how many basketballs does it take to stop a bullet?

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ATHUL BENNAPALAN : how many of you thought it would explode?

I don't deserve subs : Guns are dangerous! This video took a lot of balls to make

Maharana Aluminium : Am I the only one to think that the bullet would simply bounce back from first ball 😂

Golden frieza : How many humans it take to stop a bullet ?

Youtube Commenter : Mom calls - Hey honey what are you doing? Me - Uh... Shooting basketball Mom - Ok have fun sweetie

johnpaul maestre : 14th ball is lucky

MrBeantheMan : Video starts at 2:26

CupNoodah : 1 like is one prayer to end basketball abuse

Ronan Wilson : 3:35 when you stretch a virgin

YuBik Channel : Should I put 13 basketball infront of me to avoid a bullet?

TFJ : Is it me or does the bullet just fly off the first ball? 🤔 2:27

John Donovan : When you’re in war just have thirteen basketballs in front of you and you will be fine.

عن ي : الحين انا الملقوف الوحيد الي جاء من عند باري تيوب ولا فيه غيري 😄

YOUSIF THE BAT : اللي من القافلة لايك 😂😂

Chill Ace : Who else thought it sounded as if it just bounced off the first one?

Outlaw Hunter X : This is what guns are for kids! They're not To be used on ur friendds at school. OK?

Mustafa Saad : القافلة😂😂😂😂😂

scott odonahoe : Should be singing Cheech and Chongs song Basketball Jones .......

samuel:z Aguilar Franco : Like si no se ba al grano

Andrei Tudor : Please do it with Bibles

cybershadowX : After watching this video, I found the cure to cancer. Thank you so much for uploading! I'm glad this showed up in my recommended videos.

Abod Gamer : #القافلة مرت من هنا

Fleja : shots fired

warnutztheloser : so all I need Is to carry 13 Basketballs and I will B alright

Malthe Højgaard Klietsch 8A St. Magleby Skole : din mor er en mand ha ha ha ha ha ha ha jeg er bare så ond og sej på samme tid ha ha ha ha!?!!!!æøå honning kan den få***%#¤#

عبدالله العتيبي : القافله😂😂👍🏽

DoMeX - KW : القافله مرت من هنا 👑

UNREAL GAMING : ياللى جاى من قناه بارى لايك

Galaxy Rim : video starts at 2:22

Prince Dhakad : Wouldn't you think that the balls should be brust....! Love 4rom #INDIA I love foreign red people...they r just awesome and u too...!

Livereater00 : Stole my idea of making a bulletproof vest out of basketballs.

MORTADA GAME : 4000 تعليق ماكو واحد عربي

Cyclone : Donate the remaining balls to Steph curry and the golden state warriors

ZaZy JoKeR Gaming : So i need 11 more balls right ??

Bhanu prakash reddy : The bullet is bounce from first ball I think

Younes Captaine Arabia : الي جاي من عند باري لايك هههههه ويعلمنا بالرد

Friendship : I wonder if shooting spree took place at NBA.

tex10 : 2:26 a lo que vinieron :v

Derek Loucks : So I saw this on my recommended, and I was like "But why?" But then I thought for a second, and I thought, "Wait, How many basketballs does it take to stop a bullet?

hemant kumar : You r best comedian

The Real American : See how many soccer balls or tennis balls it takes to stop a bullet.

Phantomsleet616 aqi : Bruh, I legit guessed 12 and I was so close

Ross Mitchell : That hurt me 😂 U shooting basketballs like that

santo domingo : this guy knows how to shoot a basketball. steph curry move over.

Marlon tv : Moin

Pokémon-Royal Animation : Basketball quality is not good there's no company symbols

Waasief Petersen : Edwin can you please get a lot of orange and see how much oranges it takes to stop a 9mm

THERI AFIK AIRLINES Noor Afik : small gun punished 13 basket ball

Elias Bittah : 2:28 if you want to see when he shoots

Zoheeb Kazmi : ⚠️⚠️Warning no damage occurred to the basketballs