Ed, Edd N' Eddy - Original Intro Title (Very High SD Quality)

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Santiago Sanchez : What happened to CN??!!?!!! I FUKING WANNA KILL TTG!

GroundPoundable : I love how this intro sequence tells you all the things you need to know about the Eds. Eddy's a showoff and short tempered since he's going out of his way to look cool and chases Ed after a few mishaps. Ed is absent minded and clumsy since he knocked over Eddy and Double D and positioned the camera terribly, and Double D is shy but also very neat since he steps away from the camera, but also tries to adjust it when Ed messes it up. All this, and only 3 words of spoken dialogue in an intro. Okay, 4 if you count the "n".

Christian Cerritos : MY CHILDHOOD! :D

Raptor Daptor47 : Anyone notice the music from ed edd n Eddy sounds like max and ruby music?

Ewan Does a Thing : I can never get enough of Eddy's scream.

Shadow : Top 10 anime intros

Insky Person : PhantomStrider disliked the video..... if ya know who PhantomStrider is you'll get this.

Bush God : Cartoon network now a days is trash #RIPOldCartoonNetwork

Cody Peterson : Ed: Curly Edd: Larry Eddy: Moe

Búi Helgason : i have never really understood what the f happens to double d in the ending

Tunderous : 0:13 *eddy's horn scream* should i insert ear rape or not

Glenn Draper : When I was little, my mom never let me watch Ed Edd n Eddy. But I watched it anyway. Usually when she was asleep.

Cyberneticspy 2d : If you were lucky enough to be a kid back in the early 2000's, i wish I was you! Gorillaz first appearance, tons of good CN and Nick shows, and it was in general, a better time. I happen to be born later into the 2000's(2003 to be exact), and I never got to see all this. For me, it was regular show, gumball, adventure time(not saying they're bad) so I had to watch this stuff later, still haven't watched samurai jack yet(found it on Hulu so once I'm out of school I can marathon it)

MagicJay123 : 0:00-0:32 when you and your homies tryin to film a threesome but the camera keeps falling

LyleVSXyle : "I hate birds! They're so useless!"

Ninten : My Childhood. Edd being my favorite character.

BONECRUSH64 : 0:28 bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb yeah

Old Kid : I was never allowed to watch Ed, Edd, and Eddy or Rein and Stimpy but strangely enough I watched a lot of Cow and Chicken.

DomnoSaur : I never understood what double D was doing at the end. Is he sneezing, or fanting, or what?

Boogster Su : 18th Anniversary!

Untamed64 : Tfw you remember that Paul Boyd (the animator of this title sequence) was shot and killed August 2007 in a case of police brutality

Eric Mims : This show was pretty Eds-trodinary! 😁

Kry Kry Stott : My Childhood Show right here 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

Nitro Spider : Watching this on 0.25x speed is absolutely terrifying

Darthrix 1 : has anyone discussed why eddy has a green tongue

macspengo : I sound stupid for this. But if they make a reboot for this show. They should do something similar to this, but with a selfie kind of thing. Sense in the intro their messing with a camera. Just a little idea. Not to ruin it like... Ugh... PowerPUFF girls...

Emma LPS : Me and my brother loved this show back in the day

Diesel Electric Razor : I feel old af

Lovehatetragedy : My all-time favorite cartoon. Brings back memories.

Number 27 : I love this show. The BBBBBBBWWWUUUUAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH at the end of the intro always cracked me up!

SalsaSpartan7 : Oh the good ol days...

jimmy andersson : cartoon networks three stooges.

DPlex HD : Oh long time no see Childhood.

FinalStarmanDX : The first show I sentiently remember watching and being excited for the premiere.

Rapa Nuii : childhood.

TheSimpsonsFTWBreadwinnersFTL EDCP PAN : It's Better Than Brothers Grunt

Paft Dunk : Growing up as a kid, I stayed with my nana for most of my time and there was nothing to watch on my nanas tv. Except for this great classic.

PyroMaker3 : That scream 0:13

Toxic_Gas_ : My childhood I watch Godzilla the serie (1998-2000), Kong the animated series (2000-2001), Mega XLR, samurai jack, spawn the animated series and this show and all animated series and transformers and sonic too

GWR 1987 : Too catchy! must not... whistle....or snap to this.. God darn it! Way too catchy to miss off **Starts to whistle theme and snap**

Samuel Carrillo : I like ed edd n eddy I was a kid

Optimus JudyHopps : Ed-mike pence Edd-Paul ryan Eddy-Donald trump

joseph adel : i remember this show way back then when my dad got us cable it was awesome it was cartoonnetworks glory days back in 2002 it was amazing i remember it was the first episode of ppg i ever saw and then afterwards was ed eddn eddy then courage and it used to play time squad , and boomerang shows like scooby doo and the jetsons i think and flinstones it was a magical time i remember begging my parents to let stay awake at night to watch it and when i come back from school they wouldn't let me watch it till i finish my homework those were the days RIP cartoonnetwork from (2002 to 2006) :( you were the best thing in my life)

Mario and Woody : top 10 anime intros

Alex the wolf : 0:13 my reaction when i see inapproprite things on the internet

Terry I : 0:27-0:30 - Double D looks like he just got the best bj of his life.

B0NELESS : In my opinion i think ed edd n eddy has the best intro to any cartoon ever

zane's original tale : i miss this show i remember when it first aired

AspienGirl 23 : I FOUND YOU CHILDHOOD! Man I love this show so much and I still watch it! I'm 22. How old are you guys?