Brent Pella - Why You Shouldn't Fly on Spirit Airlines

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sushpants : Hilarious animation! You should make more of these!

JEBanimations : That flight attendant though... *TWITCH TWITCH*

Werewolf 8492 : My family and I flew Spirit airlines 4 times this past summer. He didn’t mention the space in the seats. It was BRUTAL.

This Little Critic : The animation made it amazing! 2k subs and trending... dreams do come true. Hope!

nobody 6868 : I DEFINITELY hope to see more of these

DJ SLANK〽an : You got a viral hit on way bro congrats 🍾🎊

Megan H : so many celebrities don't fuck w spirit airlines hahahaha.... : After the "We'll see" reply, I'd be exiting the plane.

YaBoi Rob : 1K+ people work for Spirit Airlines and drank too much of the "kool-aid" 😂

Tyler Minear : This reminds me of years ago when people used to animate Dane Cook standup lol

Swaggy Jay : #1 Trending. Congrats!!!!

JR Garage : Lol PR nightmare for Spirit 😂

Orson Welles : That's the spirit

NightsFlame : WE’LL SEE

Seth Bishop : spirit airlines is basically that ex girlfriend that you hate and no is awful but you keep going back to her because you realize you're broke and don't really have a choice

BLAQK 1/1 : How many people thought this was entertaining?...Lol

Olivia Jules : can someone link me to more videos/channels like this (with animation of stand up)? they are hilarious and I need more!

COMEDY BLASTER TV : love from India 😘😘

John Loberger : Sorry mate, cashmeousside girl beat you to it...

DonYelle and Diana : i've never flown spirit and i don't want to

mariel ivana : The American Volaris

shaneka jones : lls the animation is what got me crackin up, not the talkin by itself!

Kilt Advocate : Such Passion. Such Value. Truly a pleasure to watch the second time around. It's golden comedy like this that inspires me to be more creative with my channel. ⛵

Sir Taylor : allright, I have to admit it. This was pretty funny

Bimmer Won : This is what big airline companies do to new airline companies to prevent them from getting big and taking business from the big airline companies.

Lun Hing : Lol never flew before

GooglyFacts : That flight attendants eye twitches made me spill my coffee!

johnnyboy3217 : Wow this is good

Brittany and Michael : Arline’s really need to stop messin up haha.

Sourabh Kadawat : 'Puchhu Trying Being Daddy'

Kilt Advocate : This was very entertaining. I'm happy I watched. ⛵

Karoline Queennest : we’ll see

Miles Davis : This was so funny can't wait for Amy Schumer to steal it.

Conner Cox : This kind of video and animation is hilarious keep this up

Kun Feng : Yeah, last time I was on spirit, the fight was delayed 8 hours, they said their was a "maintenance issue" so they had to get a different plane. In that case, it would have literally been faster to just rent a car and drive from Detroit to Baltimore.

Matthew O'Brien : My god janice' animation is gold.

Christian Hunter : At least he didn’t get dragged out of the plane...

Spotastic : The thumbnail explained it all...

Ashley ASMR : LOL I only flew on Spirit once.....that was enough!

Warrior4Jesus71 : Got Jesus in these shooting scary times? We must accept Jesus before Death gets Us to make it to Heaven. Got Jesus?

B E Dorset : Was the audience drunk?

DellPickles : "Motel 6 of the sky" very accurate comparison

Ani the arctic fox : I kinda figured considering it is named after an alcoholic drink.

Argy Bargy : Janice is on drugs...

Joshua Wong : Way too many laugh tracks

a n y p r a x : that was really good. you should do more of these

Verona Gajtani : #1 ON TRENDING!!!!

Brandon Haarp : There is nothing at all different about Spirit Airlines from any other airline. I've been on all of them and I think they're "pretty much" all the same unless you fly 1st class. Isn't spirit the same prices as the other airlines? I believe it is! Otherwise I would fly Spirit every time if it were a noticeable price cut difference.

9th wonder : Who is here before 300 million?✋

Matthew Jim : Wait a second.. is that canned laughter or.. what's actually going on?