New Zealand Today | 24 hour Guppy Fish Farm

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xxxx85 : "If you breed 100000 guppies and you sell them for a buck each... it's 100000 dollars." Hahahahaha, this is absolutely brilliant!

Ÿamada : Guy Williams should make his own channel cause he's the only one who actually brings in views

Kiara_Sonam : 0:57 omg dead 😂😂😂

MadMrMatter : Lose the 'Jono and Ben' name and go all in on Guy Williams. Guy is this channel's ticket to being YouTube rich & famous.

Peter Booth : 1:30 that reveal was great - what a cool spot

Sam : Bought a tinny from here once

EmiRachelNatalie : I want to go there lol

annie : 1:06 wow guy. you're out and about at 2am in the morning. that's crazy crazy. ridiculous ridiculous. insane insane. wouldn't be anywhere near crazy crazy if you were out at 2am in the afternoon though. far more acceptable time. i'm here writing this at 11pm in the evening. or is it 11pm in the morning? i don't know. neither do you

Jeff Goldblum : I got the Julian Denison airnewzealand ad before this

Benjamin : 0:56 daaaaaaaam

silehpanda : this has got to be the funniest ep u've done guy keep doing them out west bru!

NikolaDragunov : Sometimes I feel depressed for the fish's family because they die in front of their families for food.

Jacob Clark-Tumaalii : 0:20 is my brother lukey the one with stripy shirt YO

fightperformanceindustries : One of the greatest videos i've ever seen hahaha

Romana T : 1:30 the Maori flag lol YO

Tim B : 10/10 better than anything on australian tv ever Regards australia


Meunster Chease : Probably just late night fishers. For bait.

K.C. MacPherson : Hilarious, please get hired in Canada for us. lol

Luka Šoštar : jesus what's the music playing in the background at the start of the vid? i KNOW it, i've heard it before, but can't put my finger on it...

Ben Gallaty : Bro, you gonna drop the Salmon Dance in here, really?

Whatsherface Jones : I need a shirt with Guy Williams' face on it.

Christopher Backen : What's that song?

SpeoMusic : best nzt yet

Sammy H : Dude they are using the same peoples for the interviews wtf

Romeo Jkhan : this is my uncle y’all deadass

Clay Heath : Sucks you guys are getting cancelled

madii 99 : I love you guy. Love love love youu

Luminya M : Hilarious!

integral merr : HAHAHAH

Haps q : you better get that fish tank and updates us on those guppies.

Mini Mythbusters : You can catch them at any pond for free

YJ2009 : 1. Click inside the video player to pause it. 2. Type the number "2" 3. Type the left arrow key 4. Laugh 5. Repeat

Joel G NZ : Zane is a total legend, I've bought guppies from him before !

Andrew Missen : 0:45 He seams like the breather

Visual Inertia Productions : guide to laundering $100'000 a year lmao.

Jamie Franklin : What’s the first song instrumental? Stars around 1min

Itacz : Look at the clock in the background. He really made interview on 4 AM LOL xD

djyak999 : Outstanding journalism!

Nicholas Juntilla : You think this is weird? Check out why there is a whole store dedicated to paint. I still haven't figured that out... and why are there so many locksmiths?

lobstacrabz : 0:48 is that Talented Steven?

Procurement : I'd like a follow up on what happened to those guppy fish

Sages604 : And than as soon as the door closes "ALRIGHT GUYS HE'S GONE" *busts out the drugs*

Val Ciobanu : That's a beta fish. The first image.

Mike Grizzle : Chemical brothers - salmon dance

J H : Anonymous tip... gives full name.

shasbucks : I love NZ

TheDarkFalcon : Time for Guy to have his own show! 😁😁😁

Stefan Alderson : Something fishy is going on here...

Beeps Mcfadden : I bet he stuck up his bum.