Hands Off Therapy - Trailer

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This is the trailer for Hands Off Therapy which is a single camera comedy web series pilot. Dr. Nover is a psychologist that has burned his hands! He still continues his therapy sessions even though he cannot write. My golly, right? So, he has his anxious, depressed, divorce-experiencing patients transcribe HIS notes. One of them is even another psychologist. It was shot in single camera format by Rebecca Lee Douglas, except for Act 4 starring Natalie McGill. That part was filmed by Alex Barbag. Editing was also done by Alex Barbag. Music was created on the SoundTrap website, soundtrap.com. Sorry if you find the music eerie or creepy, but it was funny when it was being made. I think there is an apology in there, so hopefully you'll be fine with it in the end. Hands Off Therapy stars Liz Nover, Rebecca Lee Douglas, Salmaan Khan, Natalie McGill, David Nover and Alex Barbag.

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