how many basketballs does it take to stop a bullet?

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warnutztheloser : so all I need Is to carry 13 Basketballs and I will B alright

Derek Loucks : So I saw this on my recommended, and I was like "But why?" But then I thought for a second, and I thought, "Wait, How many basketballs does it take to stop a bullet?

Mr Feast : Just skip to 2:25 You're welcome

Stinky ol' mexican : 2:28 if you want to see when he shoots

rohit gill : What am i doing with ma life.. Watching bullet piercing basketballs???

Munib Messi : From now on whenever I play fortnite I’ll bring 13 basketballs with me!

Dontae Harris : NEXT VIDEO PITCH : How many crackheads to stop a bullet? 😂

Jeremy : It only took one to stop it, it went through all the rest before it.

Kevin Castillo : I dropped a tear for the casualties. Genuinely felt bad for the 13 basketballs that were harmed, specially the 13th one that had the bullet surgically removed but died anyway.

Ahmad Sabara : This video could have just been literally 2 mins long lol

Ored Rahman : This was really cringey Lol!!

rob dixon : this guy knows how to shoot a basketball. steph curry move over.

Dennis Mendoza : Video starts at 0:00 thank me later

Briscoe Park : This could have been a 30 second video. But instead it’s you not being funny

SANHII G : 13 Basketballs were harmed in the making of this video.

Ian Rod : do you really have to see if both sides are punctured? can't you just see the next ball is flat and count till you bump into one with air.

MrTuffMuffin : Would you do it again and hide behind the 14th ball?

eneko parek : Lmao think if the bullet would have bounced back.

Blake Holmes : I feel a little dumber having watched this

Chill Ace : Who else thought it sounded as if it just bounced off the first one?

BNN Music : Thank you so much, now I know to hide behind 13 basketballs in a gunfight!

Zen : its 13, this tool talks too much.

Parminder Singh : i was worried about the fact that if it goes through all 20 of them..he will need 20 more and then more to add..

ATHUL BENNAPALAN : how many of you thought it would explode?

Casey Smith : go to 2;22

Louise Tranter : 13

Noel : How many layers of clothes does it take to stop a 9mm?

C Am F G : RIP basketballs :'( Anyway, incredible only a handgun bullet does so much damage. A bit larger caliber would be through the whole row

Yosuma Melendez : so i need 14 to 15 basketball to safe my life

Trey Givens : Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are disappointed in you. Such a disgrace to NBA and just basketball in general. Did you think I was serious? Never judge a book by it’s cover.

sheldon Ramlogan : 13 basket balls

Launcher Gaming : Answer=12 Thank me later.

Casual Gamer : Better test your balls with that gun

Galaxy Rim : video starts at 2:22

Amber Janssen : Credit jaw fellow lady transmission seat evening assault hit file

Khanna Jyoti : Start watching from 2:23

Carlo Sab : Edwin sarkissian , armenians love u

RK Begg : Ahhh so this is the right way to shoot a basketball, all this time Steph and LeBron have been doing it wrong - like if u agree.

AndrewJay1325 : It’s a 9mm what did you expect to happen?

DawsonBeep Gaming : I'll be sure to stand behind 13 basketballs when I'm being shot at now. Thanks!

Maciej Ratajczak : This is, of course, what the hero Odysseus did with a bow and arrow and twelve axes in Homer's The Odyssey to put the fear of god into his home's gang of intruders (the suitors). Homer was an ancient Greek writer and authored The Odyssey three thousand years ago. It relates the return sea journey of Odysseus, inventor of the Trojan horse, from sacked Troy (now Turkey) to his Greek home Ithaca, and includes the iconic cylops Polythemus, the fearful singing Sirens, and the terrifying Scylla and Charybdis sea monsters, not to mention Poseidon (Neptune), god of the sea. The Odyssey is the sequel to The Iliad, also by Homer, about the battle of Troy, including the great hero Achilles and the marvelous beauty Helen. If you want to be inspired by antiquity in all its glory, there is no better way than reading them in their original epic poem form, or a modernized prose (novel) form. Both are free online.

Cali Chan : you make cool videos

Peytonmakinstatements54 : Ha number 23 clever (Jordan)

j baby : i thought the bullet was going to deflect and hit something

Gucci_Foam 1469 : So I need to carry 12 to 13 basketballs to save my life, wow

SalamiStayFly : Kool man


Drea Antony : do a video on how many glocks can stop a bullet

James Byrne : The answer is *13* *It* *takes* *13* *basketballs* *to* *stop* *the* *bullet*

Zamyah Young : _dude you talk to much_ -TOO MUCH- *TOO DAMN MUCH* SMH🤦🏾‍♀️