NOFX - My Orphan Year (Acoustic) [Myspace Transmissions]

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Kyle B : Fat Mike is one of the greatest songwriters ever, across all genres of music.

Ane Hamam : My father had dementia He lied in bed for months Once in a while he’d call me,and ask me to fly down I told him that I’d love to But I had things to do And so he died without his son I heard about it drunk after a show My mother battled cancer For over seven years I nursed her and I held her When time was running out The night before she left me I drank scotch all night And thanked her for everything she’d done Raising me alone wasn’t much fun So dad I can forgive you, but I’ll never forget, Months I wouldn’t see you and when I did You’d be out with your friends all night Alone and only nine I watched the outer limits Scared out of my mind I wonder if you felt the same The days before you died I wonder if you even knew Why I wouldn’t come around I bet if you had been there, There wouldn’t be this song 2006 goodbye parents For once, I'm sincere 2006 that was my orphan year

Kevin Rogerson : This song means so much to me. This is the song i was listening to when i got the phone call the my dad (that i hardly knew) was dying of cancer, unfortunately i only get spend 4 days with him before he passed. But, every time i listen to this song, i think of him.

Hylgar : i can understand this version is more dramatic for some because of the soft tunes, but the punk version has so much soul and anger that i almost burst to tears everyrime i hear it

Scruffy P : For once I am sincere. To hear that from fat mike you know he means business.

The_Dude : So sad..but Fat Mike is one of the best musicans ever...NOFX 4 Life!

Noot Tellingson : first time i have heard this song, and it totally made me cry 

luda210 : Whoever dislikes has no soul!

Stephy Nicole : my mom passed away when I was fifteen and my dad kicked me out two months later. lost them both in 2011.

Desmond Son aka cloud9savagehenry : goodbye Dad. Mom... please live forever. That's all i ask.

Poverty Gamer : right in the feels

Brandon Taylor : I always get chills listening to this

Trip Lucid : Deep personal song actually..not normally like NOFX but still dope

Steve Hirsch : Punk rock can bring tears to your eyes... This is proof...

entrando dalla finestra ci sto : SIMPLE AMAZING SONG

Jess Faught : You only respect him because his parents died? And people wonder why punk died

Nevik Cam : my mother is dead and my father is 77. I'm 40

Daniel Romero : First time hearing this. I did not expect this from NOFX. This put me in tears

Demon50 : You can tell Mike was holding back tears at the end of this song, definitely a lot of feels in this song.

melchizedekful : this lyrics are the one of most beautiful I have ever heard from a band playing punk rock most of the time. I recognised myself in it I do hope my son will not feel the same way when I dye...

Julian Rodriguez : This song made me Cry alot when I hear the worst news my grandpa is off the liver transplant list :'( I just thought about this song and it made me Tear up and Cry in the conference room

Zoecrimson DellaRocco : 2016.. that was.. My orphan year.

Acidburn91 : Wow this version is amazing

Chinny 92 : Right in the feels, everytime I listen to this it just makes me realise that my parents aren't as invincible as I like to think :/

Ollie Heart : love you mike ........hug ...

Jason Walton : Literally the most beautiful thing I've ever seen him do. Props.

Tom lowe : I can't listen to this sing without crying with you Mike!

Ed Alvey : Probably the most relatable song I've ever heard

Stefana Rancic : no comment..sad song..he is honestly

Armaan Ibrahim : "For once sincere" to hear that from Mike.. Damn.

STREETSWON : i love you fat mike

911Chrispy911 : wow I never heard this one.  shit...

Marty McFly : Poor Mike, never seen him look so sad

Syd Barrett : This song gives me all the feels

Sean Schenscher : tear jerker

iPhragU : Mike, I lost my dad to "something" last year. He literally disappeared. This song makes me feel like I'm reaching out to him. I know he's forever gone. But thank you for going there. You guys cover so many emotions that we ( my girl doesnt let me whiskey.) don't get to yell at this ignorant world.

TRUMP IS INCEST AND MENTALLY HANDICAPPED : 2016 ....america's orphan year

Joel Simão : I think the most important msg in this song is : no matter what turns life give you. never abandon your kids. each time I listen to this song, I remember my son and think that I need to be a good father to prevent that him, in 40 years from now, never writes a song like this.

Elduende Ramirez : Q buenn tema....joder tiooos

Mike Trapp : love it.

ffxivfingolfin : i wonder why he didnt use a decent guitar :) 

matthew thomas : 2018 broke, and 11 days in I got a call at 3 a.m. I didn't want to answer it, I knew it was bad before I touched the handset of the phone. My hand shook, as I picked up the land line, it rang and the green light of the called ID lit up my dark living room. My cousin Bridget's voice was on the other end, responding to my hello. The number on the caller ID was my parents, all she said was "It's Bridget sweetie, your dad's gone." It was a heart attack, it came out of the blue, I talked to my mom the previous morning and he was fine; everything was normal. I inherited the house, the land, my mom. My brother didn't seem to care. My life didn't change that day. My life didn't change because he was gone. I thought about it all night for three months after the service. I tried to cry, or miss him, but I couldn't. He wasn't there for me when I was young. He made no attempt to understand me, although he was from that flower generation. He hated that I was punk, but loved that I could play guitar....well bass, but guitar as well. He didn't really interact with me until I was 18/19 and he liked the band I was in. It made me feel like shit. Now, my life has changed, eleven months later. My mom hasn't, and I think I'm watching her die. The house, the land everything I got from them feels blighted. I didn't ask for this place; 10 acres and a view so nice I'm taxed for it. My mom, she didn't change, she didn't step up. It leaves me to wonder every night. Now, I sit and watch watch, and I know that I have been orphaned longer than I knew.

Trip Lucid : I will have my DAD die far away after he left my MA at age 70 & now he is 87 & she is 73..he left her & me on VERY BAD TERMS.. :-( ALMOST every-time I see even a "dead-beat Dad" on TV ..etc. say something brings tears to me eyes..cause I Love & Miss him but his BADNESS+ LACK of LOVE was WORSE! Sad that even despite his stealing from me {even though HE WAS RICH} & abandonment I STILL would LOVE TO SHARE TIE AGAIN...but even on the phone he bullies me + "tares me down" but still HE IS MY FATHER! Fuckin' A..

MAIS UM FILMES : Poderia ter um botão de repeat né @youtube

Tobias Malmborg : Woho, see you at bråvalla festival next year fat mike!

Warrior Portable Welding : great song and sincerity . use a shittier guitar next time so golfin will shut up. :guess he isn't a fan of sultans of swing. By the way that would be a cover for gimme gimme

John Jacob : God damn Mike. I heard this song for the first time tonight I know I'm catching up but I have to say it's one of them the most heartfelt things I've ever heard and most honest and I'm not used to that from you you have quite a mask that you wear. Anyway I wasn't ready for this and it sort of Hit me hard. I love ya Mike. A lot of people do. I know that can't make up for things, but hopefully it brings you some comfort.

Isaac Guerrero : Sang every word to this song it gets me every time.

Andrew Barker : Good song, whoops I od'd is a little better I believe tho

Cool Guy Zach : put on spotify plz