashback

Miquel Monràs : song name?

Subhan Soomro : Don't jack up car yourself drive to a known mechanic and he can check the car for you.

Nazhif Hamdan : Very useful. Really thanks