AI Learns to play the Worlds Hardest Game

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Code Bullet : Hey Guys Its not more levels but it is the next best thing

sstream17 : Adding the incremental learning was a neat trick to get around the players stuck in the start. Overall very neat but I agree with others, I'd like to see a video where the AI learns the rules of the game, not the path of a particular level. This would be more fun to watch with more levels going forward.

Gerbbzz : All you have to code is If “redRectangle” touch “blueCircle” Then {don’t}

Albert Renshaw : It didn't really learn to play the game though, it just learned an exact path to beat that exact one level.

Bozocow : The fact that he remakes the game in like 4 seconds tells us a lot about the original.

V5 In : 2:43 Battle of Stalingrad 1942 Colorised

GX : Now, bring that bad boy to dark souls

Alex Mc : I don't know why people call this "learning", the computer only does random stuff until it RANDOMLY comes to the right solution. Any human brain after the 2th or 3th try at most would have understood that those blue balls were bad and were supposed to be avoid,but the AI after 60+ tries he still didn't get it, he just kept going to random directions until it randomly succeed, there's no intelligence there, just randomness.

can we get 1000 subs no videos : Algorithm: if *red_player touch(blue)* then *try again thx*

only fqxtt : *_FIND THIS GAME ON C O O L MA T H_*

Rami Awar : For anyone wondering what the fitness function is : ------------------------------------------------------ calculateFitness() { if (this.reachedGoal) {//if the dot reached the goal then the fitness is based on the amount of steps it took to get there = 1.0/16.0 + 10000.0/(this.brain.step * this.brain.step); } else {//if the dot didn't reach the goal then the fitness is based on how close it is to the goal var estimatedDistance = 0.0;//the estimated distance of the path from the player to the goal for (var i = this.nodes.length-1; i>=0; i--) { if (!this.nodes[i].reached) { estimatedDistance = this.nodes[i].distToFinish; estimatedDistance += dist(this.pos.x, this.pos.y, this.nodes[i].pos.x, this.nodes[i].pos.y); } } if (this.deathByDot) { estimatedDistance *= 0.9; } = 1.0/(estimatedDistance * estimatedDistance); }*; if(this.coin.taken){ *=1.2; } ------------------------------------------------------

VengfulDeathCow : It didn't learn the game it learned a pattern of moves that lead to it beating the level... It has no idea how or why it was successful, it was more just process of elimination on what moves were bad... Edit: lots of people are saying that this is a form of learning, and I have to disagree. If you want to be picky sure, the bot learned that level, but it did so in a way that doesn't actually let it gain any information other than how to beat level 1. If we translate this to a parallel example of a series of multiple choice questions (at each frame the player can move up, down, left, right and the question has 4 answers) we can prove it. If I asked you what the answer to question 1 is without telling you the question or answers, you'd get it 1/4 of the time. We could proceed through the test and start over each time you got one wrong, you'd eventually Ace the test. Did you learn the material? No, you eventually guess & checked your way to the end and the only thing you learned was a string of letters. If anyone changed the order of the test or switched the answers around you'd be back at step 1, equivalent to a new level of the game. It would be easier and more efficient for someone who knew the game to beat the level and record their exact keystrokes, then upload that pattern to the bot and say they taught the bot how to beat that level. Same as someone who knew the material of the exam to just do the test and then have you memorize the answer key. Tl;Dr - bot learned the level, not the game. At the very least the title is misleading. AI learns to beat level from worlds hardest game is much more accurate, the AI did not come close to learning to play the game.

Nicholas Rytting : I really hope nobody actually thinks this is the Worlds hardest game. (I know it's the title, but some people are weird.)

SalocinRevenge : Hi, Im brasilian and I found your Channel today, and I loved it. But there is a problem, I want to show these videos to my friends, who does not speak very well, so, If you just add some subtitles, I could show them your videos! It's a good ideia isn't It? More View, more subscribers (more money) and even more work :/ . Thanks for these videos ;)

SirRandom : But can it beat Crysis?

Skull King : The song and epicness of the ai learning reminded me of that awesome scene in skyline where the drones come in to nuke the aliens

- Nathun : Isn’t there more than one level?

KOBKED-X : kill it now, before it breeds...or programs an offspring of any kind!

TanKi DRoPPeR : No logic

SANJAYA : 0:16 nyaww~

Can I get subs For no reason : Why you using Scratch

L11ND : Is your left antenna the upper half of a sigma

Alternative : Does anyone know the name of the song playing?

Chess Dragon : The old saying : "I clicked on this youtube, you happy now" !!

Christopher Carlson : More levels!

Sergio Franco : I WANNA SEE ALL LEVELS!!

masenkoh : I just wanna know the names of the songs you used, especially the last/second to last one

Julian Otto : background song!!!!!!????????????? PLS

The Stationery Draw : I cant belive my eyes last time i saw code bullet he ha maybe 300 subs but now, and that was like 3 moths ago

Alexander Dinawanao : More like humanities evolution in a... whoa!!.. STOP IT'S A GAME FOLK'S IT'S A GAME *save the shell in your nutS*

Venkatesh G : AI learns to code and develop more AI.

Mai Phan : I’m just going to say.... THIS IS SOO FREAKING COOL!!👌👌❤️❤️

funmeister : Wow! My first time on this channel and by its simplicity, clarity and cheesy (but appropriate) music, this is by far the best I've seen since Turing. Subscribed!

Mayank Sharma : That was lookin impossible in the beginning

L1utaurs : i completed the 3 levels what do i win basically it wasn't that hard you just gotta concentrate and be smart

PulseFire Caitlyn : When the "bot learns making youtube vids"? Edit: wow, didnt expect much love on this comment <3

jax : what's the music from?

Damian Reloaded : Cool! You need to randomize the balls start point and speed

RuBiK MaN : *_Shit_*

A.R.M.Y PotatoGalore : I’ve completed that game before, it only took 30 mins... *I FEEL SPECIAL NOW*

Tom9358 : It didn't learn to avoid the dots, it just found a winning path.

TheIncredibleCookie : more levels k


migow :D : HELL YEAH !!!!!!!!!! (With Code Bullet Dabbing xD)

Carry Sports : first lvl 2nd try, hardest Game. Kappa

Kevin Zhang : Problem is I don't think ai even knows what an enemy is and that they should avoid it. Using that same ai on a different level would be catastrophic lmao.

Jebrone Love Kitten : I'm not liking how machine learning is working any more. it was nice concept in the beginning. But the more you realize how it works the more it becomes apparent, it is just randomly hitting buttons until it accomplishes something through hundreds of trial and error. I'm hoping this evolves more into some how retaining this information and using it to solve more solutions without starting from the beginning again.

Gamexx1000 : Eu quero aprender a fazer isso. pouco material em português

שגהש : Artificial Intelligence more like Artificial Retardation

Shashwat Chopra : Song at 2:10 please