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Yoeri Kurvers : What do you call something that doesn't work?

MJ Maranan : Car have a fake M badge? Then it's broooooken

KT G : than it's brokenn

Mesina626 : Is it a Hyundai? How about kia? Yes? Then its broooooken

WarGames8 : Don’t forget to check blinker fluid

Sweet old meme : Drinking game: take a shot every time he says broken

Jack Berry : BEST used car tutorial video ever. I love you guys so much 😂

Brandon Leitz : You did get screwed, it's got an M badge on it and it's not an M3...

Dan Hoffman : I would like to point out that they bought a m3 e36

Elijah Montgomery : Its broooooken

Vitor Leite : Bought an used Peugeot (yeah, right...) with AL4 auto gearbox (yeah, right...). 1/3 of the car's value was to fix it. Still love it.

Jordan Hillard : Hold on, there are people that don't know this?

Gorky D : Here's what you do NOT do. Do NOT show up and waste an hour of the owner's time test driving and checking everything thing then reveal that you only have 2/3rds of the asking price with you. If you can't afford asking price tell the owner before you look at the car, not after, because maybe they are actually selling the car for the price they're listing it for and not some dumbass number you decided without even seeing it that the car was worth to you.

Bran Man : Gr8 video especially for the newbie owners!

D E A D A S S : Is your pockets or wallet empty? Then you're broookkkeee

Rahlique White : Wish this was here when I bought my 99 Camaro

MrMister1227 : e36 M3'S are the most over priced POS

Death 2 er-body : is youR wife bitching is she a nag then= SHESS BROOKKENN

Before Tax : Intro, I could tell this is gonna be a liberal shit show

Andres Rodriguez : Have you gotten screwed buying a used car? Yes to this day I find new problems lol

Jem : Also worth mentioning, don't show interest in the car, otherwise the owner will have a negotiating tool against you. Also, you should show up to the deal in the shittiest car and shittiest clothes you own, so that the owner will be more willing to lower the price more.

Harry Pearson : If your buying a 240 it's BOKEN

Dorifuto11 : Does it have oil all over the oil fill cap? Don't worry it isn't BROOOKEN. It's an old Beemer so it's NOOORMAL.

Shorpy : Buying a used car? Yeah something is definitely broken

Epsilon : I want to buy a car... Not have sex with it.

Loki : I bought 400hp prius but owner lied to me and it was 600hp

palmtrees bananapants : 1. Be a mechanic or at least know your shit and be capable 2. If you fail step 1, find someone. Rent them. Pay them for their time because they have what you lack and it's needed. 3. Go cash in hand. Show them. Let them know you are serious and the money may be in their hand shortly. 4. After a successful step 3, take your goddamn liberties checking EVERYTHING. Everything. It's not rude, you have thousands in your pocket and you don't want to get fucked over and they want your money.

ZDY : I'm always too scared on my I always just buy some dealer certified. A bit more mark up but fuck it.

dreamrealitysyndrome : Check for head gasket leaks. Check compression. Smell the coolant. Check the oil cap. Pressure test the radiator. Scan OBD. Look for codes and readiness tests. Check the spark plugs. Test the AC and heater. Test cruise control. Test all windows. You're missing big checks in this video

Cesar Hernandez : Just found out my car is broookkeennnn

Francis Boudreau : Awesome video!

Mefayor : cool video and very on point - and don't forget, it's normal to do all the things mentioned, because guess what will happen if you do not inspect the car properly? oh yeah you might get stuck in the middle of fucking nowhere, with your new but undriveable car... Also do you feel like the owner is just kinda pushing it his own way? That may be a good sign of him knowing that the car is fucked.

BvsMAcosh : excellent video! informative and has style.

alex stitzel : Really wish I woulda saw this before I bought my car ahhahahaha

Max Robbins : I'm sorry but one thing that pissed me off was "Carfax never lies." They do, quite often. Insurance companies can withold information on a car for months, even up to years, or never even report it at all. Its not a fault of Carfax its just that if they went to a mom & pop shop and didn't use insurance money, its not on the "record."

j102srf : So this video is just a simulation of what a competent individual would do. In other words, don't be fucking stupid?

Frank : B R O K E N

Scoricco : 280 people think that this video is Broeken

Jaime Hernandez : what if my heart is broooooooken?

Ronnie ́s HQ : *B R O K E N*

ExecYui : B R O K E N

B Mcmillan : This is a guide to a consensual used car screwing experience. Aka you and the owner being on the same page

ByTolerance : Bought a used 2010 Scion tC at my local auto mall for 9,999 after tax around and everything 12,6ish it had 50k miles on bought it 2016 was that a good deal

Emppu T. : Yeah, bought a used car, its not broken per say.. but the inspector said its broooken.

Doge And mor : Why does the car fax fox look like he's having a ww2 flashback

Jacob Gusieff : Everyone watching this should just go to the dealer and get a new car!

Xxsexyxx Want to fuck : The vid is broken

Eskmm1 : this dude touching brake discs....

Tony Music : A man is washing his car with his son. The son asks... "Dad, can't you just use a sponge?"

TheyCallMeEriksan : Its BROKEEEEEEWEN