The Shiba King

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Pikapetey Animations : The light jazz over the entire video just makes it so funny. I had no idea you were recording. XD

FamousGlory : Kudos for making drunk people look good

CrownClown Creations : Thank god it’s no longer No Nut November

Crashgen : haha funny

Phetch : where can i get that model?

jack chan : Welp saving this video

Jet x : When you make meme animation but now you are litteraly the meme itself

Catulant : Is it bad that I act like this when I’m not drunk but when I’m sleep drunk since I’m 15 and can’t drink yet?

Grimwol : This makes me uncomfortable

Ore : Rofl

Thymii : It's beautiful...

Mizus Kuma : Never thought i'd see this before

UnAlive Channel : Welp, it may not be an animation but it's still funny af

jack chan : Hahaha

robert : Sir console is lower than pc excuse me i feel very offended;)

Berri Blast : why you gotta hate on desktop users ;(

Psychedrawlic : All hail

siamiam : :D