Tia Cat Bongo

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stacey mcanally : The *original* bongo cat

KyleFromStl : This is a way to massage your cat.

Ernő Bakk : Is this cat BDSM?

izzo : Haha you even have a spanking bench!

Vic : Spank that pu- I mean funny video haha!

Gaboardi Mia : 00:55 MeAwE WoT Da FuCh

Robert Yesso : squish that cat

Do You Even Read, Bro? : I’ve always said this, cats like it rough

neobugs : The real bongo cat

gemesil : The cat is now probably dead for years.

Fist name Last name : Lol WTH

nightlight. : meow

riina92 : Alot of cats enjoy this very much. My cat too! :)

d100965 : Absolutely not. No. Not at all. Not in any way.

Josh L : He slaps it once at 0:56 and it goes MEOOOW. Lol look at it's face.

KonichiwaKowgirl : Somewhere someone is claiming animal abuse, lol. You can tell how much she likes it by the way she kneads her paws :)

Scott Forster : She likes it hardcore don't she?

themadcatlady : oh, she does like it very rough, hahah. 0:57 LOL

Melissa Rasmussen : Kitty likes it rough...lmao.

thursday : Cats are friggin' weird. Spank 'em around a bit, feed 'em earwax. They love it.

d100965 : Seal Point Birman named Schnapps

Harshavardhan Pantula : Is that a ragdoll or a birman in the background?