HALLOWEEN | Making a Perfect Sequel

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超粒方 : Completely agreed, the yard scene with the automatic lights is especially brilliant. Also, I'm noticing a trend of letting the heroes become old in sequels recently, Logan, Luke Skywalker, Kratos, and now Laurie. I think this really provides really unique storytelling opporunities as we get to see the heroes we love become a different person.

tank butt : Do what shrek 2 did.

A Bit Ret : I like how we have two alternate sequels to the original Halloween, Halloween 2 if you want to see what would of happened if Michael continues to pursue Laurie on the same night as the original, whereas the new one shows what would happen if Michael came back years later.

Bizon Bizoński : I'll go off topic, but I gotta adres this - what's with that stupid trend of naming the sequel the same as the original? It was understandable when the film was a remake or reboot, but with a sequel? Even adding "The" like in case of Predator is stupid as in Polish there is no equivalent of "the". I get that this is a retcon sequel and it shouldn't be numbered, but we could at least get some smart subtitle... Sorry I just had to shout this out, the review is perfect and I now gotta see this sequeloboot ;)

Mechobra : This is certainly not a "perfect" sequel by any means. It's not even remotely close in quality to the first one. Its ideas are interesting but its execution just falls into average slasher sequel tropes. I can't disagree more when you say this film doesn't depend on contrivances when so much of the screen-time ignores Laurie entirely and just sets up characters to have some grisly deaths (the psychiatrist, the granddaughter's friends, the journalists) at the expense of the actual interesting aspects of the narrative.

Rozza : did they REALLY need to name it halloween? like, come on, now we have 3 halloween movies named halloween

Geahk Burchill : Not to bring up wounds, but this is what I had wanted from Star Wars The Force Awakens. I had wanted some believable progression from the old characters and the world they lived in. Instead I got that weird, hollow, retread.

Toecutter : Your take on Laurie in the original Halloween 2 is way off.. its a continuation of the night..why would Laurie be (hardened?) She was terrified by the shape she had seen all her friends dead bodies then he came for her. She fought him off.. and following that she did similar in Halloween 2... she would not go into 'Rambo mode' while still going through the ordeal, this is the magic of Halloween 2..it plays on that fear of the shapes strengths.. stalking, hiding,using the dark setting of that hospital isolating Laurie until he plays cat and mouse with her.... he could have killed her easily, but he chose to scare her more playing trick or treat. A fantastic movie..with a creepy seemingly supernatural killer, far better than given credit for especially as Carpenter all but dismisses it today.. but back then it was as big as this new Halloween.

Mr Freddo Renton : I'd argue that the perfect sequel is Back to the Future(s). They take place literally seconds after the previous one ended, so there aren't any unexpected character changes in the name of "growth", they introduce new concepts and goals, they have novel but themed setpieces and they make for an overarching story that can be enjoyed on their own - I actually watched them in reverse order because of how tv works, and still loved them

Ewan Callister : Empire Strikes Back & Terminator 2 are the templates for a Perfect Sequel (IMO)

BADWOLF : Perfect Sequel? So you're speaking of Cobra Kai?

Phillip Redding : Original Halloween 2 was made because the studio was going to make a sequel, with or without Carpenter. Carpenter wrote 2 because he figured if they made one, he might as well write and direct. Halloween was supposed to be an anthology series, without any connectivity.

rodster6 : The Silver Shamrock mask company exists in this new Halloween continuity so part three may be canon haha ;p

Galaxy Fraulein ジ 3:33 : I disagree about H2 being a bad sequel/movie (or just not a good one) and would argue that, in fact, it's possibly one of the few good horror sequels to ever be made, alongside Evil Dead 2 and Hellraiser 2.

Mikey Raymond : There is no director's cut of Alien 3. The alternate cut (by the studio, known as the assembly cut) contains no meaningful differences to the theatrical cut. It's equally as awful.

kazuma Jay : How to make a perfect sequel?! Continue the story.

Olyphantastic : Nitpick time: Obiviously the Alien 3 Assembly cut is not a directors cut, as they said on the DVD; David Fincher would had to come back and redo the film to become his directors cut. The assembly cut doesn't really restore his vision which is why they called it an Assembly Cut.

Nuclear Cricket : Love your vids my dude

The CineRanter : "In the end making a good film will always trump anything else" very true

Nicholas Luck : My only problem with it is that it tried too hard to be the perfect sequel. It's possible to gently push bad movies away and make the sequel to the original that you want but coming straight out and saying "nah, those are gone, I'm gonna make the real sequel" almost seems entitled. Those don't fit into my fan fiction so they don't count. It was still a great movie and has not, as far as I know, deleted the old movies from our plane of existence but it's kind of annoying for it to just erase 40 years of story rather than work around it just to make the movie one guy wanted to make.

jay folk : From the director of Stronger, Your Highness, Pineapple Express, and a lot of arthouse films. Though I wished the kids were watching Carpenter's Thing like the first film to come full circle, and Michael's last scene was him going down the stairs, doing as HE wants, why, we'll never know - nor need to.

KlingonCaptain : I loved it, BUT the use of Blumhouse actors made it feel like it belonged in the Blumhouse universe and not in the original Halloween universe. That's just me.

TheHitherto : It's sad, but I've never been able to get excited for the Halloween movies. First two are good, sure, but as a franchise it's almost as messy as the Howling series.

Khandar William : One does not simply retcon previous sequels

Bastiaan Wiltjer : God, I'm really excited for this

Jimmy Ramos : Perfect sequels are the LOTR ones. Also, it's interesting how you gave a good amount of praise to this movie while Chris Stuckman gave it a C and was heavily disappointed. To be honest the trailers seemed too generic.

Alan Guillermo : Very excited to check this out this weekend. I’m glad to hear they’ve managed to make Michael scary again.

Sheepy007 : you talked about perfect sequels but did not mention Blade runner 2049. I think that was a missed opportunity

Fidelio : I don’t like ignoring canon and then just titling your sequel after the original film just to get more ticket sales. This just feels like The Force Awakens to me.

James Bell : Shouldn’t this video be about Blade Runner 2049?

Josh McIver : awesome editing, as always Rossatron! I always appreciate the effort you put into your video essays. Big fan.... thanks.

jmalmsten : Wait.. there's a new Halloween film... And it's good?? Why am I only hearing about it this close to release (oct 19 over here)?

Alexander Stone : Halloween H20 (1998) is pretty much the best in the series since the original.It bends back on Laurie and Michael releationship and I hate that people fotget it

Jameson Weatherford : Respectfully, Aliens was a serviceable sequel. The ending(s) was/were garbage, eschewing Ripley's sacrifice for a robot punch up. The sequel (even leading into alien 3) should've had the queen show up for a teaser after everyone was in cryo.

rodster6 : YES! I've always said the same thing about the pointless sibling connection. Myers isn't as scary if he's just targeting family members. I'm not a Myers so as long as I stay out of the way of any I should be fine. What was terrifying about the original is that it felt I could be in danger, anyone could and this insane killer was still on the loose by the end!

Andre Sousa : SPOILER This new Halloween film falls short in the 3 act. Michael was killing ANYONE.. he was not after Laurie, that's was the point of the movie, BUT they have to make the end a battle between Michael X Laurie.. and so we got that 'twist' to make them be at the same place.. i really dislike that. I would make Laurie be anxious that Michael was not going for her, and with her mental problems and innability of letting go of the past, she would drive to the town looking for him.

rodster6 : I agree about Alien 3. It's a perfect ending to the Ripley storyline.

Nicholas van der Waard : I find the words "should" or "perfect" dubious. All the same, it sounds like they did a solid job, this time around.

idefy7 : my problem with your analysis is you could say the same thing for Halloween H2O. in fact Halloween H2O I would say is superior to the 2018 Halloween just for the sheer fact then it captures with the first John Carpenter movie did and that was suspense building, where is this new movie he's just a shark

Abel Villa : They technically had already erased anything after Halloween 2 with H20 and also it’s a bit unfair to say Laurie is useless and should’ve grown when the second film takes place the same night after the first film. Either way this is is the best Halloween movie since the original. Good analysis.

The Big LeBoschski : My concern is that if this is successful, studios will want to continue it... Yet again. I'm hoping this is a fine swan song (at least until there's anither slasher resurgence). They're still trying to do another Friday the 13th. I hope they keep the tone and preparation that the trailers are marketing. Laurie is not messing around, and that she is fully committed and dedicated to her final Form ala Sarah Connor.

Chiefahleaf : I remembered the reason why carpenter didn't want to follow the series after the original sequel was that he was sued and forced into writing the sequel with short time and he was forced to write the sister plotline.

AngryDuck46 : The new sequel has me torn over how to feel about it......it has some great bits but also some stupid choices. Without spoiling the movie it isn't the best closure to the Laurie / Michael story at all.

waynski1457 : Stopped the video 30 seconds in just to say this. Your editing is absolutely amazing in this video. I mean, wow. Truly wonderful stuff.

NotAtAll : I'm not a horror expert so I'm gonna ask,why do horror movies do sequels,can't they think of a new idea? Sequals as you say are harder to do,why then unlike other genres like thrillers, you don't see sequals ,however in horror it happens often and poorly at that,first because you can't keep ambiquity in 10 movies and the cinemathography and the overall mood isn't captured or maintained.(amateur opinion)

BudderBro18 : I saw the movie and it probably is the 2nd best or 3rd best halloween movie.

Mitch W : it was way too predictable on what was gonna happen next and that's what a horror movie doesn't need.

Ku Ku Klock : Alien 3 is trash, directors cut or not

Mr Heru_san : Dude... im watching your videos since the raid 2 essay, i hope you will review the night comes for us (original netflix film), much appreciate....

Thomas K96 : H2 Takes Place the same night there's No time to grow.