pet crab eating chips
pet crab eating chips

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Spartan 360 : 1920:we will have flying cars in the future 2019: Crab eating chip

B : Youtube recommendation: wanna watch this lad? Me: *yes*

DyersEve : In a weird way this is actually kind of relaxing to watch.

Julia Nunyabiz : I wish I looked that cute when I ate chips.

Lord Chog : Your dog looks weird

A guy that has a crab profile pic : As a guy with a crab profile pic I approve this

Pasión Automotríz : *He protecc* *He atacc* But most importantly *He likes to snacc*

Ashes : Why is this so cute?! A crab can be cute apparently...

Emily Au : THE EYES! at the beginning, it looks like it covered it’s eyes.

FknParker : Didn’t know it was possible to be simultaneously bored and interested

nikkinoivern : why's this crab look cute when eating chips with its cute eyes, nom nom, it needs a top hat

Sager shocker : The snack that smiles back CRAB CHIPS

Sean Ferree : It's so sad when the chip gets taken away at the end

DisneyIsAwesome321 : Don’t know why I clicked but I don’t regret it

Sneha 2004 : *Better not be crab flavored*

miyako : ASMR: crab slowly eats two pieces of chips

Lord Elmo : anybody: Crabs: *I sMeLŁ ChÏp*

Khalloodka55 : The thing it does in the beginning is cute and scary

wherearetheavocados ?? : This reminds me of Mr crabs

PowWow Animations : I would love to put a tiny top hat on him.

CrazyCupcakeGirl2004 : Crab: Eats chips and looks like an adorable puppy Me: Eats chips and looks like a pig with grease everywhere

Endersheep はい! ネス : 28/1/2016 Crab started eating 2 pieces of chips. Today: Chip is still here, but the crab is gone.

Christian Cruz-Martinez : Who else came here from DANK DOODLE MEMES V160

Aryan S : *Delicious* I'm talking about the chips obviously

David G. : Your dog looks werid, u shold take it to the vet.

Mistic Gacha : Let's dye the crab red and put blue glasses on him and look!!! A perfect Pinchy

Kyle Martin : He protecc He attacc But most importantly..... Chips are his favorite SNACC

why do you need my channel name? why? : He needs a bowtie top hat and tux and HE will be famous rich crab

Hans Grispen : Came here from Clumsy, Now i want a pet crab, This thing is adorable.

war of gods 354784 : I wonder what the crab is thinking

Pab Pax : WE need more Crab eating Chips ASMR 🔥

Rapid : Welp it’s 1am, under my blanket, should go to sleep. WHoOpsIE dAiSy

Xerxes Griffen : ahh the red shell crab taking its daily intake of salt and oil.

SOME DAQUI PLAYBOY : One of the most random things I've ever seen in my life.

Pinka13 _ _ : Our reality... Person: *"DO YOU EAT THE CRAB?! ME TOOOOOOOO!"* Alternate reality... Crab: *"DO YOU EAT THE CHIP?! ME TOOOOOOOO!"*

What am I doing? : This crab is so cute😇

HyunAnimations : *You Feeling It Now Mr.Krabz?*

Galaxygirl1290 : Me: *Watches this* (Crab rave intensifies) Me:Wtf.

Dylan Watson : Me in the 90’s: *I wonder what being an adult will be like* 2018 Me: *Up at 2am watching a crab eat chips*

Bendy Plushie's : When you don’t know anybody at a party, so all you do is eat in the corner


Dain o : 2007 me: What is it like being an adult???? 2019 me: **Wakes up at 3 AM to get chips and watch this**

theworld begoinup : Who else thinks about the zodiac sign cancer 🤣🤣

Lila Blue Falcon : *Don’t know why this is in my recommended but I’m not mad*

Прикол Опа : Кто пришел из-за Винди лукс)

Austin Christopher : he protecc he attacc but most importantly he eat good snacc

Queenie DIY and Crafts : *"ASMR"* ❤️ so cute...

Nate S : probably thinking "you should get doritos next time!"

Unnamed _258 : Man am I the only one thinking this shit is cute as hell??