The best hairstyle at lax

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georgyorgy2 : Snap into a Slim Jim. Oooo yeahh!

Karl Sookdeo : Gerald from Hey Arnold. He's even got the red shirt.

abhiofficial : Black Johnny Bravo

FAST Food Pit Stops : Benny Harlem ... he's pretty well known!

Ryan Clark : I dig it.

Ahmad Saleh : My dudes a human microphone

Stevey B : Where did he say he was from?

IRocBAPESTA : That's the world record holder right there

renaissancemen1 : I want to look like a stalk of celery. DONE!!!

GTR Wendy : Inspired by the corpse bride

EVE-Voni's World : Isn't that the guy who takes pictures with his daughter

Nayib Noyola : I pretty sure that's the guy who has the record for (tallest High Top Fade). No joke

Top 10 Archive : He looks like a superhero who lost his hoverboard and was forced to take the elevator.

Ricardo Guanipa : Guy goes to the barbershop The barber ask him what do you want? The guy pulls out a a paint brush

Markeli Upson : His name is Benny Harlem. He and his daughter are models. Really great dude 👍

Illinois Citizen : 😂

DankFlab • : Hey Arnold

GTR Wendy : His name is mike...rophone

Bruce Wayne : Leave him alone it's just hair just look at it once for 6 seconds or so and let it go, silly humans.

YouMadOrNaw : Etika?

seanautube : He's got an exclamation point on his shoulders.

Juniper Hall : Benny Harlem!!!!!! You guys have GOT to look him up--one of the most amazing models out there.

Julian : My mom said I could be anything I wanted, so I became a paintbrush

jacksprat418 : Just don't sit down in front of me at the movie theater...

Jerrie the claun : How much money do y'all think he spends on hair spray and gel?

William Henderson : Can't wait til he goes Super Saiyan

Mat Walter : That hair holds the hopes and dreams of humanity

HAL9000 : Shits badass. Kinda futuristic. Nigga 30 years ahead of the common man lmfao

Claude Faustus : A living Q-Tip

JR Smith : Him an his daughter are actually natural hair models they are all over my Pinterest pages his daughter hair is mad long and he recently cut it he use to just let it flow super long

B A. : I hope they realized that he and his family are already celebrities. That's Benny Harlem, his wife, and his child.

Catlily Holmes : He looks like a makeup brush

KIRIELEISON333 : New York baby

Emilio Flores : Where's all the "say no more" memes xD

H Akhio : *“Make way for the Queen’s Guard!”*

shakeninja : Kid got Played

John Iowa : At least when he goes to apply for Royal Guard he's a bit prepared for the job. 👍 #GoHim 😁

Sean Sloan : This'll be Iman Shumpert pretty soon 😂

Fancyhatgod : Seen that dude all over instagram with his daughter they were on TV also talking about Art.

PositronicReflex : How the heck does that guy scratch his head?


Nate K : He is a guiness world record holder

月 Tsuki 月 : Etika is that you

kaylie lusk : I would hate to sit behind him in a movie theater but it looks nice.

TASHA-CONNIE-CANDIS : I saw him and his daughter on Pinterest. They both have long pretty hair.

Psycho Mantis : I'm waiting to find out what you gotta ask.

Lil Oozy : He is a celebrity though I've seen videos of him everywhere on YouTube

Dimension 2401 : Legion X-men

George Gibbson : Why is Iman Shummpert at LAX?

Chrysi B : That's BENNY HARLEM !!!