Fighting Lion Is ACTUALLY Good

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Mtashed : Can I hire you to be my editor......

MoreConsole : My god, that was god tier editing. Teach me senpai.

Aztecross Gaming : I LOVE IT!!!!

Fallout Plays : Teach me to edit like you

CoolGuy : I must know how to to edit like this

Pause Reset Play : Editing Triumph Unlocked.

wwjoshdew : This truly is incredible. I've seen a lot of good #MOTW posts, but this one... this is the best I've seen so far. Should totally enter! Then pin the comment with the link or put it in your video's description.

Dragyn : I have the sudden urge to use Fighting Lion... I can't tell why

Unrelated Topic : please change this video's category to education

Kreau : I don't know what I saw. I don't understand what I saw. I can't take back what I saw. but damn if that video wasn't insane I don't know what is!!!

Chew Bacca : Thank you. After watching I was able to solo Atheon without even touching my controller. Sending you my thoughts and prayers.

JustChanny : You better have this submitted in movie of the week

Futureking2come : The editing on this is insane. well done

thesnoborder1 : Bungie after seeing this video: We've buffed Fighting Lion's damage by 0.04% to make it even more competitive

Doyal Gilman : Did anyone mention the editing? I didn't see any comments about it.

carsonloots : The editing is god tier, this deserves millions of views. I can see this being one of these really remembered classic gaming videos

Blank : That's a new sub. We don't really have any Destiny meme youtubers, keep it up and you'll explode in popularity :)

Ryan Therrien : subbed, liked, favorited, and downloaded directly into my brain for my next workout session.

Call of Ktulu : That editing is well beyond your subscriber count, dude.

The Drifter : Signed in to like this from reddit.

Gian Luca Marazzi : When this channel will blow up I will be able to tell I was one of the first 500..Feels like I found a goldmine, keep up the good work!

Jesse DeVries : There exists the greatest video on YouTube... Ladies and gentlemen we found it. The dab part killed me lol

Rat Paisan : I can’t stop watching this video. The level creativity is absurd, the MOTW we deserved, Make that a year

Sasquatch : You sir deserve a sub for the editing alone. I'm all aboard

TheSavageCabbage : Bro I'm WEAK.

Rep The 21st : Holy shit the editing on this one.

Adam Watkins : Even Louder with Crowder agrees that the Fighting Lion is no longer the Cowering Kitten. I appreciated the number of misses before you start to get a feel for the point of aim, point of impact.

Daniel Albert : This really did make me laugh out loud!

maxxon99 : Fighting Lion is just stupid fun to use! But seriously, you have to learn to handle the trigger release to really get the gun's potential out. Near misses turn into blast hits with the manual proximity fuse... Which is difficult because it's totally different than basically every other gun... if you're good with a bow you probably learn this faster.


Alexei Smith : brilliant editing

unseenpro : THIS is some top quality meme right here. Still my fav gun though.

Mismis315 : 0:33 look at the kill history, he actually got a kill, so the counter is fake

JM FIREPRO : Give me one more like these and I'm a subscriber! On second thought, that was so good I just subscribed. Keep them coming!

Seth : Cammy cakes would be proud

Sounds Pretty Moist : Who says MLG Parodies are dead?

Russian Trico : You like never run out of ammo with it so...

Just a gnome with a rocket launcher : *several people are typing...*

Dirk Diggler 151 : I'm commenting before I even watch the video (I know, crazy right!?), but all the change my mind videos have ever been were about politics or topical mainstream media bullshit, it's fantastic to see this videos title and thumbnail in my recommended! BTW Fighting Lion with full Catalyst= GOD GUN!

Prasoon Singh : I literally could not stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣

Squidy : Dead game

SPAGHETTI BOI : cammy cakes dream

Johnny5163 Locke : LOL! 🎉✌️😎

Dragon Soul : 0:36 I'm ded

sayurasem : All my fav destiny youtubers approved!

Pyro_Mage : Jesus, that editing tho

Mathias Højsgaard : #MOTW

JustYourAverageNick : this is quality content, hope your channel takes off!

Earth Nation Ceramics : Your edits are what I love for

ANT_THA _KID : Lion vs Claus