Introvert Abandoned with No Money in Thailand for 24 Hours!!

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Erica Aguirre : My introverted ass would have cried at the first rejection. I’m proud of you Tiddy!

Lashan : This Abandoned episode was a lot better filmed than the other ones 😅 I guess that's expected when the guy doing it is editing the video as well

Rosie : This was so inspiring, but I still don't think I could do anything like that 😂

Good vibes : Any Introverts around, hit 👍.... I am one

Cruz Moreno : Can they make a 24 hour where when they ask people they can't mention that they are from yes theory or that their friends challenged them I feel like that makes it easy basically what I'm saying is almost like being a homeless person with a camera because when they say they are from yes they or friends challenged them they will immediately get treated differently

CZsWorld : I knew I shouldn't have applied to be a Yes Theory editor.

Who1235 : Goes to a different country and only speaks to tourists

Dess : I’m an introvert with social anxiety and the reason why I watch Yes Theory is to “experience” how they live spontaneously because I feel like I can never do what they do. After watching this it made me realize that maybe I can push myself to be a little more social and open to new adventures.

Stephanie Mueller : You guys should do Abandoned in New York City for 24 hours. Even though you all speak the language here, New Yorkers are so often stereotyped as being unfriendly and only caring about themselves. Could be a great opportunity to prove the stereotype wrong and spread Yes Theory’s message over on the East Coast!

John Balce : Without your editor... *...Yes Theory is nothing.*

LeonTV : You guys srsly became my role models :D

xTyRex0 : **sees a white guy** **ASKS**

Inflake : Thomas sounds like the guy narrating the video lmao😂 #trippy

Sithu Aung : Kind of upset you didn't reach out to any locals to really get a true Bangkok experience. There's a good portion of locals that speak English and it could've been quite interesting.

NoooUGH : I think it's funny when a big group of extroverts think they know what an introvert it. "oh, they're shy and don't like talking to people." hahahahah

Peek Aboo : He lived his best life without money

Sara N. : That's the most I've seen TD talk

Stella Wright : Any other fellow introverts here?

Mockingjayvia : What about a girl trying the challenge?

Jood Ali : When TD is literally the most relatable

stressed out turtle : If Matt and Ammar had a baby together it would look like TD

Kevin Montoya : I know it would have been the ultimate discomfort for an introvert and first-time “abandonee” to ask help from the locals (cos yes, generally, they hardly speak English there which is not a bad thing). But, I wish he tried at least once as it would have been really good if it’s the people of the host country who showed some kindness. Still a great show though! Impeccable editing and ofcourse, having TD getting abandoned and as the main character of the video is something NEW from Yes Theory.

Frank Tavarez : what is the line between doing something that makes you uncomfortable to improve as a person and something that is potentially dangerous?

brier cupp : I'd be too scared to ask and get rejected, I'd end up walking the streets all night until I'd pass out from exhaustion

Max Mustermann : Whaaaat 1.9 Mil ??? Since when :0 I thought you still have 500k (been watching since 120k approximately. Keep in up guys!

Connor Lipke : This was a lot better than most of the other videos in general. Having someone with editing experience do all the filming made this super cinematic. Felt like I was watching Casey Neistat tbh.

Gaming X Pert : I couldn't even talk to the camara😂

CorinnaxSophia : It was amazing to see someone with the same social struggles and weirdness. Thanks a lot for this episode!

Sweet Creature : Ok who else started cracking up when he said Tiddy😂.....just me..ok.(no offence)lol

TWD98 : 9:54 Nice

Dur - : I can see Finland, but Thailand... Jeez...

Rajan Tamang : Please throw a dart at world map. And go there

Rtdslayer : Spend a day with a pornstar

Tillysnow1 : Considering he can't just drink water from a tap in such a hot country, this definitely would be the hardest challenge. However, the number of tourists certainly does help for the daytime activities

FUZZY CHASHER08 : Abondanded with no money at Indonesia and asking the local

Tech Balloon : Yes theory has the best content on YouTube!

CorinnaxSophia : On the yes-theory fb-group a lot of people post pictures of when they've met the yes-theory crew... I would be too afraid to even talk to them. 😅 I mean: what to say? Would an easy "hi" be awkward? What if there's a weird silence? My thoughts are like constantly there 😅

Chalen : this is awesome

Ben Landry : What is TD's recommendations after doing the adventure to introverts?

Yusimitsu GT : Im an *Introvert* - Are you too? Im becoming to learn how to interact to people. Not to be too shy infront of alot of people and talking to random people. Great!

MaEsTrO10 : *Road to 2M subs you guys truly deserve it.....**#Yestheoryfam*

Lainee Foester : I'm not even sure you'll ever see thus but here it goes. So I was watching one of your older videos (sharing your biggest insecurities in public) and I'd thought I'd share the story of my 8th grade poetry slam spoken word. What you have to understand is, I'm not big on sharing emotion, even with my family. If I do share, it's typically lighthearted and positive. Therefore, I had no intention of performing a spoken word I wrote titled "Fear". But the night before my class slam, I was listening to my favorite artist, NF, and thought to myself, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to do it right. So I went back, and revised this spoken word and worked on how I was going to perform it all night. They next day, I basically told my whole class my greatest fear. But I won. Then came the hard part. Since I had won my class slam, I was not only going up against 25 other really good poems, but was also telling !y whole grade my biggest fear. My fear of failure. It was nerve racking, but I'm really glad I did it. I even ended up winning the whole slam! So here a link to the video, though the first line "One of the biggest obstacles in life is fear" is cut off. I hope you enjoy!

NonExisting : The title changed, Why?

vin diesel : 8:07 imagine he leaves the camera on the floor and someone passes by and steals it

XxAbel-AxX : I stayed inside my home playing games all summer because I am a introvert.

Kevin Li : Yes theory fuels my life. All the good vibes

Logan McCarl : TD is great with the camera

Hermine H : he is lucky! Most asian people are so nice! and polite! And they are all for sharing food! I went on exchange, and where I lived there were a lot of asian people (thailand, china, korea, vietnam, ..) and they would always offer me some of their food to share + I also follow several travel vloggers, and what I noticed is that they got offered free food a lot when in an asian country--- did not watch the video yet, but I would be surprised if it would get very hard for him

Kengis King : There is no way to anyone to survive in Lithuania for 24 hours and get all these things like breakfast, I personally think that it is just imposible

Arnold Schäfer : Lol im weird i dont like going to/too lazy to go to big events, but i have no problem talking to strangers although i judge people really hard based on their first mood when i see them... I dont know if im introverted or extroverted(is this even the right spelling? English isnt my mother tongue) , maybe im just weird...