Brent Pella - Why You Shouldn't Fly on Spirit Airlines (ANIMATED STAND-UP)

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Orson Welles : That's the spirit

Kate Cunningham : This made my day if I had to recommend a YouTube vid this would be it for sure

Corbyn Cook : Fly with us! And we'll see!

Blarnix : *Janis seems very unstable. Kinda like their business.*

Buzz Armstrong : We'll see

NightsFlame : WE’LL SEE

Redwaversz : 1:11 lol that taped clouds

Dash Reznicek : The best one yet

Amanda Really draws for once. : Spirit airlines...... come fly with us! *A N D W E ' L L S E E*

B To The T To The S To The BTS : Lmao did no one notice that his tshirt kept changing expressions

Seth Bishop Music : spirit airlines is basically that ex girlfriend that you hate and no is awful but you keep going back to her because you realize you're broke and don't really have a choice

Ginger_the _Cat : I always fly on spirit airlines 😂😂

Super Slime : I watched this 1000000 times

Beshar Nigussie : #WellSee

Maira The kitty aka fem johnny test : Huhuhu, we’ll see!

Werewolf 8492 : My family and I flew Spirit airlines 4 times this past summer. He didn’t mention the space in the seats. It was *BRUTAL*


darflchorf : I got a united airlines advertisement before this video

TotaledOrbGaming : 2:06 Was that a voice crack bud?

TOL_GroNadeo : WE'LL SEE

JEBanimations : That flight attendant though... *TWITCH TWITCH*

Belleza YT : WE’LL SEE

That Guy : Damn what was that flight attendant on?

Nino Echeverria : They also charge around $7,916,856 for a bottle of water

moviemagic : Spirit, the outhouse of all airlines

This Little Critic : The animation made it amazing! 2k subs and trending... dreams do come true. Hope!

A Random Comment Passing by _ : Dancing cockroach at the end... My favorite 😂👍 Well done!

Aaden Russell : XD funny

THAT_ ki10 : I asked my doctor if I was gonna live and she said We'll see. True story

Infamous drawer : HA HA sooooo funny jk

nobody 6868 : I DEFINITELY hope to see more of these

u wot : Spirit airlines, Fly with us.... *Read More*

Angel : I denied watching this for the longest time but now I don’t regret at all clicking on it. it was in my recommended for like a week or so

Mr. Sarvy : This guy its not even a talented conediant...

brickfan farming : I am dying of laughter 😂 😂 😂 : After the "We'll see" reply, I'd be exiting the plane.


Lego king of cool gaming : Please make more I watched this video like a million times

tony cee : 0:22 I think someone said savage 😂😂😂

EM3RALDW0LF : We'll see

Dragonbreath 17 : This made my day

E.T BOY : For 1 like a day you can get spirit some help

Alyssa Gaming : Spirit airlines fly with us and we’ll see

Deah Deon : WEll SEE! (Laughs)

Jaylo Gaming : Roaches!!!!

ChocoEgg : God dammit Janis

Johan F. : Spirit airlines . DRIVE WITH Us😂 & WE'LL SEE😂😂

WhiteDragon : 2.5K Spirit Airline workers.

Shaneka's Intuitive Tarot Readings : lls the animation is what got me crackin up, not the talkin by itself!

Hannah Portaro : and I just wanted to tell you we are having a *weight distribution* issue