When your game pays way too much attention to detail

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Lyrical Myracle : TO CONTROL YO TOES 💀

VampireCat Productions : Detroit in a nutshell

Heavenly Controller : Heavy Rain lol

Wasabi Fox : *Detroit become human*

Briola Nugent : The quick time events and press and hold events on the PS4 *I DON'T HAVE THAT MANY FINGERS!*

Apricock : C O N T R O L Y O U R T O E S

Kenny Plays : G U D

Anonymous Animations : Why is this Detroit become human

Yummychii : This dude predicted the gameplay for Detroit: Become Human.

TheStylishFox 5 : Detroit: Become Human - *INSTENSIFIES*

Ricky Fajar : Basically every David Cage game

NPC #Reecommander1264188 : Detroit become human.

Caleb Young : Detroit: Become Human (2018)

Animoia : Sooooo... Detroit and heavy rain basically

Nivane H : Telltale games in a nutshell

C Alexander : If this aint Detroit.

yumairavibes : Detroit become human is just like this

Retro Raijin : Detroit become human in a nutshell

Fire Nation Files : *C O N T R O L Y O U R T O E S*

zer0bit : Omfg, I'm laughing so loud hahahaha

billiam shakespeare : Detroit: Become Human

lemon - tama : It's ok, you can say detroit become human

Berry Frieze : Read Dead Redemption 2

AbsterArt : Detroit: Become Human

Anzy : me watching Detroit Become Human gameplays lmao

Panzer Man : David Cage games

Japanda : Detroit: Become Human

Depressed pigeon : Detroit: Become Human confirmed

ken kanekii : Press X To Die much 😂

looks-like-kristoff : Detroit become human in a nutshell

your crippling anxiety : im laughing at the comments constantly mentioning either Detroit: become human or Quantic Dream LMAO

Johnny U. Films : Detroit : Become human

[insertstupidnamehere] : Detroit become human-

Jay Rich Edits : "GOOD" 😂😂😂

ashmit galav : Gooood

yeems : This is literally Detriot: Become Human

Captain Kermit : When you're playing Detroit: Become human

remiroo 22 : Heavy Rain in a nutshell.

Sera Phine : Oh gosh quantic dream 😆

BLU Storm : This is basically Detroit: Become Human

Ratti Datti : detroit become human cutscenes am i right?

SUNDAYKID : Red dead redemption 2😂

Aggelos M : You know shit's getting surreal when the celebcity alien music kicks in

Antii Social : *Detroit:Become Human in a nutshell*

Señor Lechuga : *G o o d !*

Poodle : Detroit: Become Human in a nutshell

Just_Kevø _ : Detroit?

Valente F : I'ma kill the next person to mention Detroit: Becom... Oh my God somebody just did it again

Abraham Issac : Too many comments referring to Detroit.

Watts : Red Dead Redemption 2