My homemade anvil

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Tuomas Soikkeli : More info: Ps. I used four 2mm cut of wheel ( and two left over discs ) and one 1mm disc

МихалычTV или своими руками : Супер!

426 SUPER BEE : Yep the best steel there is, is rail road steel! IT MAY LOOK EASY WHAT HES DOING! BELIEVE ME HES WORKING HIS ASS OFF ON IT!

Джаффяр Шаяхметов : Красавчик

Karts and Cameras : 10,000 cutting wheels later you have a very cool anvil

Andrew Nelson : My 8 year old son and I just watched this video together, and when it was done, he looked over at me with an awesome expression on his face and said "Wow!!" You created a beautiful piece of art to create MORE beautiful pieces of art on!! Wow!!

quadsman11 : Great job on your anvil ! I am paralyzed from my shoulders down, and have been trying to get my railroad track anvil finished for almost 18 years ! Darn determined ! So your video has been a great inspiration to get mine done ! Thanks ! And nice touches on your video also by the way !

workwillfreeyou : Awesome job. What coffee do you drink? I want to get some for my employees.

Дмитрий Белозеров : Рельс какой то пластмассовый))

Karts and Cameras : I bet your hands are numb after all that grinding

José Otárola : Muy buena idea te felicito amigo mio con tu permiso te copiare la idea .lo bueno siempre ay que imitar ere un capo

Thanos : Светлый ум и золотые руки! Молодец!

Алексей Иванов : Класс! Пойду Р65 пиздану пару метров. Наковален нахуярю.

Matías schmidt : Muy bueno!!! Felicitaciones!!!!

Indiana Off-road : Not sure how someone could give this a thumbs down.... That was perfect... Great job and video...

makita : Very cool idea. I happen to have a section of track about that same size...Definitely gonna make me one !! Love it..!!!

Casey Bryan : You need to put more metal of it so it absorbs more of the force the heavier the better

nik mos : Отлично!!!!!

jeverettrulz : you sir, are good with an angle grinder....

MALNATT 17 : GRANDEEEE!!!!!!!!! Ottimo lavoro 😉👍👍👍👍👍🔝🔝

Насибула Тактаров : Художественное исполнение.!(сувенир).Молодец!

Зауэр Сергей : хирачил бы тогда надфилем,на худой конец напильником.только болгарку мучить.

Woodsman Whitesmith : BEAUTIFUL !! and you have some serious grinder skills Brother ..

bruce sannino : Excellent work. I was a gunsmith, I know practised metal work when I see it. All that detail and attention to appearance will give you a lot of satisfaction fifty years from now.

Brice Larie : Find good round headed old or vintage forged nails is quite a quest ... I keep all of them from broken old doors coming from house I re-built . Put some oil when you drill steels helps a bit ... A piece of art, that will stand pride a while .

John Hammack : You are a grinding fool there feller... nice job.. really like the outcome.. i have a piece of railroad track just about the same size... not sure if i have the ambition to grind that much...

Конопелько Николай : Молодец!!!

Flávio Véra : Sensacional!!!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Ozel Gulec : that is art ! Me and You both know that if you buy a anvil it will cost lot cheaper but the point is "making" it and giving effort. When you look at it or when you use it you will say thats my effort and job :) Good Work ! I subs. to your channel

정지우 : Where have you been in my life... just found you and am bingeing through every video

Jericho Arroyo : That's some great skills right there!

Manuel Corbo : después que se inventó la amoladora todo es posible muy buen trabajo amigo te felicito

Closdmon1400 : This dude was a welders helper cuz he works that grinder like a champ!! Good work

357MagnumPlinkster Society : Fantastic but all I can think is ... How many discs?

Woanders One : It was a pleasure to watch this. Awesome work. I would love to find a piece of a railroad track too. Keep it up mate.

Arava Glam : Great video!!! Highly recommend you on .They are looking for people who do DIY's in every field (especially if you do it as a hobby)

Darryl Bavington : Very Clever idea as Anvil's are extremely expensive here in Australia as some cost over $1,000

ay_svoboden Svoboda : Хорошая работа. Молодец!!!

PacoWang : Beautiful! But I know sir you could have made that entire anvil with just a Dremel

Daniel Brinlee : That is a s*** ton of grinding but looks awesome man!

Gabi Fodorras : Wau ...fantastic ...big like !

doggirl211 : I think this is amazing! I'm jealous of your skill with the grinder, I'm always a little afraid when I use mine, which keeps me from getting better with it. This is definitely inspiring, great job!!

Roger Vaillant : Great job... bosch makes a good

Armando Júlio : muito bom trabalho parabéns!!!

Darren Brooks : Great job. Anyone else think of Benny Hill during the hammering bits?

Jason Dykstra : Very good with the grinder though👍🏻

رجل شرقي : good job....Godspeed.

mypintofview : Awesome! It´s the idea....

Shaji K : Super 👌

Roller Coaster : Wow dude I'm impressed, great job