Droop Snoot

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That'sWhatSheSaid : Narrator: The snoot drooped. Me, an intellectual: The snote drope.

PrOJeCt X-13 : Ask your doctor if viagra is right for your drooped snoot

Bluenody : So if the plane crashes, does that mean the droop snoot just got booped?

Kermit Cohen : I never thought I would see a meme about the concorde, but now I think we need more concorde memes

Jimmy McJimface : And then god said "Let the snoot droop" and the snoot drooped

ButtaNToast : in all my days of seeing snoots and droops, that's the droopiest snoot ive ever seen.

Bas Mulder : Leave it to engineers to make brilliant names.

KomandantMirko : this sounds like a seinfeld gag. "jerry the snoot droops" -"the snoot droops?" "it droops jerry" "it's a droopy snoot"

UnfriendlyZone : How much droop would a droop snoot snoot, if a droop snoot could snoot droop?

blingking501 : When you see a penny on the floor

ABananaPeel : "droop snoot" "droop snoot?" "the snoot would droop" "the snoot drooped" Got it

Nate Harrison : boop the snoot

Xander Farrell Animations : The narrator sounds so bewildered -- I love it.

Deadpool : When the doctor says you have only 12 seconds left to live

Rymdstoft : quality meme

leon ali : the snoot drooped.

sendmtomars : i want to boop that drooped snoot

lawrence : I knew this would happen after I saw it on vox. 10/10

Ned Innis : Welcome to the Instant Regret Playlist, enjoy your stay.

Andrew Lipscomb : Take a closer look at that snout

Wild_ Rush123 : the droop snoot drooped when the snoot was supposed to droop but didn't droop as the snoot was drooped already though it still tried to droop the snoot of the droop snoot

Murican Bros : if its a snoot, you better be damn sure im gonna boop it

Antonluisre : We need more Concorde memes

me mo : The Concorde..I had to write about this for engineering class not too long ago. It's a retired British/French supersonic place that's been around since I think the early 70s and hasn't been flown since 2005. It was the only one out of the two supersonic planes in the world that held passengers regularly. It has all of these interesting and unique characteristics that engineers had to figure out how to build it to fly faster than the speed of sound while remaining safe for passengers. It's actually quite fascinating. They put their tanks in the backside of the wings to balance it out, which is why they land awkwardly, which then resulted to them having to add the "droop snoop" feature for the reasons mentioned in the video.

Svenobi : Watching this video with a runny nose probably isn't the best idea.

Curly Tales : snoot dogggy dogggggy dog.... snooot dog

SigmaOne : When you let the engineers name stuff

seagull : The concorde featured / A droop snoot, droop snoot, the snoot / Would droop, the snoot drooped it's a haiku...

Joel Benoit : instant meme material

Cheesepuff : The snoot drooped.

Puppet Planet : This is quite the tribute to Dr. Suese

Scathing Lemon : Don’t boop the droop snoot or the pilot will droop his poop.

The Unnamed User : “The snoot went droop” I’m dead 🤣

Average Xenomorph : subtitless

lievä autismi : The moment when the snoop droops

Chaerri : snoot snoot

cherrykoolaid : Like to boop the droop snoot that snoot the droop boop that droop the snoot that booped the droop snoot

yeetus feetus : a..... a drooop snoot. a droop snoot? *S U C C *

Hypεr : Snoopity doopity snoot snoot

Red Star : Watch at 0.5 speed

Ladondorf : I saw that Concord video before it became a meme.

Jan Schulte : Dope droop snoop dude

Dommoo2 : can i boop the drooped snoot

Dominoot : T H E S N O O T D R O O P E D


Ignored Advice Productions : Comments are even better XD

Roobley : get the droop snoot to do a loop - de - loop

SkinnyErectus : I have tumors now, I sincerely thank you.

pyritztube : Well, the snoot whould droop!

I Wanna Kashoot Myself : I can just imagine Skrillex in the plane’s cockpit saying “D-D-D-D-Droop the snoot”