The Earth Is Running Out of Sand and It Could Cause a Global Crisis

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Master Therion : Desert sand can't be used to make concrete? Is that a rumor or is there concrete evidence?

Software Man : It's amazing how people in the desert never starve because of all the sand which is there

The Great Arabian Knight : Earth is running out of earth

Vasectomy Fail : I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

Jeffrey Koelewijn : Instead of concrete you can use hempcrete, mycelium, ferrock or ashcrete and more will be found out. And maybe if desert sand can't be used to make building materials, maybe it can be used or is even ideal for something else.

jarupongch : How to become a billionaire: Step 1: Make desert sand usable for concrete Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit $$$

Random Weirdo : NO MORE SANDCASTLES!??!???

Spudz : Anakin would be happy

Xsinar : Dubai: "Sand, Sand everywhere but not a grain to use"

Lakario Davis : everytime I turn around humans are sucking the life out of this planet Damn!

clxwncrxwn : Soooo no more sandwiches?

TheJegkkon : Seems like every week there is a new "crisis"

Muhammad Mehdi : Earth is literally running out of everything the only solution to save Earth is human extinction 😔

Alex McCabe : China creates several huge islands out of sand using huge sand drudges. 2 years later: *Lets talk about the sand crisis*

Suryansh Tagore : Aaaaahh..This explains the rising Sand Mafia in India

Guru Mage : This is so sand :(

Patrix : "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere" Pretty sure Ani would approve a sandless planet

priTam : Evry boxer give up ur sand bags

k lo : I lost count how many times she said sand .

CORNER SOUNDS : We're running out of sand so it's time to use plastic as a shelter to reduce pollution.

Aayush Production : Sand is the villain of spider man 💪🏻💪🏻

Evil Otto : Not sure challenges faced in building our next super megalopolis warrant a "global crisis" tag. Kinda cheapens next week's global crisis

Science with Smartinator Plus : Woaaaaah Amy is back

Flynn Parish : The market mechanism will solve the supply issue, given there is no oligopoly of the industry. If the supplies of useful sands were to fall, the coming market price will reflect it; eventually would give rise to new innovation of building methods and new discovery of material.

CORNER SOUNDS : What if someday we're running out of people!!😱

brendan wilson : Lol, make sand

Steve : Let's eliminate all the War hungry Democrats!

Kan Mint : Trying to scare the masses. I see your agenda...

Dr.Pepper YouTube. Trust me, it is real one : Good. I hate sand. It's course, rough, and it gets everywhere

Gears Starting : I wonder if anything could be done to the sand that is not as ideal for construction--such as the sand of the Sahara desert--to make it more fit for construction purposes.

Brandon Ellis : Learn something knew everyday

Aayush Production : 2 minutes of silence for people who says there first✌🏼

Johan Herrera : Crisis... Crisis everywhere and about everything.

WRATH : Buy sand from the middle east. Solved

Space duck : 2:29 So you're saying we humans could lower the sea level? **laughs in Dutch** challenge accepted.

Aayush Production : -can you make your text look like this- ·can you make it·

Aayush Production : Any one watching this from future ? ✋🏼

Zach Ryder : That's what they get for muzzling Appa

Groobs G. : I dunno, cause whenever I play Minecraft I always get way too much sand... so maybe do a little more research next time.

Nathan Jones : Anakin will be relieved

Top NocH : Not another thing to worry about

Ally of Darkness Sameer : 6th Nice vid though

JUSTACHIPN : "The Earth Is Running Out of Sand and It Could Cause a Global Crisis" ??? WOW... THAT IS THE DUMBEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE !!!

SoundKiller Official : Why don’t we take the sand in the dessert and push it to the water so we can use it?

Feynstein 100 : In case anyone's wondering, desert sand can't be used for concrete because the particles are very spherical. This means that instead of interlocking with each other, they slide past one another. Hence the sand's structural properties are very poor. As for why the particles are so rounded, that's because the desert has existed for so long that any irregularities in the particles' shape has been eroded away by constant motion because of the wind (analogous to how pebbles at the bottom of a river are generally rounded). Source: am a civil engineer EDIT: It's not that desert sand *can't* be used for making concrete. It can. However, we prefer not to because the concrete would be much weaker than that which uses coarse sand.

Some Thing : When are you guys going to look a little further on this? This isn't a NEW global crisis, it's the cause of a way longer crisis. It's just a matter of connecting the dots. "Global warming" (read: climate change) isn't the cause of the "raising" sea levels, it's the mining of sand which causes the beach to retreat to even the levels out. This is indeed exactly what's making the islands disappear. Watch the documentary called 'Sand Wars' and you'll get what I mean. The dots? You'll have to connect themselves (for once).

big mike : Customary Amy is hot comments.

David Reyna : When did seeker become kurzgesagt 😭😭😭 I’m so depressed now

Isavirs : Anakin is happy.

H&B MOVIES : Everyday there are new Crises