My homemade anvil

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Jericho Arroyo : That's some great skills right there!

lignum : Just wow! Beautiful!

workwillfreeyou : Awesome job. What coffee do you drink? I want to get some for my employees.

quadsman11 : Great job on your anvil ! I am paralyzed from my shoulders down, and have been trying to get my railroad track anvil finished for almost 18 years ! Darn determined ! So your video has been a great inspiration to get mine done ! Thanks ! And nice touches on your video also by the way !

Thom Graham : Great job! That turned out nice.

Matthew Desmond : Fantastic but all I can think is ... How many discs?

LuKa Mushkudiani : video is super . wish you 100 000 000 subs. :3

hamid d : Nice job

vampyrew0lf : This vid would have been 100% better without the grinder noise. It simply isnt necessary. Good creation otherwise!

Kopsu : Aivan pirun hieno!

Nitin Bhavsar : Excellent.I appreciate your work

Serjio ruben Gauna : un buen trabajo

Dilip Srinivas : Craftsmanship at its best !!!

jdawhl3927 : Great work. Have an old piece of track laying around so thinking of giving it a try. What different types of grinding discs did you use?

Antonio Garcia : vien echo amigo

Ty Kellerman : You are now a grinding expert nice job

Samm Karen : Nicely done video, good BGM, thanks for the hard work

gunnarw132 : god this guy must go through lot of discs.

Alex Tatarinov : I hope the train is not hurt! 8-)))

Elcio Elcio : muitas bom! parabéns!

Miguel Gerez : genio 👏👏

Miguel Gerez : muy bueno 👏👏

Claudiu Munteanu : nice job!!!!wow

Highpower X : BOSS!!

bennockley : Neat Job, Well done and thanks for Sharing

José só faz merda : God job , im portuguese

Justin Leo : I need one of those grinders!! Fuck mine 👎🏻

José Otárola : Muy buena idea te felicito amigo mio con tu permiso te copiare la idea .lo bueno siempre ay que imitar ere un capo

Marcelo lw9ezm : Excelente trabajo 👌👌👌👌

Mario Corrias : O trovato il faccio..😎😁😉

ذرب المعاني : Nice

Gills_Grills _And_Yaks : Damn buddy buy a torch..

Clas Clans : Meme aç

ASTON-MARTIN Wrocław : Beautiful work.

Eduardo Chiarello : nice 👏👏👏

Sukhjinder Kanda : nic work

Andrew Nelson : My 8 year old son and I just watched this video together, and when it was done, he looked over at me with an awesome expression on his face and said "Wow!!" You created a beautiful piece of art to create MORE beautiful pieces of art on!! Wow!!

Pekka Leskinen : On muuten pirun hieno alasin ja hyvin tehty video, tee lisää näitä

Адил Дауылбаев : Хорош лайк с меня

ProtProt : Non discuto sull'opera, ma sul modo di pezzo si muove in continuazione, non è tollerabile!

Mad Max : Bravo!!! Bella Cazzata!

Eduardo Coelho De Miranda : Molto bella. otimo lavoro.

Rick Rose : I have a piece of railroad iron about the size you started with, and I was thinking it was too stubby to use for a traditional anvil design. You have a much better eye than mine.

Karts and Cameras : 10,000 cutting wheels later you have a very cool anvil

Karts and Cameras : I bet your hands are numb after all that grinding

Ciccio Poleo : Bravo! Ottima idea!

Mario Corrias : Mostro...aaaaa

Néstor O. Pilotti : Exelent!!!.

Анатолий Русский : облизать забыл , дебил...

426 SUPER BEE : Yep the best steel there is, is rail road steel! IT MAY LOOK EASY WHAT HES DOING! BELIEVE ME HES WORKING HIS ASS OFF ON IT!