pet crab eating chips

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Don’t comment about my profile picture : This is me trying to eat chips quietly at 1am

Dylan Watson : Me in the 90’s: *I wonder what being an adult will be like* 2018 Me: *Up at 2am watching a crab eat chips*

Lovingthetruth7 Ltt7 : 20 years later... the crab 🦀 is still eating those two chips.

Wholesome Lad : *Breaking News: Crabs go up in demand by 500%*

Superboss Gaming : That eye flex at the beginning broke my mind

Syren Cove : tell him he a good boi pls

e p h : Where do u house this cutie? I hope he has proper living conditions


Eccentric Lightning Bear : i have many questions of this. why is the crab in a bowl are you going to eat it? are chips even edible to a crab? why are you thinking crabs eating chips is natural? are crabs normally thing uncoorodinated with their pincirs? why does the crab look like is going through vietnam flashbacks while eating this chip? is the chip laced with cocaine?

Howdy : Crab asmr

David G. : Your dog looks werid, u shold take it to the vet.

an emø chalupa : ...i believe your crab has been jacking with his left hand for quite some time

Mariah Lunney : A very polite gentleman

Angelica Maria Ramirez Alvarez : I am the only one who just realize crabs' mouth is so down?. Btw i loved how he tasted the chips before deciding to properly eat them 😍❤ so cute

Miya : legend has it the crab is still eating them to this day..

some dude : translation for the british: pet crab eating _crisps_

Sandy Hooker : is this a crab named pet, or a pet named crab?

Rokurou Maï : When he took the chip away

Mister Strange : Who else got triggered how slow this crab was eating . . . -_-

Adelina’s Glitter Vlogs : 1918:in future we will have FLYING cars! 2018:crab eating chips

Veridian : *_Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?_*

Caio StayGold : he’s feeling the most intense taste of his life

Pranav Ghandade : Rare footage of Mr.Crusty Crab outside of water colorized.

Eli Fabbricante : Loving this crab mukbang

Yeruham the Deep-Fried Goldfish : WE RAN OUT OF CH- ———————————– RAN OUT OF CHIPS!


Jordan Tavares : I came here for a crab eating chips not damn crackers, disliked

Deborah Kogan : Cuteness in arthropods.

Sally Acorn : 0:01 what the heck did he do to his eyes?

0 videos 0 subs : Thanks YouTube recommendations.

Fressh : "Today on Animal Planet"

Lauren Miller : Lol he’s like can a boy get some help over here.

I’m Lost19 : Man I got a pet crab also he lil though. One day he ended up in the kitchen! Mofo got out of his tank! So I had put him back, but he wasn’t moving. after about a week he was still in the same spot in his tank an same position! 😭😭 he hadn’t moved or anything! Time to take him out the tank an prepare his funeral. Reach in to grab him mofo started running! He literally didn’t move or anything just stayed in the same spot for a week! Only until I decided to grab him he started about his daily routines. 🤔

Precious Doggo : Person: thats a weird dog Other Person: it is a crab idiot Me: r/wooosh

NixMix Fenix : 2:01 when u find ur food is uneatable

Dextruider : *When trying to make your chips last longer.*

Ford AFG : Is the crab only working out with his left arm

Firestone42 : lmao at all the edgelords talking about eating someone's pet

Pranay Tony : This is something un usual, I never seen like this before!👌

hastag_greendrinkslex : I have battled anxiety from PTSD and I wanted you to know that this wonderful pet crab makes me calmer in the evenings. Thank you for sharing...and thank you little crabby for being so wonderfully perfect. ❤️

A Vsaucy Boi : Watch as it eats its natural prey. Truly magnificent

Akeem Morgan : _whether you question why this exists or who made it_ *_you’re wrong for even having a single question about it_*

Cream y : Legends say the crab is still eating those chips

DinoBub 7777 : That crab loves chips almost as much as he loves money

theCrackHead : all i want to know is if the crab enjoyed the chips

bannana monkey : This is satisfying to me and the crab is so cute

fuck face : I started screaming when he put his lil hands to his mouf

Jesse Stewart : Are chips even good for crabs?? Won't that kill it??

Ayaan Masood : Slower than a freaking snail

Expand Dong : Give the dog more and he may show you his ancient rave