pet crab eating chips

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Don’t comment about my profile picture : This is me trying to eat chips quietly at 1am

bannana monkey : This is satisfying to me and the crab is so cute

sad sushi : Poor thing got scared of the food and tried to back away

ReZoura : He protecc.... He Atacc..... But most importantly....... He also try to Snacc quietly......

oh no : man, your cat looks odd. what breed is it ??

Syren Cove : tell him he a good boi pls

Odessa Eddy - yellhoeee : are you feeling it now mr krabs?


Froaklies : I like how most of the top comments are from a week or two ago despite the video being 2 years old. YouTube Recommends are wild.

Lotta Savolainen : Why im watching a crab eating chips

David G. : Your dog looks werid, u shold take it to the vet.

Rigby : We know what hand it jacks off with

SmellTheLGaming : Its finger-licking good 0:33

CJ Sirron : ??? Why is dinner eating my snack???

Russian Jack : YouTube why are you recommending this I'm not mad but srsly.... I take it back I want more

some dude : translation for the british: pet crab eating _crisps_

Younus TR : *Are You Eating It Now Mr. Krabs?*

diamond studio : This crab is going to be legend

JaxonPlayz Gaming : That's a pretty cool gecko where did you get it?

rotip309 : i like your dog


Senpai Trash : the chips made Mr. Krabs slowly feel it.

Dj Storæ : People keep saying he looks so happy eating this chips but he looks pretty crabby to me.

Cøluchîi : When I steal my brothers chips this is how I eat it

sas- asmrfan : how can you have a pet crab ?

Veridian : *_Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?_*

Galaxygamerz 28 : I need one of these as a pet ._.

SorrowCat TV : He Protecc He Attacc But most importantly He consume Snacc

stepan jeřábek : Yeah. That's where I usually ends up at midnight.

HiThere : I like how the chips scare the crab at first. Scary chips.

Richie 64 : I've seen it all now I can die peacefully

Dammit That Guy : This is peaceful to watch on nights to be honest

arkJ7 _ : Obama ia gone


Fressh : "Today on Animal Planet"

Twenny Won : OBAMA IS GONE!!!!!!!

Isaiah Lowe : I think your snacc got crabs

crazed_fangirl234 : Its actually kinda cute when its not trying to pinch the crap out of you.but why does this seem like something namjoon would do when he's alone in the studio with a crab

Silver Shadow : I like how he/she eats. When he.she holds it up and eats it. So cute.

A Vsaucy Boi : Watch as it eats its natural prey. Truly magnificent

Carolina M. : i want a chip eating dog

Christopher Peery : It was his chip Mr. Krabs, he was number 1! Is it just me or do those actually look like crackers?

Naif : Nom

I have to wait 90 days to change my name : Are you feeling it know mr krabs?

Elzeta : This is a peculiar doggo

Certified Noodle : All I think of is that dancing crab.

Dark Domain : Is anybody else creeped out by this?

Tophat Crab : Wheres my chips >:(

Lili Warrior : Mr krabs looks good here!

Justin Y. : When you're trying to eat a late night snack without waking anyone up