When Ryan Reynolds came to Korea to sing 🎵🎹💖

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Josh Ripper : And once again, that man, Ryan Reynolds, confirms why he's my absolute one and only MAN CRUSH!!!! God bless u sir, you're voice was exquisite even better than the sounds of two chimichangas rubbing against each other before you engulf them in the trash can that you call a mouth. Thank you!

gad·a·bout : Gah I love Ryan.

Chae Rin Lee : Akdkfn he's so cool.

Until the Flowers Bloom : Ryan Reynolds is awesome, this is the best promotion for a movie I have ever seen 😂 and I love Deadpool ❤ His reaction when he got called Donald Trump 😂😂😂

isolated_ailand : Of course he's wearing a unicorn mask, what did I expect xD

Giselle Bravo : Celebrities freaking out over celebrities makes my heart warm. Makes people realize how they are normal people like us no matter the title of "celebrity" "famous" love all of them.

Imnowan 13 : I love how he always call blake “my wife” instead of call her name “Blake this Blake that” I love him soooooo

Utopia Lord : You do know Ryan Reynolds is very famous besides Deadpool.

scottydoeskno328 : I was hoping for either the deadpool mask under there or a picture of hugh jackman stuck to his face again.


Arnold Dominic Ramos : he was this close to breaking the 4th wall so many times

Dani Dani : i love how they are fanboying

Sean Harmon : Top 10 anime plot twists

tylerwonho : I just love this guy!!!!

De chen Boo : Deadpool in KoREA. Dang....first DC now Fox. Marvel gotta step up their game and feature Korea or Kpop somehow. Deadpool and unicorns....match made in heaven. LOL.

FootballFourEver : Proud to call him a fellow Canadian. Humble, humorous, self deprecating and honest. Carry that flag Ryan!

Unicorns for lifee : Canadian masked man sings Tomorrow and amazes thousands of Koreans

ami wu : Yoon's face tho! So priceless😂😂

belle nikita : I've never seen a reaction like this before. So awesome.

PENTAGON-sama! HAKUNAMATATA!!! : Unfortunately just one round.... Please singing again...

igotexoinmyarea : I was so shook. I literally thought they edited his face onto some Korean guy but low and behold

Dani Dani : ryan was on....omg

All Kpop Is Life : Are you Trump? Basically saying back Me: Are you Kim Jong-un? ... At least he apologized.

El Mariachi : Damn Marvels, they absolutely know how to promote:), who would have thought?!

'-_- : This came outta nowhere lol 😂😂 But he's so cool ❤

Rizzy정 : whats next drake? beyoncé?ariana grande?😂😂

Miki Go88 : How much do you bet he watches these Korean shows and that's why he choose to be on this one.

bingo bongo : never seen deadpool but damn ryan is a nice looking man.

Cactus Juice : Hello new ringtone 💕

Karmaa21 : Deadpool always slayyyy 😂😆🔫

Tessïa Emard : What The...OMG Ryan Reynolds?! They Got him on the show😄😃😊💜 I'm heading right away to watch the full episode then Genre Ça ramene des acteurs americains mtn lol

min ceemie : who says a unicorn can't sing better than 80% of the whole population? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

MeLoDy way : You make the best videos !

Putri A. : all I can hear is Deadpool's voice 😂

Casual Gamer : Why do these countries don't teach English as a major language, its a universal language for god's sake!!??

민경 : 1빠

omai wa mu : Cracked yoon @ 0:19

achanwahn : He did what?! Lmao xD

48mavemiss2 : Bet he never saw that coming when he began acting lol

Winston Wan : Deadpool is singing😱😱😱

leopika kawaii : thank you for this :)

Molasar : I feel like I snorted a pound of coke watching this show. Does everyone is South Korea has severe A.D.D? PS: Ryan is an awesome guy and I hope Deadpool 2 destroys Solo: A Star Wars Story in box office numbers.

Byak Hanghal : Wooo... I would have never known it was him if he hasn't taken off the unicorn mask... #unicorn_just_so_him

Rebecca Tang : *CRYING* 😂😂😂

M3lloWcH1k : LOL Ryan is doing great promoting Deadpool 😅😄

GamerCare : Wonder what his wife reaction to his singing :D

RustyPro676 : im gay for this man

Nelson Idr : Wth Deadpool is everywhere

Korean World : He sings good.

SB AFIQ : He’s so cute!!