pet crab eating chips

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PowWow Animations : I would love to put a tiny top hat on him.

Lil Skies Is A Goat : And here we have a crab eating a chip in its natural habitat.

Skitungen : 🦀 *Chip is gone* 🦀

嘎查生活Cøcønut Êdits : *tHiS iS wHaT I LiVe fOr •u•*

Lila Blue Falcon : *Don’t know why this is in my recommended but I’m not mad*

Don’t comment about my profile picture : This is me trying to eat chips quietly at 1am

BlueShower Globe : This crab is for some reason extra handsome no homo

Cheez_ it : Ok can we just take a second to appreciate how adorable and innocent the crab looks like oh my god

Spartan 360 : 1920:we will have flying cars in the future 2019: Crab eating chip

DyersEve : In a weird way this is actually kind of relaxing to watch.

David G. : Your dog looks werid, u shold take it to the vet.

Emily Au : THE EYES! at the beginning, it looks like it covered it’s eyes.

Julia Nunyabiz : I wish I looked that cute when I ate chips.

Sean Ferree : It's so sad when the chip gets taken away at the end

Høney Dew : I think your cat evolved

Syren Cove : tell him he a good boi pls

cr7isboss : Don’t know why I clicked but I don’t regret it

Trichi Datunez : That's a huge spider😥😥

Ashes : Why is this so cute?! A crab can be cute apparently...

nikkinoivern : why's this crab look cute when eating chips with its cute eyes, nom nom, it needs a top hat


B : Youtube recommendation: wanna watch this lad? Me: *yes*

Marije Vrolijk : When is Namjoon getting one

VeryBritish Tea : "Here we see the crab in its natural habitat"

Pixel Wanderer : *Crab Rave blares in the background* Also, so this is what Mr. Krabs does whenever the Krusty Krab isn't open.

huh ?? : This reminds me of Mr crabs

* P ä s t l ï ê * : *Now Imma Teach my Crab to steal chips from the Grocery store.*

Vince Stickers : *that's a weird looking dog you got there*

Khalloodka55 : The thing it does in the beginning is cute and scary

Veridian : *_Are you feeling it now Mr. Krabs?_*

Hayabusa Knight : He's just staring at your soul while eating.

PeepaFifty : Asshold freedom for the crab , take him to his hábitat.

Z1yaad : *CHIPS ARE GONE!!1!!!11!!!!*

miyako : ASMR: crab slowly eats two pieces of chips

Fressh : "Today on Animal Planet"

Sager man : The snack that smiles back CRAB CHIPS

Mo : I will never understand why people have these type of pets 😂


Sheila15964 : I like how at first the crab takes little pinches of the chip to give it a try and you could tell that it loves the treat so much that it grabs the whole chip 😊🦀

some dude : translation for the british: pet crab eating _crisps_

Nightbot : Why is there a crab thats eating chips in my recommend?

Jungkooks Jams : Why do i find it so cute? Wtf

MysticalPlayz -ROBLOX : This crab is so cute😇

Tai F : Great ASMR

kennethlingad : *crab rave music plays*

obogaboga : *now play crab rave infront of him and have him watch it*

one above : Crab people crab people🦀

Desmonetização : Quero ter um, como faz?

BlueShower Globe : but Mr Crabs I thought you were on a diet

Xyon : *When trying to make your chips last longer.*