Boogie Shoes Canine Freestyle Routine!

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NanaBorderCollie : This routine ROCKS!! Love the air that Hero gets at 1:00. Can't wait to see you guys again in April. :)

chocula187 : what monsters could dislike this? you might as well dislike sunshine.

Wooster001 : You can tell the dog actually enjoys this.

Dallon Carter : geez I can barely get my dog to sit when I say.

Vendrix : she's hot

Breezey L : Sara's family should be so proud of her. She is a very special person.

Ray Harkins : smartest dog ever. dog has that girl trained...

beephee : WOW! this is the same girl on AGT!!!

Caprice Wilton : Omg this is *amazing*

Shaedyn Wairau : whos singing this version of Boogie Shoes?

Alex Staal : Amazing... Who is the pretty girl btw? ;-)

Paleo Woman : Love Hero! Sarah you are a great trainer!

Tom Kennedy : And Sara don't YOU look sexy prancing around like that - go girl

AJM HugeHeartForAnimals : She should have done this routine for AGT

Lauren Miller : You guys are so awesome! :D

BuddyLou : Amazing!

Shaedyn Wairau : whos singing this version of Boogie Shoes?

Spiderbuster71 : >>>Amazing<<<

Aneel channel : Woww

Atom26 : Ни чё, такая жопа...

Thomas Griffin : that pup can disco dance better than I ever could!

Татьяна Евсеенкова : Классно, смотрела с большим удовольствием. Вы супер,!

Alexandre Yukio Takahashi : My name is Alex. I’m with FUJI TV in Japan. May we have permission to use this video with on -air credit to you. Please, let us know. Thank you !!

SomethingCool51 : What a happy dog

Double Trouble : Hi Sara this is amazing I am such a fan can you do another of these videos You are amazing 🤜🏻☝🏻👍🏻👉🤯😍😂😀😅😄

Lori A Worrell : Awesome, america's got talent. :-)

aly antillon : How does he know when to cross his paws when she is behind her

Labrador Pathfinder : Wow, you are great, and your dog is well traind too.

Дмитрий Р : Когда игра доставляет удовольствие. Однозначно супер ролик. Лайк!

Robert Post : That's so great. A pole-dancing dog! Border Collies are amazing. The dog can dance better than I ever could.

ALL ABOUT DOGS : I want to train my new puppy to do that!!! could you make a video on how you taught your dog those AWESOME tricks

94KX : Collies are some of the smartest dogs that ever lived, and it's amazing to see him pull this off

Jasmine Mackay : Wow, you guys are incredible!! Loved the routine.

Beth L : so much talent here!!  the music is perfect!

Mare Van Hove : I really really love dogs and what you do! Awesome x 1000! <3

Scott Saxton : How the hell...amazing. Awesome duo :)

instantwagner : You're Beautiful

I Am Mr. X : Wow, just breath taking so so beautiful and Hero not bad too 😍

Aneta Adamcová : It was amazing guys! Good job! ♥

Cindy Oser : You both are amazing! Thanks for making me smile.

Collies AJ : You were from AGT I loved your act SO much <3


Richard M : Reminds me of Kate and Gin from BGT 2008 :)

Trickdog Adventures : Amazing ! 😀😍

Hanna Cassel : so lovely 😄 he has so much fun as well!

craftymagnets : Bravo, totally "awesome".

Amber Flo : he is so cute !!! Wow

TotallyStoked : Pretty trippy, Hero.

matteo trenti : ❤️❤️❤️😘😍

Shihua ShihuaSong : I love this dog