Craig Ferguson Laugh Attacks - Fresh New Compilation 2018 #3

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The Jayleno Fly : As promised, 100 of you guys followed the instagram page, so here is your video! Enjoy & thank you!

allan moncrieff : Glad to see that nearly 5 years after ending that we still love watching these clips! Sign of a really great show.

7duke77 : Seriously, why did CBS let him go? This was the best "late night talk show" on the air and still beats all the current ones. True humor without relying on political attacks. Just plain funny!

Jacob Noori : My policy for The Jayleno Fly: Like first, watch later.

Daniel Roberts : This video was just what I my pants.

warsshan : Kristin Bell + Craig Ferguson = Win 💓💓💓

GICking : I used to think I liked Conan the best, but I've recently found these Craig compilations and haven't watched anyone other host for 3 weeks solid!

RammaNeedsBuffs : Man, what I would give for Craig to return to late night...on any network.

Tosin Adekanye : "Is that a restaurant?" 🤣🤣

blksbbth d : My county in California is on fire. This really lightens my mood. Thanks.

blindleader42 : 1. "What the hell's going on over there?" is one of the greatest lines Geoff ever delivered. It always seemed to crack Craig up. 2. Opening the video with Kristen Bell is always a winner.

glenn miller : Please make a video of all the instances Michael was called a racist.

Lumino : The best parts are when his laughing and talking gets really high and he looks like he is a second away from crying :D Thanks for the videos, they are one of the few that really make me laugh out loud

Tektoniks Architects : God I miss this show.

Toty Purple : 2:56 What are you clapping for ??!!..lllolll

Berk Ç. : This channel reason to live for me.

Mark S : Kristen Bell was such a good sidekick, and looking damn good in that little dress!

Justin Patire : Well this is just the first of many times i will watch this video

James Hughes : 'Puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose again' crying

سني مقاوم : Like before watching...miss this guy..😂👍

David : Love your Channel. Have you given any thought to the best of Jeff video?

Kurtis B Fishing : I can only imagine JayLenoFly would be as lovely as Kristen bell if he was a woman! :-)

Pepe James : could you make a video of alfredo sauce and the shy fellas???

Jesse James Atencio : I know you guys think this is funny, but sexual assault is NEVER a laughing matter. I really hope Secretariat is brave enough to come forward about the full extent of Craig’s sexual assault now that the show’s over. Maybe then more fake horses would feel comfortable in coming forward. #HorseMeToo

Archie : My body is not ready for this again ...

Your Channel : Awesome compilation, TJLF. Now I have another one of yours to watch over and over when I need a good laugh. Craig was great and definitely missed on Late Night. Thanks for putting that together. =D

Enov DP : Well, this is 100X way better than every "You Laugh, You Lose" or "Try Not to Laugh" challenge out there. Good work and keep up!!! 👍👍👍👍

Elis Regina : oh my god i LOVE the whip sound effect it never fails to make me laugh

Topher O : Man, Im SO GRATEFUL that you put in the work here, because Craigy is a national treasure. I watched Laff attacks 1 & 2 50 times each and always cry somewhere in there. Thanx my friend. You rock it. And PLEASE man.... keep them COMING!!

Lemmy K. Is God : Thanks JLF. Needed my latest fix of Craig & Geoff 😁

BEN TANNO : Thank you, JLF for all the great videos!! I've been watching them for hours and the Laugh Attacks series over and over. It's great to see a new one! Keep up the great work! Ben from Ohio

Looking at the sky : The laugh attacks are my absolute favourites, great job man, keep these coming

khairowensullivan : I replayed every damn bit again and again. This show is just crazy funny and nothing and no one will do a better show for adults than this Scottish bastard and his gay skeleton robot. Your work helps me so much. I bet you lose your mind making this compilation. Thanks Jayleno Fly. Really thank you. To your great health.


Cephas : That WIlford Brimley segment is the greatest talk show moment ever.

CreepyScotchTape : Thank you for making these, man.

Sandro Peixoto : Now, this was real entertainment!

Lastman Standing : I just like boobies and beer. Who's that, Goofy or Pluto? What the hell is going on over there?

Brent Steffen : This show was the best

Plamen Dobrev : I looked up Alan Whicker. Craig was on to something. He truly does talk like that. Go look up Whicker's World, if you're interested. They're good segments too. Worth watching through.

Alissa M : Aww thank you for making these compilations!! Can you please do a Big Cash Prize compilation? Its too much too ask but thought I'd try my luck. 😊

Ivan Styles : Thank you for making these videos. I miss this show, but am thankful that at least someone cares enough to make these compilations. Great work as always.

Ahmad Salah : never have i ever been so ecstatic about a video on youtube!

Michael Lopez : No one can make Craig laugh like Kristen

someone : *He makes me so happy.* Like many things, even if really good, make me feel kinda bittersweet for some reason, but he makes me just so genuinely happy. And Geoff. Ofc. Tho now, he does make me also sad nowadays, cause he isn't hosting this show anymore.. I just hope he's enjoying life outside of it now. Cause seeing him happy makes me happy too.

TheLongDark : Josh Robert Thompson. 'Nuff said.

misteritsy 1 : Always happy to see these clips .Thanks for all the hard work in keeping us fans laughing .

Zahid Anwar : While watching this video, I just realise what a great country America used to be.. everything used to be good out there is being past as time goes by.. #Craig Ferguson "Best Talk Show Host of America" And now? Thanks God there is some one named Graham Norton in London.

Apti Newim : Cristen Bell is shining 😳 <3

JustTheClips : topical to my max capacity. as always thank you. i leave you with a quote : "I have all the characteristics of a human being: blood, flesh, skin, hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust. Something horrible is happening inside of me and I don't know why. My nightly bloodlust has overflown into my days. I feel lethal, on the verge of frenzy. I think my mask of sanity is about to slip."