Quickie: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Comments from Youtube

Joseph Iorio : No one hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans...

HOLD_THE_MAYO * : I love that he doesn't give a crap about offending anyone

Serena Celestine : That part with Rose really frustrated me too. SPOILERS All of the other fighters flying alongside them had crashed and died, but she only decides to butt in when it's Finn? When he actually had a chance to destroy them by sacrificing himself. Yet that means that all of the other Resistance fighters that had just died trying to shoot them down had now died for nothing. Thanks Rose. What a shitty character.

Pavan Kundur : According to Star Wars fans Star Wars was ruined in 1999 2012 2015 2017

Dolan Dark : Highlight: The Porg Sex scene Lowlight: Luke didn't suck the milk straight from the source

Sceptic Pit : Leia flying through space was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. I almost burst out laughing in the cinema.

Jack Woelper : Adam the only reason rose saved Finn is because he was stealing the art of kamikaze which only Asians(mainly Japanese) can only do

Schrodinger : That 70s show captures my feelings about this franchise perfectly: -"Oh I'm so excited about Star Whores" -"Fez man, it's 'Star Wars'" -"Oh... screw that!"

Vpmyta : I love how absolutely assblasted the fandom is on this movie

Lord Bung : No Adam you dont understand! You're not going to enjoy this movie by criticising the parts you hate, but by over-hyping the parts you love.

faid : Calls Star Wars "goofy, cheesy and overhyped"... Rates all the Lord of the Rings movies 10/10.

curios potato : when Finn was about to sacrifice himself for the greater good i'm like "Wow, finally, a moment of levity in this film, one of the main characters dies to save his friends." And then Rose does her thing and i hate this movie forever.

Recovery JCRO : The worst part was when the purple haired commander turned the ship around and conveniently destroyed the Order's entire armada. Like wow, why didn't we just start with that? Also how she kept everyone in the dark was stupid. And how they were conveniently next to a rebel planet.

Oh Jay : This felt less like a review and more like an angry rant towards rabid fans

Hector Rodriguez Jr. : I hope episode 9 takes place years later just so they have an excuse to recast Kylo Ren as Tommy Wiseau

Shaurya Singh : "I love movies too." - YourMovieSucksDOTorg

Ruben Cruz : Porgs are the key to all of this.

Amber Sweet : i loved the movie for what it was. a star wars movie. i loooved the scenes with Ren and Rey, because i ALWAYS ask "why doesnt anyone try TALKING to the bad guy"?? how pathetic Ren was was heartbreaking. i almost lost my shit at "p-please?" ALSO, can we PLEASE talk about the milk scene, and how creepily the sea cow looked at Rae?? *gag*

Pook W00t : The funny and sad thing about all of this is that I am even weirded out as someone who considers myself a '' Star Wars fanatic ''. I grew up with the original movies and have been a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE fan of Star Wars ever since, Mark Hamill as Luke is basically my childhood hero and I've obsessed way too much about some of the games and novels. But I really have no idea why people are acting so hyperbolic about these movies... I sorta enjoyed The Force Awakens as a popcorn movie, but didn't like Rogue One or The Last Jedi. But I don't act like a manchild about it........ I don't just inherently get excited or love everything Star Wars, and I don't get super ultra upset about something Star Wars being bad.

Patrik Ježek : "Don't fight what you hate, save what you love" sounds like something Jaden Smith would tweet.

seriouslyfuckutube : Star Wars has never been anything special in terms of story or character-arcs, so fanboys being so hurt about plot-holes and faulty character actions is why people make fun of them. as YMS says; you're going to watch a Star Wars movie, have reasonable expectations.

FoolishStrawberry : It was an enjoyable film however it was so nothingy. Nothing of value actually happened.

Sharper Rogue 20 : You know that if they didn’t show How Luke got his food, you would be asking how he survives and why they didn’t show a scene explaining it.

Duncan McKenzie : 5.5 is the number you are looking for.

Flame of Udûn : Disney peaked at Luke milking a four-titted alien sloth, they might as well stop making movies. They’re never gonna top that.

Dr. Ido's Hammer : Holy strawmen batmen

Lord Apache : I think you fundamentally misunderstand Star Wars fans' issues with the Disney movies.

In the Parks : Star Wars is overrated af.

Unseen Minecraft : Rogue One was good! You should see it!

WarDuck Tank Co. : "We are not gonna win this war by fighting what we hate; we have to save what we love" Perfect line for a "that's not how (blank) works" meme

TheLindeN : don't shoot what you hate. Looks like Justin Trudeau wrote whole story for this movie.

Giustino Martinez : Careful with that "decent" at the beginning, Mauler might hear it and make another 8 hour podcast video saying why it's bad

Thunderclap421 _ : That's a shame, was hoping you would rip into the film, but you start off with "decent". Much disappoint, I love most of your other reviews, and judging from your reviews I assumed incorrectly. I'm quite surprised you call this film decent.

almightytallestred : To quote Mark Hamill: "It's just a movie."

CURLY FR1ED : I hope I get to meet you one day. I love your input on film it’s very unique and you bring up solid points. I’d love to talk film with you it would be a great conversation. Keep up the great work

Ano Nymous : I'm in general agreement with most of it; especially the first part about taking the movie way too seriously. In terms of "enjoyment" it's almost a 7/10 but it has way too many overused tropes to be considered anything special; but the "general story" was relatively original at least and not extremely predictable when looking at the big picture of it. I think the main advantage of the movie was that it wasn't too repetitive; every 5-10 minutes the pace and character of the movie would change. Granted, filled with tropes and stupid parts, but it wasn't easy to be totally bored, just a little bit; overall it's easily a 6 for me, then again, I'd rarely say something is <7 if it wasn't horrible.

bennies fried chicken : CGI/Animation/etc: 10/10 Story/Plot/etc: 5/10 Characters/Side characters/etc: 6/10 Sound/Other/etc: 8/10 Overall: 6-7/10

Laura Swiftfoot : this guy perfectly described my feelings for star wars as a whole

HaliniSnow : Plot Twist: Kylo Ren was Cool Cat all along

Rocky Pingale : Absolutely agreed, Star wars is overhyped, total garbage

Gadiel Gonzalez : Imma gonna leave a like just for the fact that you roasted the whole Star wars community. As much as I love the deeper Star wars lore in other media yeah the whole franchise is overrated to me. Right up there with Lord of the rings.

Misha : I agree on several points in this video. Star Wars is definitely overhyped, the Finn and Rose scene was easily the worst scene in the movie (and honestly Rose in general just completely brings the whole film down in my opinion), and the technical aspects of the film are well done. That being said, I feel like since you aren't a large fan of Star Wars (not to say that I am either), it's likely that is why you weren't so interested in the first half of the film, since maybe it's just that you aren't interested in the whole bringing back the Jedi aspect and like the whole Rebellion vs. First Order part of the trilogy more. In my opinion the first half is easily the strongest and I would give the movie a 9/10 if the entire thing was like it. In fact, I only had a few issues with it: The lack of scientific accuracy with the air lock issue you mentioned (and with Rose's sister, she was in a fucking ship that was open to space, how did she even breath?), the minion garbage that you mentioned that's only there to make money and subsequently how Chewbacca was made into a very stupid comedic side character, and how Rey didn't immediately explain to Luke why she was there since it took her several fucking days for Luke to even ask her who she was. However since it was not like the first half of the film, the second half really brings the movie down with stupid Purple haired lady, the Casino scene, Rose, Snoke (although I think his character being not very well developed is a mistake on the first trilogy film and not this one, unfortunately) and the Rebels vs. First Order fight that happens at the end of the film. In my opinion the movie is a solid 7-8/10 but man, it's a shame that the second half brings it down so much.

Ramen Noodles : Cool Cat the Fur awakens coming to a Bullys Diner near you

Adam Miller : Finn and Rose literally kiss as the Resistance base is blowing up in the background, that shit was hilarious.

Joseph Iorio : The reason Phasma has exclusive armor is because her armor is made of a rare material: Chromium. It was used on the vessel yacht of The emperor and she tore the armor off herse- I’m a goddamn nerd

Super Kang : https://youtu.be/9QJRw56cOVw

Josiah Baughman : You're not a star wars fan I get and you are right that this franchise a really over-hyped film series and even I a massive star wars fan can see that I am glad you enjoyed the movie, and even though I loved the shit out of it your honesty gets a like from me.

Drachona The Wolf : You don't have to be an obsessed fan to think that this film had a lot of problems. If I didn't hope that a movie would surprise me and go a new, more interesting direction, then I wouldn't watch new movies.

Cesar Gonz : Your "save what you love" rant gave me life.