Staying Alive

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fetus : damn he is thicc

Adonis Kasey : make a 10 hour loop of this pls

Cake Reboot : helicopter takes off from dogs head

Justin Hoffer : At least he didn't cat the shot

TruthNeedBeTold : I could just hear the words in my head "I'm going nowhere, somebody help me"

a pair of pants : explain this, athiests.

Captain Canada : What a savage he even winks

Ta Deus ッ : dude that hellicopter is sick

rschiela : im 19, well, ill be 20 in december

Matt H : Looping this and putting it on 2x speed was the best decision I have ever made

LewisOHH : Bet this cat can't do the conga

PasserbyGengarALH : alive cat vs. helicopter dog vs. stoned guy who wins???!!!!!!! ;)

LB AB bro : the cat looks like a beast look at his muscles

Bruno Schweiz : I hope that cat got rehabilitated

Marley Cauffing : cats become very heavy in water so thats why he has many muscles

Mr. Dink : can someone make this a gif

Nemo The Kid : easily the best video on youtube

noonespecial321 : DAT WINK 0:07

Andrew Buist : nice view

Aarni Kytölä : Important videos, yeah right!


Niki : this is the most important one so far...

Jean van wyk : he approaches

Superkidra : Well, working out with that body, I'd say "staying alive" is an appropriate title. Carry on, little cat. Carry on...

adkgirlsince01 : damnit, im training to be an EMT and now anytime im going to be doing CPR this is going to be playing in my head. this is the end

Carla M. : Me going through this entire playlist right now at 5am

Charlielxix : That cat sure was a wizard, he changes colors when he's wet! Amazing!

Hexxy : i love how it winks at 0:07


dakota neumann : a weapon to surpass metal gear

Gerardo Osorio : "important videos"

I Personally Disfavor The Whole Enchilada : Important video.

Brass'Man : 3 important videos on this channel and only 687 subs tf

heathcornfield : What's that hell's wrong with your dog?

WillRickou34 : titanfall 2 looks great

Galaxium : What would happen if the cat got shot??

screaming whiney bitch : C a t t o H a s W a t e r W a l k

mattloveOHIOST5 : How about helicopters taking off from dogs heads am I right?

Ryan Morton : is it just me or could you fly a helicopter off of that cat?

Jake O. : Another cat I can relate with. Time to make this a gif

LyricSimsz15 : I Love this playlist so much.

e gg : Dang he winked

Bloodshed oldskool : the worlds first winking cat...

Hacking Kitty : *YEES ON KEYBOARD*

Harpoon : 1 hour version pls

Crappy Boi Videos : Is the cat muscular or fat? lol

Kaera Neko : *wink :3

Rick Gardiner : This video is life

John Quevedo : Joel brought me here

Pinto Beans : what are frogs