Day in the Life of a SysAdmin Episode 2: XLNT Service
Day in the Life of a System Administrator

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John Mikkola : Day in the Life of L1 support.

Glen Abastas : The power of reboot.. Haha. It always work!..

Asher Ekstein : Gotta get myself one of them wheels

gugli9999 : Hey! Who is that pretty young lady? She is cute :)

Wayne : That's a network admins job

flodi88 : genius! but still true

sadek saidi : WE need this in our office 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Seminole Rick : They only have 1 wheel for the office ? Pam must get quite the daily workout...rolling the ‘brains of the operation’ around !

renz bu : Yeah, the power of reboot. A quick fix for lazy tech. Well then, expect a callback in 20 mins. lol

Jacob CLiberte : This is sooo good haha :D

Man From K452B Hariharasudhan : Thats why I'm a SysAdmin!

zairi kiwi : wkwkkwwkwk so geniuss and good mannn.

Dave A : cheese

KNightNinja87 : I don't know about you guys, but if someone friggin just took my coffee and not only drank out of it, but chipped a tooth on it, I'd be pretty pissed off.

Bands Frew : I think it over trivialises what a system administrator does - there are different seniority levels and complex problems to solve

Sirron Carrector : The head shake. ahahaha

veer negi : Osm Buddy

Alexander Deni Saputro : My daily routine 😂😁😁😀😀😁

David Rathmann : Awesome!!!

Pikami : The girl is a qt!

Тимур Хайдаров : I don't understand that. they are laughing at customers or they make best service

AUX OX : Hilarious!