Andy Irons: Kissed By God - Official Teaser

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Drewbtube : I was on the north shore and helped participate in the family prayer before the Volcolm Pipe Pro. It was wonderful. It was inspiring. It was exactly what is needed in this world. I hope this is a very successful movie and brings people closer to family and farther from addiction. 🤙

Andy Haumersen : This is going to be HEAVY.

beebeeguy69 : That second to last shot. I had dry eyes until that one.

First Last : axel irons literally has the shoes of a god to fill. Once he realizes that, there will be no stopping him.

Spenser Hart : interesting how the narrative of Andy's story has slowly become more and more transparent over the years. Wonder if they diagnosed him as Bi-Polar before or after he passed

Kas Kahea : When are they gonna release this documentary!? 😑 this teaser was up since last summer. 🙂 Better come out next month!! 😒👍🏽🖤

ThePackmule123 : Hell yeah

Nori & Yuki : Cannot even wait for this to drop. Can't watch without tearing up. Love Andy. Fav surfer ever, forever.

scarypotter777 : rest in peace

Sleeping Lion : He seems like a good guy. Andy. Never met him, but seems like he surfed Bc he loved it, and not Bc of the fame and corporate crap/involvement.

Billy Bees : Can't wait to see,I'll watch alone because I know my eyes will rain,God bless Irons family God bless everyone!!

lagunero13 alma : The Best

Todd Bickerstaff : I watched this last night and am still openly weeping, hard. Gut wrenching, powerful, truthful, motivating and so very very tragic all at the same heart goes out to Lindy and Axel.

Don : Andy’s “real” story helped me in 2010 b/c I know a fellow sufferer but I agree that if the family would have been more transparent about his death- it could have helped more people suffering from mental illness 🤓

david f : Got my ticket yesterday for the Boston premiere.sooo stoked! A.I. Forever

JRsurfshack : cant find the soundtrack for the movie looking for the final song they played in the ending scene anyone know?

K Swiss : Song used ?

david f : Almost here,can't f'n wait!! A.I forever

Alex Mauer Vlogs : Looks amazing!!!

SplooshProductions : I need help finding a song from this movie. It starts out with a woman's voice and the intro is hard to comprehend

Dean Digamon : Sick edit! Can’t wait for da full!

Fox Handley : I am a young grom from Australia and was wondering if this will be released in australia

Brooks Bradley : welcome to da chaos of mine

dasright1905 : Long live da king!!!😢🍻❤

Gammon Jackson : Since they’ve started throwing the labels at him, I would say he had a good bit of ocd as well. Like all the greats; a one track mind and non stop drive is a definite is included

Bjbtwin : 🙌

A.N. : Which flag is that and why are they holding it?

toyohawaii : 人間心では終わり、死んでからの評価より生きている間の評価。

Encouragement and Hope Ministries : A.I. = Legend