Quickie: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Dolan Dark : Highlight: The Porg Sex scene Lowlight: Luke didn't suck the milk straight from the source

Flick Connection : Only 1:09 in and I already agree 100%.

vincent cheng : Buuut Adddddam Daisy Ridley is a qt pa tooti

Schrodinger : That 70s show captures my feelings about this franchise perfectly: -"Oh I'm so excited about Star Whores" -"Fez man, it's 'Star Wars'" -"Oh... screw that!"

Corthmic : Adam: I'm going to rant about how Star Wars fans take this too seriously! *Netflix makes a shitty Deathnote movie* Adam: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

SonicHaXD : Kylo tits XD

Matthew Marn : I know what Star Wars is and I love it anyway. I want to love a man the way I love Star Wars.

Jack Woelper : Adam the only reason rose saved Finn is because he was stealing the art of kamikaze which only Asians(mainly Japanese) can only do

Charles Laine : Rose character's only purpose was to give exposition on humanity's ills... 1)animal cruelty 2)child labor 3)war profiteering 4)give peace a chance. Thanks for preaching to me Star Wars.

Sceptic Pit : Leia flying through space was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. I almost burst out laughing in the cinema.

BattleUp Saber : 0:03 Huh, i didn't know that Daddy Derek is directing Episode 9. Very bold and subversive choice by Lucasfilm!

Stalin : I think you're misunderstanding why people dislike this movie. It's because of the way it handles the pre existing characters. It's not just a "bad star wars movie," it's a movie that undermines a lot of the original characters. And yeah, star wars has a ton of flaws, but that doesn't justify this movie making it worse.

Aron Örn : Well fuck you too man Don't try to make me realize that the most important thing in my life is a overly dramatic space opera that's been eating up my money for decades, I want to get angry and rant about it rather then trying to be responsible.

EveryoneHasMyNames : I'm gonna be honest, I enjoyed the movie. I'm a huge Star Wars fan and admittedly I know I've put the films on a pedestal all my life. However, I know the movies are stupid, I love stupid movies and clever ones alike I guess. Star Wars is something I hold sentimental to me so I'm going to like it, I saw at least half the flaws Adam pointed out in the movie and outright joked about it mid-film, but I had fun. I actually set myself away from the discourse and whatevers of the Star Wars fandom because one, I really hate fandoms and two, they spoiled episode seven and made any important events in that movie harder to be surprised about. Honestly I don't know why I'm writing this but I guess I just wanted to say I agree with a lot of that but I had a lot of fun, partially due to nostalgia and partially because I don't mind cheesiness I guess.

Serena Celestine : That part with Rose really frustrated me too. SPOILERS All of the other fighters flying alongside them had crashed and died, but she only decides to butt in when it's Finn? When he actually had a chance to destroy them by sacrificing himself. Yet that means that all of the other Resistance fighters that had just died trying to shoot them down had now died for nothing. Thanks Rose. What a shitty character.

Lord Bung : No Adam you dont understand! You're not going to enjoy this movie by criticising the parts you hate, but by over-hyping the parts you love.

brwi1 : Know it all women, men with stupid ideas, goofy animals, marvel jokes and slow moving spaceships

AttractionAddict : Star Wars is overrated af.

Silly Cthulhu : I wish I could like this a thousand times over. Decent movie, cancerous fandom. It's like the current Rick and Morty fandom at this point.

TwoPairSA : The first minute of this video is the most cathartic thing I've heard in a while. And I've needed that all week since I work with an office of dorks who won't shut up about Star Wars.

Stix N' Stones : Watch Spaceballs instead.

Recovery JCRO : The worst part was when the purple haired commander turned the ship around and conveniently destroyed the Order's entire armada. Like wow, why didn't we just start with that? Also how she kept everyone in the dark was stupid. And how they were conveniently next to a rebel planet.

Deklin Lunsmann : Not sure if you'll see this of if anyone else has said this, but whatever. Apparently the reason that the Porgs are a thing is because that was the best way to deal with the Puffin birds that kept getting into the scenes. Since you can't just keep them away or remove them from scenes, the film team just did some CGI effects over them to make them into aliens so that it made sense. EDIT: Oh, and Luke became one with the Force at the end due to actually dying, like Obi-Wan and Yoda.

P-Tashna : It was an enjoyable film however it was so nothingy. Nothing of value actually happened.

Vpmyta : I love how absolutely assblasted the fandom is on this movie

Daedhart : I just want my KotOR remake, brah...

eff-fume : People always seem to forget that Star Wars always was kinda dumb and cheesy.

Pook W00t : The funny and sad thing about all of this is that I am even weirded out as someone who considers myself a '' Star Wars fanatic ''. I grew up with the original movies and have been a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE fan of Star Wars ever since, Mark Hamill as Luke is basically my childhood hero and I've obsessed way too much about some of the games and novels. But I really have no idea why people are acting so hyperbolic about these movies... I sorta enjoyed The Force Awakens as a popcorn movie, but didn't like Rogue One or The Last Jedi. But I don't act like a manchild about it........ I don't just inherently get excited or love everything Star Wars, and I don't get super ultra upset about something Star Wars being bad.

Beforethestorm : The film was pretty awful. Poor writing throughout. Bad pacing, a poorly conceived plot, terrible character and story development. It was a convoluted amalgamation of Empire Strikes back and Return of the Jedi. Also the all to obvious social justice nonsense was pretty insufferable. Rose was a terrible character with some of the worst dialogue I've seen in a film in some time. Purple haired vice admiral was a terrible leader. The film had some pretty shots, and also decent music from Williams and that's about the end of the positives. I thought TFA was ok with some potential despite it's flaws. I disliked Rogue one for having some truly boring characters and I disliked The Last Jedi. Disney's Star Wars movies are clearly not for me. They seem more for the Marvel crowd/ modern film goer. If you liked the Disney films so far, there will be many me to come. If you're agree with my assessment, tough luck.

rjlolatte1 : So people opinion on the porgs are pretty mixed. Some think they are cute and some think its a money grab to sell toys (it kinda is) but the porgs actually serve a purpose. The island that they used to film on was a nature preserve with a shit ton of puffins then couldnt be moved (by law). It would cost a lot to digitally remove them so they created the porgs to paste them over the puffins in post. I honestly like the porgs more now because of that. its a creative way to solve a problem and make more money

Macros20 : I agree with Adums points about the hype, I went into this film not expecting much (even as a Star Wars fan) and got what I wanted and then some. To me the film was engaging and had some really great moments despite some misshaps along the way (e.g. Rose and Holdo, especially Holdo). Overall people need to just calm the fuck down about Star Wars.

AlexTheBat 901 : 0:23-1:23 I think you've just hit the nail so hard on the head, you've broken the hammer.

Kristoph Glez : I like rouge one better!!!

Jack Mumey : I thought that it was going to be ok but not great. I watched the movie to find out it was great (for me at least). I didn’t like the Porgs or the Finn/Rose stuff but the rest was ok to great. A 3.5 To a 4 out of 5 for me.

- ROZZIRAKI : Adam, Luke didn't decide to die the amount of force energy needed to pull off his force projection was so great it killed him. P.S. love your videos

Stix N' Stones : I really don't get the hype around these movies. They're just a pointless continuation of a trilogy that already had a decent conclusion. They have some good qualities, but If you think they're going to be reach the quality of the originals, then you are delusional.

Pranay : holy shit thank you! people take this shit way more seriously than they need to and have their nostalgia goggles glued on

alxrocks226 : I love yms, but it's kind of ironic how he disses Star Wars fans so hard for wanting the movie to be great, but made an hour video freaking out about the new death note movie.

Simple Man1 : Adum made a video? It's a Christmas miracle! Have a great day everybody, best wishes, happy Holidays ;)

TheAtmosfear7 : My expectations wee low enough already but for me the movie was over once Finn and Rose survived that spaceship kamikaze thing even tho the entire landing bay was on fire. Yeah sure. Also : the airlock situation ; or the fact that Rey swings a laser sword like a Jedi master even tho she’s handled those like twice so far

ASoBi Skylocke : I’m not an overprotective Star Wars nerd, but in recent times when telling somebody that I like Star Wars, it feels like I’ve just admitted to a guilty pleasure or something embarrassing like that

Flyboy™ : I'm a huge Star Wars fan and love the expanded universe. To me, any movie made past 2005 is fan fiction. Honestly who cares at this point lol

TheFirstNoel : 3:03 why is everyone hating on porgs. There was a justified reason they were added in the movie. The island they filmed on was home to so many puffins and they were visible in many shots, so they had to find some way to cover it up.

IllCaesar : I adore Star Wars and went in with low expectations. I thought that TFA was serviceable but otherwise unnecessary. I assumed the worst for this one because of the even bigger hype train. I assumed that Luke Skywalker would be ruined. I assumed that every predictable, uninspired fan theory would come into fruition. And I was wrong. The Last Jedi doesn't allow thirty years of rabid fanboyism get in the way of making a good film. The film is a genuine sequel to the actual original trilogy and what actually stuck with people at the time. Its a love letter too the original trilogy and a middle finger to the mindless monetization of every frame of the movies that got us action figures of the alien that has that 50s' diner. Of course the people who got wrapped up in the extended universe hated it, the film calls it out as the trash it is. Well, except for the actual thoughtful contributions to the old EU, which it manages to incorporate into the film in clever ways. The Last Jedi isn't a love letter to "Star Wars" as a property, its a love letter to the story told in the original trilogy and its characters. It doesn't care about Luke's lightsaber, X-Wings or the fish people from Mon Calamari, it cares about the relationships between an aimless Tattooine farm boy and his mentors. It doesn't care about your fan theories as to who's whatever seemingly important thing is or your arbitrary ideas of what the force can do. It loves the original trilogy but wants the property to grow past that. If you wanted pandering and more of the same this movie is a giant middle finger. Its also a spiteful middle finger to anybody who said TFA was too identical to A New Hope. Its a middle finger to all the window dressing of the property. All it cares about is the emotional core of the original trilogy and anything trying to carry on in its spirit, not its aesthetic. I am amazed that this script actually was greenlit by Disney.

Iff : don't watch rogue one

PeeJay : "Don't fight what you hate, save what you love" sounds like something Jaden Smith would tweet.

Crunk Playa69 : What do Star Wars fans want? Why do they hate this movie? It's easy. Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic I and II both prove that a Star Wars story without giant walking tanks, a naive and starry eyed protagonist, giant space battles, super doomsday weapons, and unpredictable but convincingly amazing Star Wars stories without the overdone cliches ARE POSSIBLE!!! That's what the fans fucking want. Man, for a guy whose favorite film is Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain, you'd acknowledge that the boundaries of film are virtually limitless, however your thought process here is small and very contradictory. A good Star Wars film is not impossible, you act like the fans are demanding the universe.

MonsPubitorium : Quite condescending to those that enjoy the story/world/lore/characters. I suppose we can't all be into deep works of art like Nirvana the Band the Show. I realize you have no real interest in it, but to act as if it should have the same lack of value to the rest of us gives you a nice douche vibe. People are invested because of the original cast and their stories. The Luke in this movie, is not the Luke of the original trilogy. Luke taking on the Empire and the Emperor and not giving in to the dark side with barely any training as a Jedi, while redeeming his father, is not the same man who has a second hallucination and lights up his light saber to kill his flesh and blood nephew, then leave a detailed map in the first movie so that the cast could find him and he could act like a whiny nihilistic bitch. If you're not interested in the story, hey, good on you. Try not to shit on those of us that do though, really in poor taste. You've lost a sub, not because of your opinion of the movie (I don't mind if you loved it, or hated it), but for the snarky, condescending, and almost disgusted tone you took in talking about those of us that were looking forward to a good movie and being disappointed when some of us felt they destroyed the characters. I'm not really even that into Star Wars, but the nerd comments, particularly considering your interests and opinions are not only hypocritical, but immature as well.

La Reconquista : We get it, you don't care about Star Wars.

BATMAN : Disney didn’t kill SW. SW fans killed SW