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KKONA Feedback on my art is always welcome in the comment section GET SAM HIS SKINERINO BCUZ HE GET SCAMD AND IT BAD HE GET SCAM AND IT NOT GUD HE LOOSE 50 DOLLER CASH TO SCAMR AND WE WONT 2 HELP HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ HELP TO FITE LE SCAMMR BECUZ THEY LOOSE CUNTER STROKE PLYERS LOTS OF LE DOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY SEY THEY GIV U NIFE BUT ALL THEY GIV IS UNHAPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Songs: Brotherman Bill KKona || Check his channel out, a really nice guy (SS march) Im Wald, im grünen Walde


Thor Madsen : Why weren’t this in Youtube Rewind?

Codename: Xelda : The real reason why club penguin was shut down.

Yuri habbo : Wanna see my Sea pickle Mayabe take a ride???

Chris p : remember... bullying is not ok... unless it's in club penquin

jose rivas : 4:00 (at the left side) -Male penguin: "Violet rose,would you like to come to my igloo" -Violet rose: "Im ok thx" -Male penguin: ok

Llama Lachie : “Wanna see my... cherry blossom?” “Want me to... plant a seed?”

* You deployed the dog : The Nazi Party's 1934 Nuremberg Rally, colorized.

Suomi-Finland Memes : This made me laugh more than you tube videos usually do. It's really sad that club penguin is gone

Silent Dipstix : Why is this so funny

LIBERAL : This is art in 12 lenguages 1 This is art 2 Esto es arte 3 ça c'est de l'art 4 questa è arte 5 это искусствоv 6 tas ir māksla 7 dette er kunst 8 to je umenie 9 гэта мастацтва 10 hoc artis 11 þetta er list 12 bu sanat

memz : Wanna see my *_Sea Pickle?_*

Dudecai the Spawn of Satan : "NOT *AGAIN!"*

Bizarre Guardsman : *Do you know who has done nothing wrong?*

Rey Whiley : This is the real content I've been missing from my life

Windows95AndWindowsXPRocks 2018 : LOL, I Wish I Was There

mamneo2 : "Wanna know who did nothing wrong?" "Wanna little help?" Jajaja, Im dying.

Extremely Sad Person : This video makes me want to die so bad

Subpartrash! : Pin me if you are a boy or grill

Dopy : wanna see my sea pickle

Fainted : It's tradition watching this annually.

Lordomir : *ARNE*:do you know who has done nothing wrong? *SHANE COOL*:you? *ARNE*:nope *SHANE COOL*:me? *ARNE*:want a little tip? *S T A L I N B O I REEEEEEEE!!*

Sunny The derpy dog : I just want to say The music fits perfectly

Memz : lol, you like all the comments, like a... bot?

Esperon Vitalia : You must have a lot of parents to ask premission for an account :)

enderspearl184 : 2:14 no it’s a penguin in the blender

GamingButNotReally : What did I just witness...

Cormac Orr : Terrible Tim finally makes an appearance in the comment section. This video is a masterpiece.

Asriel The Blue Waffle Creature : Better than YouTube rewind 2018 (。・ω・。)

adam is bad at youtube : wanna see my sea pickle maybe take a ride

Calvin Gaming : Wait this is not cyberbullying Its suicidebullying

svso : Pingu gone wrong

Ashleigh Mitchell : Blossom probably quitted club penguin after this

TheYeetIsCarrying : *bell ringing*Hello IT'S ARNEA *HORNS INTENSIFIES*

Riley Pothier : Not kidding, my sister went on club penguin the day before it closed and someone was doing this 😂

Julian Ko : There are bots in club penguin a random penguin: wanna see my sea pickle?

Janrei Africa : I'm getting sad now that Club Penguin is gone.

Sunverze : This is the last thing you will see when you die

crazycorp : This is the best thing I’ve ever seen. This has cured my depression and has made me the happiest I’ve ever been. Thank you so much for making this piece of art exist. Thank you. Also wanna see my sea pickle

Corn On The Cob : The music made this 100 times better

Classicss .-. : Any 2018 people ?

Andrew Hisey : want me to plant a seed

Just Derp : Oh hey NSA watchlist agent welcome to my youtube video history

I've abandoned my humanity : the music and edit is what makes it good. even if i never play this

naknow : yes help me help my *water worm*

Noxx55 : *it's pickle time*

LONE_WOLF75137 : This is a artwork 😂

Rocket125 inYT : wanna see my *_ULTIMATE PENGUIN ARMY_* ?


Nightmare : you need 50 bully hunters to solve that problem haha