Bad Jokes - Electrical Engineering Edition

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Comments from Youtube

Mateusz Zolnierczyk : Two atoms at the bar: I think I lost an electron.. Are you sure? I'm positive!

Kashish Jain : What are the favourite footwear of a digital design engineer? Flip flops

6alecapristrudel : Why is getting shocked by AC more painful than DC? AC has more Hertz.

thomas rowlands : Why did Mr ohm marry Mrs ohm ? He couldn't resistor

Ahmad Lafi : What do n-type semiconductors say to p-types on their first voltage... You pAss Holes.

Beach&BoardFan : 👍 good stuff. What did the windmill say when ask for its opinion on renewable energy? I'm a big fan... 😁

LReBe7 : God, those were absolutely terrible!

Garth Howe : Please don't let any non-geeks ever see this video... we will be shamed forever.

Themonsters546 : Watt?

llary : These puns are so bad it Hertz

Justin Bell : Arrr F

Magne Haneberg : I really loved the "Electrons make up everything." That was gold!

Robee Shepherd : <3 Why can you never trust atoms... the delivery was just soooo good.

Yo G : What does the single electrical engineer do everyday ? - Screenshot by day , D flip-flop by night

Steve Toward : Why were electricians created? Because Electrical Engineers need heros too!

MichaelKingsfordGray : A Far-a-day keeps the technician away.

JackRedstonia : The fact that this video uses low-budget animations made this video even funnier.

Hofftastic Voyage : Holy crap that was hilarious 😂

Tufail Qureshi : An electron saw a hole.... Love at first sight <3<3

LabCat : What is the owner of a factory for passives saying when they have a good day at the stock market? Viva la resistance!

Drakkar Calethiel : That was pure gold! Couldn't stop laughing for minutes xD Probably the best try not to laugh challenge on YouTube. Whats a pirates favourite branch of electrical engineering? Arrrrr F. That and the last one killed me completely! 😂😂😂

YJ0AUF : Why did the oscilloscope go to the dentist? Because it had a saw tooth...

First2ner : Arrrrrrrrrrr F!

multi misa : ..they make up EVERYTHING 🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣

YJ0AUF : A guy goes into a nightclub with a pair of jumper cables slung over his shoulder. The watchful bouncer surges through the crowd and yells "Hey, are you trying to start something?"

deth kon : as an engineer i am too dead inside to physically laugh, but appreciate? definately

Randy Miller : a termite walked into a bar, and asked "is the bar tender here?”.... wait I’m on the wrong web site.....

fouzai alaa : ally glasses <3

Crystal EDM : Wanna more videos like this....

Pedro Gomes : You have made my day

Chiranjeevi Dabbiru : Sherlock Ohms....😂

Snout Husky : Ohgod. The diode - bridges comeback was the best.

Kasra Senobari : Why! I loved red team!😭😂💜

wd5gnr : Singles ad: NMOS man seeks PMOS woman. Object: CMOS!

Mike oliver : This video made my day. Thank you Keysight.

MicroFarad : At least Daniel Bogdanoff is back

LabCat : hehe...the last one was the best

Mark Greco : Arrrrrrrrrrr thanks needed a laugh

dheidbcidjwbdocjeif : hahahahahahahahahahaha this was gold....

Bugler55 : whats the difference between harvey weinstein and neodymium magnets?? Nothing, both have a strong coercive force.

kish bhar : there are many x rated ones too....

Sverd Industries : This is my jam

Ajith S Devadiga : U should have called Mehdi Sadagar a.K.a the Electroboom

Vivek Kumar : Watt is the unit of power?

rumahhafidzah bekasi : Red wire looks at black wire. Why you looking sad? Said the red wire. I been grounded.

Tufail Qureshi : I could tell how they were trying hard to laugh

muhammad bintang : Make part 2

Zsolt Pinter : 🤦🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

alienozi : I'm sorry