That's right...I have AIDS (scene from The Last Vampire on Earth)
Thats rightI have AIDS scene from The Last Vampire on Earth

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This scene is epic and I couldn't stop laughing at the shitty dialogues and performance



Word Unheard : "Walker told me I have AIDS."

Roger Spacebucks : Oscar worthy

Guy Ofkaillera : Who wrote the script? An 8th grader? 😂😂

Jeff Duke : Featured today on Best of the Worst!

MagCynic : How'd they even capture him in the first place? Doesn't he have super strength and super speed?

Jesal : Shame on you all!

discojoe3 : IT BROKE NEW GROUND!!!!

Debonaire Nerd : But Rich Evans has crippling diabetes.

rickzilla0825 : This is AIDs.

kasra khatir : 0:18 and the Oscar goes to

Niyas Ummer : Emo logan paul spotted

François P. : This is literally the only "bad funny" scene of the movie, the rest is just dull and bad. Watch "best of the worst" for a good laugh

SimplyMasonZero : More wholesome than most PureFlicks movies

Robby Carell : I thought Kenneth Brannagh was very good in this one

Trulstei : Me and a few friends recreated this scene shot for shot as a school project, and our teacher loved it! Check it out to keep the strong TLVOE fanbase alive, thank you <33

clovely000 : EVYIL

Num nut : “Stop or I’ll sheowh”

simon says : did anyone noticed that her finger is literaly behind the trigger ?

Isabella Harkness : I'm crying with shame

Caroline : Felix?


Stroop : Oh my gawd she’s such a good actress and stuff! Oh my gawd!

വസീലി സയത്സേവ് : Seriously??!!!!!!!🙄🙄🙄😶😶😶

Hernard Badloght : She's right, you know.

Juanio : One of the most stupidest movie ever...twilighters want 2 be

infinit life : Actually its very natural... So realistic. ...unlike Hollywood

Jane Doe : I can’t believe this movie is real.

Richard Samuel : So could she find the cure??

Minerva Komos : Worst monologue in film history.

Are Grande : First