When your game pays way too much attention to detail

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Lyrical Myracle : TO CONTROL YO TOES 💀

Briola Nugent : The quick time events and press and hold events on the PS4 *I DON'T HAVE THAT MANY FINGERS!*

Ethan S : All these people talkin about detroit become human This is just manual samual

Panzer Man : David Cage games

Valente F : I'ma kill the next person to mention Detroit: Becom... Oh my God somebody just did it again

VampireCat Productions : Detroit in a nutshell

Mr. Scouts : Basically Manual Samuel

Fire Nation Files : *C O N T R O L Y O U R T O E S*

Señor Lechuga : *G o o d !*

Berry Frieze : Read Dead Redemption 2

Apricock : C O N T R O L Y O U R T O E S

Gen M : You thought it was QWOP, but it was really David Cage all along.

Abraham Issac : Too many comments referring to Detroit.

HitzCritz : This is basically a 3d version of QWOP lol

NicoMaster29 : *And people say you play too much video games and don't exercise enough, my boy dying out here*

Heavenly Controller : Heavy Rain lol

Naughty Niffler : Octodad

Dark Tea : Manuel Samuel

Mya's Animation Room : Manuel Samuel in a nutshell.

Vivek Bhookya : Outro song name? Almost found -- it's some remix of "The Whispers - Tonight"

Aggelos M : You know shit's getting surreal when the celebcity alien music kicks in

Do;jk sesdfjibjs figduhv bfd bj dgsiub ndfunijfol : why is no one referencing Manual Samuel

FAiden : *_C O N T R O L Y O T O E S_*

A Blue Kidd : 1:02 FNAF 50/20 in a nutshell

Kaneki Ken : Press X To Die much 😂

Ratti Datti : detroit become human cutscenes am i right?

10,000 Subscribers With Videos Challenge : *At least this game is not about masturbating*

asocial trash : *Detroit:Become Human in a nutshell*

ToXic : Manuel Samuel in a nutshell

zer0bit : Omfg, I'm laughing so loud hahahaha


anoja31 : Me @ Detroit become human ;-;


Free Hairlines : This is exactly like red dead redemption 2

Nivane H : Telltale games in a nutshell

Keshav N S : Press "X" in a Dualshock controller ?

SUNDAYKID : Red dead redemption 2😂

Watts : Red Dead Redemption 2

Emi G : is this manual samuel

Jay Rich Edits : "GOOD" 😂😂😂

Lucas Jordan : Detroit

Claire Jessop : Just like manual samuel, where you have to walk forward by changing between r 2 and l2, breathe in with another button, then breath out with a different button, link with another button and keep your spine from going limp,

Kermit The Hermit : read dead 2 in a nutshell

Channel Zodiac : Leaked Detroit Become Human

Wasabi Fox : *Detroit become human*

Mark Aldrich Soria : Manuel Samuel in a nutshell.

Savannah Skinner : Why is he making fun of Detroit like this?? Lol so accurate

Toxic SpikezZ : Gud!

Kayla Calabrese : *Detroit: Become Detailed*

Kenny Plays : G U D