This Should Be illegal

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Ian Kung : A last minute upload this week, but better late than next month. Subscribe ► Instagram ► Twitter ►

Smiley the Smile : ... And now, those bastards took control of the police. They pretty much rule the city at this point.

I Write A Song A Day : Is this an actual thing that radio stations pull pranks like this?

James Oh Burn : At first I thought it was “making vlogging while driving illegal”, then I thought it was “this police procedure should be illegal”, but as always you subvert my expectations. Great job, man.

Terrible Username Amirite? : Then the actual cops arrest you for getting out of your car on the middle of the road

Senura Kaduwela : That car have some quality speakers 😂 Too much quality 👍

La Di : Wait do Radio stations actually do this?

Devon Palmer : I love imagining the real police just watching this from a distance confused as hell.

PleasePleasePepper : Or when they play the intro to your fav song and you're ready to jam out and its interrupted by "ALL YOUR FAVORITE HITS ONLY ON Q97.265 STAR"

NinjaPenguin77664 : Did you win though?

Tara Hall : There used to be this one spotify commercial like 3 or four years ago that had these gnarly honking sounds in it and I almost got in an accident so many times bc of it... it scared the shit out of me when the honking started and I would always jerk the wheel. I know the vid is a joke but like it legitimately should be illegal bc it's an actual safety hazard

Somali pirate who's actually somali : A united states marine Corp needs your support *_AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA_*

ROUND III : Keep em comin, clever

Gerbil : Someone's been watching Curb your Enthusiasm lately.

SlackerTV : Has it been two months already?

Alexander Priemer : Its illegal in germany. Youre also not allowed to put flashing blie lights in your advertisements.

ackerman66 : That was fucking great. I was wondering where it was going with it and that came out of no where. Had me laughing hard.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Not uploading in a month is illegal.

rielitty : I PLACE IAN KUNG FACE DOWN ON THE GROUND, _I end my turn_

Yakxter's Bass Music : *Top 10 Anime Endings*

LevelYup : now we'll never know why it was a big day for the channel...

The BTTF Channel : I don't get why you got caught, you actually used your turn signals.

abhishek mathur : What is this in reference to?

Tarjeta Roja Oficial : Dude, does this really happen???

Rocky Salvador : Thank god this video showcases how obnoxious it is for radio stations and advertisements to use honking sounds, sirens, and dangerous sound signals that can get you into an accident. I've only had it happen to me once with a severe weather warning being used as part of an ad, but it was horribly deceptive.

Martin Y. : Hi! I'm looking for my brother Justin. Has anyone seen him?

VincentVeryVile : Shouldn't he like, look in the rear view mirror?

JustDKFilms : I'm disappointed... taking up 3 parking spaces at once. You sick criminal.

DoomDDS : Well that video sent me over the moon

Merlin Merlout : Gottem

الذيب : you have been *BAMBOOZLED*

Andrey Valkov : I watched this twice to get the joke

Sam ytdjtdmhndf : Someone had to say this! Stick it to the Man Ian!

bharath kumar : It's illegal in my country

Tony Hong : This guy actually uses the handbrake in an automatic transmission car. Good on you

Michael Clarke : 0:18 belt isn’t through your pants

Beary Boy : Sums up every streamers first experience with plug dj

Hello There : Gosh you’re sexy.

Mark Parkinson : That was quite good.

Awesomemay : *gets out* Cop: 'GET YOUR FLEX SEAL TODAY FOR A LOTTA DAMAGE!"

Jüdäs : *Uploads video* *Not about Nike* 🤔

Thins : This made me LOL

Robert Brunello : I thought the radio wasn't a thing anymore..

VincentVeryVile : Coulda just looked in the backview mirror.

lyon. : ha! jokes on you! i don’t listen to the radio!

666melodeath666 : Uploads too Frequent ~ 4/10 Unsubbed

ssimarsawhney : do i see the berkeley hills there??

Callan Whitney : Holy shit that was so funny

Gurosama Bltch : I'd die if this happened to me lmao

GoldPranks TV : You’re too funny