AFV Safety British Army Armoured Fighting Vehicles Challenger 2 Tank Warrior IFV AS 90
Sexually suggestive British army training video

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mitch verr : I dont think she makes this video squaddie proof to be honest, even the WO is having troubles lol.

Madcap247 : lol I remember watching this when I was in. She has an awesome pair of smoke dischargers!

sapper steve : yes size definitely does matter(44DD). Why wasn't she there when I did my AFV course?

disco2 : This will bring back memories lol

Gábor Kovacsics : The military knows how to catch man's attention. This would be a VERY BORING video without that woman.

K S : I learned about this from RSR. I thought the article title was just clickbait, but when I started watching the video, I realized it was accurate. It may not strictly be NSFW, but in these hyper-sensitive times, it is not worth the risk. I'll wait until I get home and turn the lights down low and watch some hot, steamy, AFV safety.

Matt Twinkletoes : I'm in love. They would never do a video like this now days. I mean, where was the bit about stopping for friday prayers? What do we do during ramadam?

Kuhaku : What the hell is that acting..

goodcat1982 : why was it scripted? lol Terrible presenter

DerKopfsammler666 : Poor Shawn, looks like he had a 2-pounder gun ready to fire at her in his pants...

Frederik : @matsimus new video perhaps?

Wullie Stewart : Anat Dychtwald from Coupling

Chin Chun Su : Omg! She made my gun starts to fire!

MuppetV23 : That voice, that sexy voice.........Meeeeoooooowwwwwww!

funkmasterjee : This video contains mistakes. Her skirt is 16 inches too long. Re-make.

BARRY TAYLOR : mind you nearly an uppie at 18:40 !!

A&A Britten : 3:06 he's got his eyes right up her kilt!

Stuart Dowling : challenger 2 needs a new main gun

waynester71 : "Size does matter then" (fake laugh) She's not in the least bit irritating.....

riptup : At least two of you have asked, so I'll answer: her name is Anat Dychtwald.

Tom Henderson : I,m in love!

Haribo 73 : Her.."Think about safety when going in and out of tight spots"...... I bet she says that a lot!!

Joseph Elias : '*this video is not at all scripted at all*'

Tom Forbes : You tell this is all scripted

phooogle : Is this a real training vid? Made me chuckle ;)

CooL Cookie : name pls

Joseph Elias : Also, I didn't know Cobham armour was an option on the warrior AFV. Not sure about that.

Ollie Fowler : what a poor actor

Mats Berg : En annars bra framställning förstörs helt av ett flamsigt fruntimmer som inte ens kan köra personbil! WTF! har PC gått så jävla långt? ÅÅÅÅåååååååhhhh!!!!

Robert Darnell : she looks like Jan from toyota

Conal : What's the presenters name?

Barrie Wright : ouch ! , how meany ways to get your self killed .

Flamer997 : Tits

Another sucker : who's the lesbian?

reddevilparatrooper : Armor,Mechanized Infantry,and Transportation troops takes this very seriously when their commanders and NCOs really puts the boots into their ass and supervise to control.When Iraq kicked off in 2003 and into 04,i was surprised that even Light Infantry,Air Assault,and Airborne Infantrymen who traditionally were walking suddenly had wheeled armored vehicles because of the IED threats started to escalate that they began training drivers and all the crews in a platoon to a standard which vehicle mounted units are trained to do to include vehicle battle drills.Well that's the Army for you.Don't fuck it up or get fucked up seriously.....

Hex Cosmic : That acting though

windthrop1980 : haha. what a fooking slag.

jester5ify : I know lets make a 'safety' film using the two biggest fuckwits we can.

Matsimus : And she's smoking. I remember her lol. The whole classroom was laughing thier heads off. That is all but the female soldiers haha!! It's pretty darn sexist lol