Jail Cellmate - SNL

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IndieAir : It's gonna be the saddest day when Kenan Thompson leaves SNL 😥 I think he holds the show together

click my picture : "Can you just die" well damnn

davis86 : Swear Kennan doesn't get the credit he deserves.

Benbot : Quincy Jones looks good for 85!

TheCumberCoIlective : Okay this skit is definitive proof that Kenan Thompson is a universal treasure and needs the immortality serum you know someone is inventing ;-)

Lawrence Payten III : People are upset with Kenan, but if you know your history you would he's been impersonating Cosby for years on SNL.

Christopher Kaiser : Seth Meyers has no charisma or acting skills. Dude is as wooden as an oak dildo.

Draywill : It's ironic how people forget Keenan is a comedian who's portraying another comedian. That's what comedians do...duh! They mimic and joke about present day happenings. Keenan's actions didn't land Cosby in jail

Deanna Jones : people attacking kenan like bill cosby isn’t a serial rapist that deserves no pity. I know, it hurts me as a black person who was raised on his work. But what he did negates that. And besides, kenan did some stand up years ago about off color things bill said to him during the filming of fat albert and overall bad vibes he got from him.

Travis Moss : Seth Meyers always sounds like he's reading off a teleprompter.

Clint Wallis : Bill lost his star on the walk of fame but Weinstein still has his let's take Harvey Weinstein star to (really).

Jesse Moreno : Its funny how some feel bad for a person who drugged and raped women. Not just one but numerous.

Brad Alkire : Y’all realize Harvey Weinstein is being tried in court, right? He just hasn’t been convicted or sentenced yet. Additionally, for those begging “Where’s the Weinstein skit???” if you were to show a picture of Weinstein to the average citizen they wouldn’t recognize him. He was a behind the scenes Hollywood figure who never was in front of the camera, whereas Cosby was a well known image and celebrity, making it easier to satire.

M Aldag : God damn. It really is sad when I scroll through the comment section and see so many people whining about their political views and opinions. It's a joke. The literal premise of a joke is taking something serious and making it funny. I enjoyed this video, and I know that there is a lot of controversial stuff said here, but whatever. What is the likely hood that the writers believe that. They are just thinking from a comedic standpoint. So let's all just get over it, and just enjoy ourselves.

Courage Karnga : This was hilarious and deeply depressing at the same time.

Conrad Roberts : This was lame and not funny. I miss MadTV.

J LR : Seth Meyers loves that teleprompter.

emptyhand777 : Cosby, Weinstein, Woody Allan, and Roman Polanski should all be sharing a cell.

Faux Fox : I know when to laugh because the laugh track tells me to

David Ewing : Soo crazy..... Who knew years later after playing Fat Albert in the live action movie that he would actually be playing Cosby himself........ So sad..... 😞

John Hobson : He is absolutely the funniest person that has ever been on SNL, HANDS DOWN!

toshadiva : Oh was I suppose to laugh?

SOLISDEUS : Quincy Jones....LOL. Best bit in a long long time. Kenan is awesome.

Jordan Green : Do they have to make it so obvious that they are reading their lines?

SweatyPanda 2020 : “They Put Me in jail for eating salty foods"

Tyrone Jones : I️ see nobody got the line “they sent me to jail for loving salty things” lmao ....saltine crackers.....got him!!!!


Darin Campbell : Come on people and stop putting the race card in all of this. Cosby is in prison because he raped a particular woman. He should have been punished! As far as Weinstein and others, no one knows what tomorrow will bring! Let's stay tuned! Peace.

Patrick Blanchette : Thank you SNL for including a Woody Allen reference!

juno knobloch : You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian

Keisha Murrell : This was sad 😢

World Record Subscribers : That was hilarious and slightly depressing at the same time.

Terry Crews : They both seem genuinely happy... Why aren't they looking at each other when they talk?

John Rodriguez : This skid would've been funny if it wasn't for the other actor. So lame and unfunny. SNL has really gone downhill. I'm surprised its still even on the air. I miss the originals, ackroid, belushi, murray, morris, curtain, radner! Those were true comic geniuses!

Steve DeSantis : Kenan is a legend

stiicky MUSIC : Keenon shouldve denied this script

999889989889 : Was I the only one who didn't want to except it when the truth about Cosby came out?

Trace Mitchell : Ok even though he’s a horrible person we have to admit bill Cosby’s stand up specials were hilarious. I believe just because The person who delivered the material is bad doesn’t mean the material was. Separate the two and enjoy the art instead of being mad at the artist.

yurushii : This skit was hilarious!

L. jackson : This is hard for me to watch. My childhood idol is in jail. He broke so many hearts. 😩

Olivia Lashay : Things people do for money... Keenan looked up to Cosby now he’s mocking him.

Memetastic : Amazing sketch

Poodles rock : Kenan Thompson is an awesome actor and comedian!!

Hazmonk : Keenan has been doing Cosby since he was a boy on All That, its practically second nature at this point.

K Sprizzle : Absolutely love me some Keenan. His shadow has more talent than Seth.

Tim Davis : I Love KenanThompsons comedic timing ,first time I've seen his Crosby impression, another good one. Uuh wee Teeshane! 😄👍

Jon Ashby : Wow. He’s better at Cosby than Cosby.

N.A.B. Gaming : I died at 0:59 when he said. “What? I am in my prime.”

shontez montgomery : "I took 2 spoons and went askizzabizzlebiteabootle"

Justin White : Funny how crowd was laughing with the skit until Woody Allen was mentioned.....