what the hell is even that
WHAT THE HELL IS EVEN THAT This needed to be brought back

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Ciprian B : I mean...he's right...what the hell it's even that?!

Crypto Quandary : lmao what the hell is even that this is such a viral meme it ended up in my work group chat

JTBYM : Isn't that the same dude that destroyed all those video games a few years back.

Wyvern : These people are such good actors they hold back laughter after that glorious moment

Jeseph Willis : This needs like 2 million more views

Kevin Scott : lol balls this is going in the cringe comp

Kanna Kamui : lmao. I'm not sure whether he means "What the hell is even that." As in what does Daddy Chill mean. Or As in what the hell is Tiffany.

Rom Pan : I've never seen so much raw energy in one performance

Nitzel : a natural reaction, really

Aaron ODST170 : 0:19 Our 80's/90's Dad's meeting today's pop culture

Chance Carlson : What are these hooligans doing though fr like they are trespassing for sure

Jesus Christ : This guy is probably my favorite man on the internet rn

MoTuWeThFrSaSu : I'm such an ally to this man. We demand to know what the hell is even that, or anything to that matter!

Saint Tymez : Where’s the sauce for this

Kirky Kirk : 0:20

Mystk Majicc : Man got flustered. Almost blushed and then continued to lash out

Koloqial : There are just so many questions and "wut"s in such a short clip...

Chris J.B. Orr : But we all want to know, did daddy chill ????

egg leaf : This reminds me a lot of 'who do you think you are i am'

Juan Izaguirre : I've been looking for this. Thanks!

Palatine of facts : can i havsome more volume sir?

OOF NOODLES : That was j Cole trying to be adopted

R. Rodriguez : When I saw the thumbnail I thought this was Jordan Peterson.

CrazyClara101 : I thought that was Joanne the Scammer

The Official SDVR Memebear YouTube Channel : 0:23 When I see a whoopie girl

James Mata : My question is who tf is JT?

Matthew Burkholder : Dying!!!!

MiniGemini : Wait a minute isn't that huge obese dude the Angry Grandpa"s son?

Jab Hutt : Gold medal:D

卄刀ᴍɪᴋᴀsᴀ : daddy chill

walker leverett : Can someone explain this... why is his voice like that... why did he call him daddy...

Benjamin Little : daddy chill

Sophia Anderson : the dad says this in hereditary!!!

Raul Rubio : Lol gets me every time

Ruben : Daddy chill 😂

jeff young : Mitt Romney looking young

Aiden Nguyen : Lmao 😂

rainytales : What da hell is even dat?

jose rivera : that was me 5s ago.

rahg009 : efukt

John G : 🤣🤣

Swizzie kid : 0:23 your welcome

Franky Remache : Thank you

Blake Bennett : Like a bill burr with more hair

The Cult of Redwards : Shrek 6: Shaggy Returns...

Hayden TCEM : 0:22

GastricPanda : Lol his face of surprise

J M : _what the hell is even that_

Bob : 0:23