Hot Dad Song dedicated to all the dads out there

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Larry Wolf : Sweat?! This ain't sweat, boy. It's AXE!!! It's so wrong that I'm a dad... wearing New Balance shoes, hahaha. Come on over, man. We can JO each other (no homo) and you can stomp around my model train room a bit. Afterward, you can take all the imitation crab meat you want home. And you know, MC1... Between this and the Tinder tutorials, I'm thinking maybe Jessica left for a good reason.

That Guy : Look out Kanye... We got a new lyrical miracle here.

KSJDbv : WHO'S WATCHING IN 2018!!! <3

Nash P : sexi das

Shady404 : quality work, really ground breaking lyrical genius

Jaymes : Turn it up

ashton spoonamore : such a bad boy

KSJDbv : 1st

【 Trickle 】 : Dude can I please get the off vocal to this H O T S I N G L E?

Struggles of Azeroth : Is this about me!