The Shiba King
The Shiba King

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Virtual Reality plus booze equals fun! Also doggo. Add Pikapetey and stir.


Fluffle Puffle : I'm actually more impressed with how advanced VR is getting, with the more complex and better-working models.

FinnBacon : 1:02 like that noise was supposed to be cute. xD

Korpral Kevin : Drunk furries harassing random people for an extended period of time *great*

Sindra Sins : Furrys vs weebs, pick your fighter.

Meh. Channel : Welp, it may not be an animation but it's still funny af

darkranger116 : "but you wouldnt know that you desktop user" buahahahahahahaha

Vincent : huh, i didn't realize how expressive the characters are

Jeremy Boateng : This video: exists Furries: *_its free real estate OwO_*

Flying Snake : i love that avatar lol lip sync is pretty good

Pitch : The mouth movement is amazingly animated. I love the shiba model.

CrownClown Creations : Thank god it’s no longer No Nut November

Nickname : That's the avatar with most facial animations I've ever seen, it's so cute.

Revan The Dragon : How does his character track every movement his body makes? Is it like, xbox kinect? Or is he using preset animations which predict his movements or something? It's really impressive nonetheless

Trippi Ventura編集 : Mom: Who's my cute little munchkin? Me: 1:07

Erik : "What are you anime trash?" *Is actually just a glorified furry*

Thymii : It's beautiful...

Fancy lil White thing : When you make meme animation but now you are litteraly the meme itself

Potato OwO : Furries in vrchat are cuter than i expected

andrew weekly : Nobody: YouTube recommendations: WANNA SEE A DRUNK GUY PLAY A SHEBA IN VR!?!?!?

moo moo : where can i get that model?

Hyena : Darn Hyena makes some cute af Hyena Avatars.


damian kaiserclaw : A whole collection of furry models PRAISE BE TO THE SHIBA KING

MintGreen : why does this model look so gooooood <3

Kat The Red Hooded Cat : Am I the only one that figured out that Blue Shiba is That Dog Power Ranger from SPD?

faox : this now gains a place in my top 10 favorite videos online, there's probably been atleast 40 but I've forgotten them all.

XGN_Syndicate : We found sephiroths weakness... drunk shiba vr chat models

immortalwolf6 : A drunk shibe... thats... strangly adorable.

Wholesome Nuggets : There, I watched it, get off my recommendation.

x Flying Artist l : I'm glad I found this in my recommendations

HARP SEAL : i cant believe how realistic things can get in vr chat . the animation are amazing!! and they can be done by users!

trav6100 trav6100 : Oh I remember meeting this guy, his avatars were kick-ass. A lot of avatar skills. He was nice, wouldn't let me friend him tho

Doomy : Poor sephiroth. He was on ff 7 a really cool villian and now he gets bullied by a dog XDDDD

Liam Sinclaire : Well, this is an avatar I never knew I needed until now.

Mech : Seeing Petey animate for all these years, and then coming across this VR video. Is definitely a new experience.

aimarov. : The tensions between furries and weebs are getting stronger every minute

My Cognitives : How in the hell are the facial expressions matching the way that he speaks? Thats awesome. Someone pls tell me how that works

Mini : Moofy will always be king. All hail King Moofy.

Imma Kuma : Never thought i'd see this before

dark marical : This is perfect No flaws

FamousGlory : Kudos for making drunk people look good

Sorrowful Cheshire : People ask me why I don't play this game with my PC. This is the reason why. Its either VR or nothing. Praise the Shiba King Long may he reign.

Paul : This video had me checking I wasn’t high.

Service Dog Stories : Awe, I wanna be a Shiba in VR chat.

lucario just for fun : I guess this is why I took a break off in VR chat

Flamingo_ Aesthetics : As a shiba owner This isn't a shiba WHERE'S THE FLOOF?

Raspian Kiado : Vrchat, one of the only places Gamers and Furries coexist.

Tungsten Wall : sorry... I thought this was TheMysteriousMrEnter reviewing a Lionking ripoff, while drunk... i'll just go...

Lea O'Brien : He reminds me of rocket raccoon from guards of the galaxy