My homemade anvil

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quadsman11 : Great job on your anvil ! I am paralyzed from my shoulders down, and have been trying to get my railroad track anvil finished for almost 18 years ! Darn determined ! So your video has been a great inspiration to get mine done ! Thanks ! And nice touches on your video also by the way !

pjsalchemy : Beautiful Job Toumas! Your skill with an angle grinder never ceases to amaze me. Great work on the base too! Thanks for sharing. ~PJ

Matthew Desmond : Fantastic but all I can think is ... How many discs?

abid hussain : Dumbest anvil maker found!!!

SMOOTH CRIMINAL1 : Great video. I didn't know what an anvil was before this video. Now I'll appreciate one more after seeing all the hard work that goes into it.

Bert Gordon : Great project. I like to see how others do things. If all you have is a grinder and basic tools it's amazing what you can achieve. Keep the projects rolling.

Barry Desmond : Will make me self one but being a track welder think I will get the cutting torch out to cut the bulk of the metal off first great job as said before lot of grinding when you could have cut chunks of metal off first great job

Oci007 : parabéns pelo seu trabalho ficou perfeita.😀

Bergson Bruno Lima Pinto Bruno : Top VÍDEO

vampyrew0lf : This vid would have been 100% better without the grinder noise. It simply isnt necessary. Good creation otherwise!

Mix Hobby : wow amazing

Armando Júlio : muito bom trabalho parabéns!!!

Bukory Matt : Much better than the store sell

Lucky Forge : And this is how the great grinding wheel shortage of 2017 began... Just kidding. Looks great.

Manuel J. Reyes : I want one, if you ever want to sell it let me know 😀

Rodolfo Moraes : Super.

Life, The Universe and other Crap with MOOCH : Nice

николай М : Думал,что сверлить тоже болгаркой будет....

youtube youtube : Neat

mypintofview : Awesome! It´s the idea....

Brown Dog : that turned out really nice, as a welder, i hate grinding but now i think i might have to find some track.

Gmon3y 142 : The obligatory DIY music

Darren Brooks : Great job. Anyone else think of Benny Hill during the hammering bits?

Woody : Very nice well done

Ian Thompson : Superb and i really enjoyed watching that. Well done Sir

JOHNBOY : Well done that’s brilliant

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar : that's very beautiful anvil

Roller Coaster : Wow dude I'm impressed, great job

바아앙 : 장비빨 쥑이네~~ 굿~~~

Jose Edmundo Ramírez Chávez : MUCHA CHINGA

xtra Large : Fuckin hard work...

MALNATT 17 : GRANDEEEE!!!!!!!!! Ottimo lavoro 😉👍👍👍👍👍🔝🔝

ТЕХНО ЛОГИН : первоклассная работа. сам давно хочу обзавестись😀💪💪💪

Tig hand Wilson : Very nice work!

Lac Dom : Bravo l'artiste

Eloy Workshop : Very very very good

jdawhl3927 : Great work. Have an old piece of track laying around so thinking of giving it a try. What different types of grinding discs did you use?

Alex Bowie : love it!

The Woods Man Flintlocks Long Rifle/Vintage : Excellent travail !!!!!!!

Claudio Lagos : buen video like dado

mostafa haydar : Veri good men

Vir HU : Good job! 👍👍👍

Benamoud Mohamed : جميل

Mario Corrias : O trovato il faccio..😎😁😉

Cato Kids : You are a master.

lnesland : Excellent work. Wanting to make one for myself. Thanks for sharing.

J Day : Is there a rod you can put in the center of the bat to reinforce it? Maybee just where the handle is.

Mario Garcia : Plasma

Bruce Morris : Looks good man.

Fernando Salas : I think I'll do the same but where can I get a railroad track? I can imagine Amtrak making announcement ladies n gentleman we have a major delay. We seem to b missing a piece of a RAILROAD TRACK!.