NOFX - My Orphan Year (Acoustic) [Myspace Transmissions]

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Kyle B : Fat Mike is one of the greatest songwriters ever, across all genres of music.

Ane Hamam : My father had dementia He lied in bed for months Once in a while he’d call me,and ask me to fly down I told him that I’d love to But I had things to do And so he died without his son I heard about it drunk after a show My mother battled cancer For over seven years I nursed her and I held her When time was running out The night before she left me I drank scotch all night And thanked her for everything she’d done Raising me alone wasn’t much fun So dad I can forgive you, but I’ll never forget, Months I wouldn’t see you and when I did You’d be out with your friends all night Alone and only nine I watched the outer limits Scared out of my mind I wonder if you felt the same The days before you died I wonder if you even knew Why I wouldn’t come around I bet if you had been there, There wouldn’t be this song 2006 goodbye parents For once, I'm sincere 2006 that was my orphan year

Kevin Rogerson : This song means so much to me. This is the song i was listening to when i got the phone call the my dad (that i hardly knew) was dying of cancer, unfortunately i only get spend 4 days with him before he passed. But, every time i listen to this song, i think of him.

Hylgar : i can understand this version is more dramatic for some because of the soft tunes, but the punk version has so much soul and anger that i almost burst to tears everyrime i hear it

Scruffy P : For once I am sincere. To hear that from fat mike you know he means business.

The_Dude : So sad..but Fat Mike is one of the best musicans ever...NOFX 4 Life!

Noot Tellingson : first time i have heard this song, and it totally made me cry 

John Dobbins : 2006.... I became a queer

Desmond Son aka cloud9savagehenry : goodbye Dad. Mom... please live forever. That's all i ask.

luda210 : Whoever dislikes has no soul!

Stephy Nicole : my mom passed away when I was fifteen and my dad kicked me out two months later. lost them both in 2011.

Poverty Gamer : right in the feels

Nevik Cam : my mother is dead and my father is 77. I'm 40


Jess Faught : You only respect him because his parents died? And people wonder why punk died

Steve Hirsch : Punk rock can bring tears to your eyes... This is proof...

Trip Lucid : Deep personal song actually..not normally like NOFX but still dope

Julian Rodriguez : This song made me Cry alot when I hear the worst news my grandpa is off the liver transplant list :'( I just thought about this song and it made me Tear up and Cry in the conference room

melchizedekful : this lyrics are the one of most beautiful I have ever heard from a band playing punk rock most of the time. I recognised myself in it I do hope my son will not feel the same way when I dye...

Acidburn91 : Wow this version is amazing

Ollie Heart : love you mike ........hug ...

Brandon Taylor : I always get chills listening to this

Stefana Rancic : no comment..sad song..he is honestly

iPhragU : Mike, I lost my dad to "something" last year. He literally disappeared. This song makes me feel like I'm reaching out to him. I know he's forever gone. But thank you for going there. You guys cover so many emotions that we ( my girl doesnt let me whiskey.) don't get to yell at this ignorant world.

Zoecrimson DellaRocco : 2016.. that was.. My orphan year.

Joel Simão : I think the most important msg in this song is : no matter what turns life give you. never abandon your kids. each time I listen to this song, I remember my son and think that I need to be a good father to prevent that him, in 40 years from now, never writes a song like this.

Elduende Ramirez : Q buenn tema....joder tiooos

Mike Trapp : love it.

ffxivfingolfin : i wonder why he didnt use a decent guitar :) 

Capodecamper : my dad does have dementia and i moved in with my mother for a year while she died of cancer...thank you fat mike for this :(

MAIS UM FILMES : Poderia ter um botão de repeat né @youtube

John Jacob : God damn Mike. I heard this song for the first time tonight I know I'm catching up but I have to say it's one of them the most heartfelt things I've ever heard and most honest and I'm not used to that from you you have quite a mask that you wear. Anyway I wasn't ready for this and it sort of Hit me hard. I love ya Mike. A lot of people do. I know that can't make up for things, but hopefully it brings you some comfort.

Trip Lucid : I will have my DAD die far away after he left my MA at age 70 & now he is 87 & she is 73..he left her & me on VERY BAD TERMS.. :-( ALMOST every-time I see even a "dead-beat Dad" on TV ..etc. say something brings tears to me eyes..cause I Love & Miss him but his BADNESS+ LACK of LOVE was WORSE! Sad that even despite his stealing from me {even though HE WAS RICH} & abandonment I STILL would LOVE TO SHARE TIE AGAIN...but even on the phone he bullies me + "tares me down" but still HE IS MY FATHER! Fuckin' A..

Daniel Romero : First time hearing this. I did not expect this from NOFX. This put me in tears

Warrior Portable Welding : great song and sincerity . use a shittier guitar next time so golfin will shut up. :guess he isn't a fan of sultans of swing. By the way that would be a cover for gimme gimme

Soldano999 : It turns ou fat mike can also make personal songs and not just bullshit about lesbians ! I'm not going to lie i cried when listening to this because i know that despite the fact he didn't like his father he still regrets not saying goodbye.

Demon50 : You can tell Mike was holding back tears at the end of this song, definitely a lot of feels in this song.

glen campbell : I like it for the music, dad lyrics...Viva la NOFX 🎸

Isaac Guerrero : Sang every word to this song it gets me every time.

Andrew Barker : Good song, whoops I od'd is a little better I believe tho

Tobias Malmborg : Woho, see you at bråvalla festival next year fat mike!

ToxicBBQ : 31 people still have parents.. apparently

pier085 : Big Mike

KAIJU FILM PRODUCTIONS : Right in the feels

Cool Guy Zach : put on spotify plz

Chinny 92 : Right in the feels, everytime I listen to this it just makes me realise that my parents aren't as invincible as I like to think :/

Jason Walton : Literally the most beautiful thing I've ever seen him do. Props.

John Dobbins : Now mike just takes it up the butt and wears pink tutus

Armaan Ibrahim : "For once sincere" to hear that from Mike.. Damn.

911Chrispy911 : wow I never heard this one.  shit...