How Much LOAD Can the Smallest Lego Gear Handle?

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Bisqwit : I haven’t seen that type 2 gear before. When/where was it introduced?


seasong : This really grinds my gears

Gavin s : The sound of the building is so satisfying

Victoria Lauren : Don't give up, you'll find a way to get to 100 Kilos yet! 😄

Eternal Genesis : Ah that intro. So relatable!

Thomas den Bakker : Skidadle Skidoodle your gear is now a noodle

MeinCouch123 : I dunno if a lego gear could handle my LOAD if you catch my drift

Hugo Gresse : hmph! 🤣

LR Nappa : 0:02 R.I.P your foot 😭

xD snakey1230 : only found ur channel recently, but im obsessed! +1 Sub!

Ph3nomen0N : 1:51 -

the face in da wall : How did you survive stepping on a lego??? You could have DIED!!!1!!!!11!!

Crown King : I bet it can’t handle my load ;)

Vsauce Puppet : We have gotten to the point that we will take revenge on bits of plastic by making torture machines out of other bits of plastic Lego is one of the best inventions ever

Esven : Out of question are there any sensors or measuring instruments this channel is in need of? I'm not sure if I'll be able to help too much but I'm an electrical engineer with some tools at home so if you let me know what you need it's possible I can help.

Atte789 : Tee semmone laite jossa on iha sikana noita rattaita vierekkäin et jos vaikka laittaa paperii sen välii nii se menee silpuks.

Carum Sarene : I would actually say Type 2 is worse. It seems to be made of a softer plastic than the Type 1. For buildable figures, I came across a few issues: •The pieces are semi-flexible, meaning no stiff connection. •The pieces aren't correctly measured to fit on axels, meaning they can slip off half pins. (All my Type 2 gears I squished to avoid this issue) •Despite intending to be used for friction, they lose friction easily. It's depressing to know that my 2001 Lewa Mata has more friction in his gears than my 2015 Lewa—which can no longer hold up his axes for posing. I actually learned it's an unavoidable issue with molding. Not that the molding is worn down, but that the molds they're using are ineffective for the mass production they have. I have to be extremely careful with all of my Technic pieces, because every single one of them is like glass. They lose friction after a few uses or just break all together. The 2008 Lime Joints are nothing compared to the 90% of Technic pieces today.

unogazzy84 : type 1 is like regular steel, it just bends. Type 2 is more like hardened steel, it bends just a little with higher loads before it snaps. The two gears are similar but type 2 is a little stronger. For the ultimate test; try using the type 2 in the press. I really love this channel and it serves a purpose more than entertaining people; It shows the limits of Lego pieces which is really good. Keep on doing what you're doing :)

UsernameGeri : Hey man, what's that paper technique that you used with the gear racks? I've seen you use that before but I'm not sure what's the benefit of it, can you explain please? I'm curious.

BRAND OF VERBRAND : and as always: those painful pieces of plastic can handle more then i can

ch4meli0n : i think that the only advantage of the type 2 is, that it can be driven in a 90° combination. i hope that makes sense ^^"

Lolificator : When you step on a gear and have an idea to punish it

Mr. Awesome's Animations : The results were very surprising! loved this!

Büffel Stefan : *hmph!*

Henrik Heikkinen : Nää videot on liian hyviä

Fabiwalker : Type 2 is definately better against to radial force, or...stepping on it. Some of my Type 1's are actually crushed because I stepped on them, this doesn't happen with Type 2.

William Van Brunt : You do great work and I love your videos, however there is one thing that bugs me in some of your testing videos like this one. Using the same gear for multiple test skews the results. Once the gear plastically deforms it's no longer as strong as it was, and it shouldn't be used for the next test. I would imagine if you used a fresh gear for every increasing test it would be more accurate. I do see how this would become very costly though. Just my input, great work thus far.

Sum Gehnyooiss : the advantage to type 2 that I've seen is that it can't sink into the pin holes.

Just an Egg : The sound of the bricks going together is sooooo satisfying

Decidous : 0:07 thats already abuse to the gear

wizard taco man : 1:55 when a lego steps on a lego

danon : Rest in peace, smallest gear 2

Benjámin Péter : Basically, torturing the gear, because YOU stepped on HIM. Whatever, great vid!

The Uazzmeister : *Probably can't hold my load, AM I RIGHT(!)?*

RC4LIFE : You are really talented! Lego KING!

Sir Hoodie : What difference or use does the type 2 gear have over the type 1?

Lego Master Builder : Selling replay buttons for 1 like: 1:50 1:50 1:50 1:50 1:50

VersionGeek : hmph

` : Massive Load Forced on Tiny Grey Girl! How Much Can She Take Before Breaking??

Nitsu : I swear this guy, first a Lego that hurts you if you step on it, then a Lego that can lift 5-6 person at once, then a Lego that pressed 70kg, so what's next ?? Lego that can go 100mph+

THEOFFICIAL TASTYNACHO089 : Every time you rebuild your machine it sounds like emmet building from from the LEGO movie lol

pebble lemon : you should add another gear behind it

Asfsdf Asdfsdf : Nice

Tommy G : Actual torture

Hazel Hazelton : Harrumph!

akumjh : What if you add another free gear on the other side of the tested gear, to keep it more firmly pressed against the non-moving teeth? It looks like the gear shifts a bit before breaking as the plastic starts to bend, so the weight isn't on the whole tooth.

Nat Knutson : So I wasn't crazy, newer legos are weaker. No wonder my newer bionicles were always shattering.

MixZ : Diabeetus

Hüseyin Uğur Alacatli : my car's engine torque is can't beat lego gear