AI Learns to play the Worlds Hardest Game

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Code Bullet : Hey Guys Its not more levels but it is the next best thing

sstream17 : Adding the incremental learning was a neat trick to get around the players stuck in the start. Overall very neat but I agree with others, I'd like to see a video where the AI learns the rules of the game, not the path of a particular level. This would be more fun to watch with more levels going forward.

Alp Erol : plot twist: he forgot to program the win condition.

A. Ayush : That's level 1..... Try level 50

Siegfried Siegfried : 2:10 WHAT IS THE SONG?

LxrdVirus : i got first lvl 2nd try lol

Sergio Franco : I WANNA SEE ALL LEVELS!!

Eller Ellerek : The title should be: "Worlds dumbest player trying medium hard game"

Chad Zimmerman : Anyone just think this is what humanity is doing, and we’re all just red dots constantly going the wrong way millions of times over 40 generations, until one person finally solves the damn problem? And then we start all over with level 2 o.O

Levi Smith : 4:25, song please? Why can't people just link the music they use in the description? It's not yours. Please credit artists.

Rami Awar : For anyone wondering what the fitness function is : ------------------------------------------------------ calculateFitness() { if (this.reachedGoal) {//if the dot reached the goal then the fitness is based on the amount of steps it took to get there = 1.0/16.0 + 10000.0/(this.brain.step * this.brain.step); } else {//if the dot didn't reach the goal then the fitness is based on how close it is to the goal var estimatedDistance = 0.0;//the estimated distance of the path from the player to the goal for (var i = this.nodes.length-1; i>=0; i--) { if (!this.nodes[i].reached) { estimatedDistance = this.nodes[i].distToFinish; estimatedDistance += dist(this.pos.x, this.pos.y, this.nodes[i].pos.x, this.nodes[i].pos.y); } } if (this.deathByDot) { estimatedDistance *= 0.9; } = 1.0/(estimatedDistance * estimatedDistance); }*; if(this.coin.taken){ *=1.2; } ------------------------------------------------------

NiceShinyStars : You know it's not called an AI right? An AI is something entirely different...

Thaias : That beginning is on !

Nicholas Rytting : I really hope nobody actually thinks this is the Worlds hardest game. (I know it's the title, but some people are weird.)

AegisInferno : Technology is evolving... The end is near.

SB TMS : 2:10 what song is that? It’s so good!

Miguel Navarrete : The machines they're learning... and soon they will rise...

Artymis Gryphon : They're like people, experimenting to see what works and then improving on that to accomplish their goal!

TigerClaw! : When the Title said "AI learnst to play the worlds hardest game" i thought you meant Kizuna AI lol

Ben Dover : 2:10 song name please bro

XsaivierWolfe : Do the players actually "See" anything, or are they just following the pattern that the best one got? This AI probably couldn't go on to the second level and attempt to go through it with what it's learned on this level, could it?

mithril : So I'm wondering, if there is a level where you need to wait still a few seconds or get back a few pixels to finish the level, how would the AI learn that? In its mind, isn't the further the better? If it made it that far, that means it knows it's doing something right (which is not the case) so why would it wait?

Gerbbzz : All you have to code is If “redRectangle” touch “blueCircle” Then {don’t}

Toxy : we did it reddit

nfk Veterana : 5:03 name of da song?

Venkatesh G : AI learns to code and develop more AI.

Nathan Reed : I remember I got stuck at that level at the beginning of the vid, back when I was in 6ty grade playing coolmath

l555444333222 L5K : Let's*

Sanitation Boy : moar level

Gooberus Goober : problem this is level one there are 30 levels xD you should try to let them beat the hardest level i think 29

Robertus : {if going to die} {dont} pretty easy

Gliderous : It's...IT'S LEARNING

Osse Elite : Lvl 2

Gurdev : Ai is going to takeover


Goel : I would really like to see more levels, but I also want to see a neuroevolution approach to this. You would train it on the first 5 levels lets say, then start running it and see how well it can figure out levels it hasn't seen yet!

廖文睿 : Next century’s video from code bullet : AI auto learn to plat all games worldwide

Joseph Sanabria : Can you make an AI for a browser game called The point of the game is to get through 40 increasingly difficult stages without touching an obstacle. If u do get hit you have a timer and teammates may save you if they touch you and vice versa. There are also 3 different levels: Central Core, Vicious Valley, and Elite Expanse. I think it would be pretty awesome to see an AI *try* to get through this game.

Konodus : moa levls!!!

Carry Sports : first lvl 2nd try, hardest Game. Kappa

Tom9358 : It didn't learn to avoid the dots, it just found a winning path.

Jon Schneringer : mr dot i dont feel so good

тимур валеев : me need moar

Benjamin Whelan : Song at 4:40?

Big Black Clock : game looks easy.. waste of time

DogsDoDodge : AI robot learns to play geometry dash! Edit: WOW so many likes!

Shashwat Chopra : Song at 2:10 please

Jebrone Love Kitten : I'm not liking how machine learning is working any more. it was nice concept in the beginning. But the more you realize how it works the more it becomes apparent, it is just randomly hitting buttons until it accomplishes something through hundreds of trial and error. I'm hoping this evolves more into some how retaining this information and using it to solve more solutions without starting from the beginning again.

nickt : not really a problem suitable for AI

Dead Meme : You don't make learning AI, you just make a whole bunch of monkeys in a room. So many, that one will eventually get lucky and write Shakespeare.