Brent Pella - Why You Shouldn't Fly on Spirit Airlines (ANIMATED STAND-UP)

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Seth Bishop Music : spirit airlines is basically that ex girlfriend that you hate and no is awful but you keep going back to her because you realize you're broke and don't really have a choice

Corbyn : Fly with us! And we'll see!

Blarnix : *Janis seems very unstable. Kinda like their business.*

B To The T To The S To The BTS : Lmao did no one notice that his tshirt kept changing expressions

no puns intended : What happens if Janis sees this video

NightsFlame : WE’LL SEE

Amanda Draws : Spirit airlines...... come fly with us! *A N D W E ' L L S E E*

bobby is here/with more videos : Or running in air...

Mark Galera : Lmao I expected to see a Justin Y. Comment here

HenryShredClub 2018 : WE’LL SEE 😂😂😂

Orson Welles : That's the spirit

Beshar Nigussie : #WellSee

moviemagic : Spirit, the outhouse of all airlines

darflchorf : I got a united airlines advertisement before this video

Frickle othtion Tv : Huhuhu, we’ll see!

Nino Echeverria : They also charge around $7,916,856 for a bottle of water

Walter Robertson : janice kinda thicc at least

GroNadeo : WE'LL SEE

SmallGirl : WE’LL SEE

Werewolf Fam Guy : My family and I flew Spirit airlines 4 times this past summer. He didn’t mention the space in the seats. It was *BRUTAL*

AnnoKobayashi : I denied watching this for the longest time but now I don’t regret at all clicking on it. it was in my recommended for like a week or so


u wot : Spirit airlines, Fly with us.... *Read More*

tony cee : 0:22 I think someone said savage 😂😂😂

It's ASMR : This made my day if I had to recommend a YouTube vid this would be it for sure

brickfan farming : I am dying of laughter 😂 😂 😂

Aaden Russell : XD funny

Rahul Nayak : Are we going to ignore the fact that the cockroach was flying the plane.

Mr. Sarvy : This guy its not even a talented conediant...

This Little Critic : The animation made it amazing! 2k subs and trending... dreams do come true. Hope!

Waffles AJ : Fly with us... AnD wE'lL sEe

Hannah Portaro : and I just wanted to tell you we are having a *weight distribution* issue

Cheap Mobile Gamer : For 1 like a day you can get spirit some help

KoalaTea Jr : this animation is pretty fly.

nobody 6868 : I DEFINITELY hope to see more of these

Kaioker Radon : iv flown on spirit airlines... there was a freezing cold draft blowing between the exit doors

Alyssa Gaming : Spirit airlines fly with us and we’ll see

ChocoEgg : God dammit Janis

Crossroads Mixtapes : I was on delta on a flight to Los Angeles and we had to stop in Salt Lake City because the toilet was clogged. They made us pay for another flight to get to Los Angeles

JEB : That flight attendant though... *TWITCH TWITCH*

geoff jeff : the plane wont do frontflips because it aint never gonna leave the runway. its nose is too heavy therefore it cant even pull the nose up.

ThatOneWolf 1119 : Showed this to my friend, Mira, on the way to our basketball game. We're almost there and a Spirit Airlines plane flies over the road we were on... While we're watching this video...

PolarBear3756 : What is Janice was watching this

THE SANDSEEKER U.K : ... : After the "We'll see" reply, I'd be exiting the plane.

Citlali The Unicorn gamer : I really like spirit airlines

Oscar The Ocelot : Umm, is Janice secretly Mickie mouse???

Onekid10 : I was walking to a bus stop when I decided to play this video... THE SECOND I START THE VIDEO *I REALLY WANT TO TRAVEL MORE*

Jaylo Gaming : Roaches!!!!

Shaneka's Intuitive Tarot Readings : lls the animation is what got me crackin up, not the talkin by itself!