how many basketballs does it take to stop a bullet?

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Riot Fist : 65 dollars gone

I don't deserve subs : Guns are dangerous! This video took a lot of balls to make

YuBik Channel : Should I put 13 basketball infront of me to avoid a bullet?

johnpaul maestre : 14th ball is lucky

ZaZy JoKeR : So i need 11 more balls right ??

Maharana Aluminium : Am I the only one to think that the bullet would simply bounce back from first ball 😂

Golden frieza : How many humans it take to stop a bullet ?

Ronan Wilson : 3:35 when you stretch a virgin

YOUSIF THE BAT : اللي من القافلة لايك 😂😂

Fleja : shots fired

TFJ : Is it me or does the bullet just fly off the first ball? 🤔 2:27

MrBeantheMan : Video starts at 2:26

HunteЯ X : This is what guns are for kids! They're not To be used on ur friendds at school. OK?

Mustafa Saad : القافلة😂😂😂😂😂

cybershadowX : After watching this video, I found the cure to cancer. Thank you so much for uploading! I'm glad this showed up in my recommended videos.

عبدالله العتيبي : القافله😂😂👍🏽

Tray'von Reynolds : all those balls

Youtube Commenter : Mom calls - Hey honey what are you doing? Me - Uh... Shooting basketball Mom - Ok have fun sweetie

Abod Gamer : #القافلة مرت من هنا

Samet baskıcı : I am curious how many people does it take to stop 50 cal. Could you try it?

sarwar khan Sarwar : Omg..😱

warnutztheloser : so all I need Is to carry 13 Basketballs and I will B alright

Rais Khaaa : Totally useless sort of experiment...

Zyrex : 1 like is one prayer to end basketball abuse

AHMED ELRAIK : ياللى جاى من قناه بارى لايك

Arthur B Gaming : i think about 12 or 13 basketball

Derek Loucks : So I saw this on my recommended, and I was like "But why?" But then I thought for a second, and I thought, "Wait, How many basketballs does it take to stop a bullet?

TheRealMonkeyGun : 12 1/2 balls

RiCKERTAiNMENT : My poor balls...

Corbin Skutt : Lmao what if the bullet bounced back at him

John Donovan : When you’re in war just have thirteen basketballs in front of you and you will be fine.

Ahmad Sabara : This video could have just been literally 2 mins long lol

عن ي : الحين انا الملقوف الوحيد الي جاء من عند باري تيوب ولا فيه غيري 😄

Nikolai Pax : Please do how many children it takes to stop a bullet

DoMeX - YT : القافله مرت من هنا 👑

lucas gamer jogos : Algem br

Jeff Ho : The god of basketball blocked the bullet

PRINCE DHAKAD : Wouldn't you think that the balls should be brust....! Love 4rom #INDIA I love foreign red people...they r just awesome and u too...!

vaibhav singh : Rich man

Ross Mitchell : That hurt me 😂 U shooting basketballs like that

SANHII G : 13 Basketballs were harmed in the making of this video.

The Real American : See how many soccer balls or tennis balls it takes to stop a bullet.

The Intelligentsia with MJ : U shld try with cricket ball

P V : Reuse those 12 punctured basketballs to see if inflated balls will stop more than an uninflated one. Stack them up uninflated and then put a 13th ball behind the stack. If the bullet doesnt make it through the 13th ball then you know that the air inside the ball had no effect on the outcome. That way you will also be able to reuse the punctured basketballs for another test.

Koby Pourciaux : Great. Now I know exactly what to do if I get mugged

Bittah Bandit : 2:28 if you want to see when he shoots

SaNiyah Speed : 12 basketball

Eugene Green : 12 basketballs ohmost 13 basketballs

Eugene Green : Yeah 13 basketballs I was right

Pokémon-Royal Animation : Basketball quality is not good there's no company symbols