From dusk till dawn Salma Hayek dancing 1080p

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TheShadowdetective12 : this scene mesmorized me when i first saw this, i was like 13

sershX : Yeah, if anyone is going to drink tequila poured down Selma Hayek's leg in a Quentin Tarantino movie, it's going to be Quentin Tarantino.

Brendan Routh : It doesn't matter if your a man or a woman or what your sexual orientation is, this scene IS sexy for everyone, and I say this as an openly gay male.

Cory Louis : i feel like this chick could give straight girls hardons

Edmund Herrera : George Clooney had the best seat in the house 👌

jtiss _ : OOOPs almost forgot to watch this today

Matthew Londeck : hands down the sexiest scene ever put to film

Baseball Fanatic : Anybody who likes this scene can thank Tarantino's boner cause that's all this scene was for

Anaïs Edwards : Jesus christ. I saw this when I was 6 and knew I wasn't straight. It's been almost 10 years and she still looks this fine. My sexuality is Salma Hayek.

Smooth Operator : Love Salma to death, but that lead guitar stole this scene....🎸🎵

ReijiNakashi : I lost count on how many times I pulled my lobster in this scene when I was teenager.

Danielle Hudak : Salma Hayek is the epitome of beauty! 💕

Nick Proscia : This dance wasn't choreographed she did it all herself. She also had a fear of snakes and didn't want to have a snake on her so the production staff told her if she doesn't use the snake Madonna is going to take her place. She saw a therapist for two months to overcome her fear of snakes.

scynapz : Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

chez881 : first boner I ever had

Jamie Joan : That made me gay...

tony rome : sexiest movie scene of alltime

JJ : Watching Salma dance in this scene makes me thankful I'm a man.

Miranda Tiffany : shes so fucking beautiful ughhhh but it is funny how her leg buckles at 1:06 lol still love this scene tho

Gabri'el Alexander : Quentin Tarantino has such a foot fetish. I don't care how hot a girl is, I'm not licking anyone's toes!

Moby Dick I : Oh, Salma, you goddess!!

DjTsakalos : One of the most beautiful moments of my childhood

darkbangtan : She's gorgeous

James Murphy : I want this to happen to me

Richard Prokopchuk : That lead guitarist and singer is Tito. The band is Tito & Tarantala. They are awesome. I have several of their albums.

Statutory Grape : Salma Hayek in her absolute prime.

Arjen Bootsma : She is just impossibly beautiful

Mario Gutierrez : BRB, gon' fap :)

By Matilta : That body, I almost went gay.

Battle Group Raiders : Every1 keeps saying they wish this happens to them. he dies 5 mins from now. who u gonna brag 2 lol

Jimmy Stang : hottest scene in cinematic history hands down

pusc1f3r : WTF 45 thumbs down?!

2wingo : 3:39 If I were in Tarantino's place, I'd have stolen a kiss.

Johny Landers : Reminds me Rammstein-Engel video.


Chantelle : This has to be the sexiest scene of all time. Salma is so gorgeous with the best curves. I bet when they were filming this scene all the guys' reaction were real, including Quintin :P

B-2 Spirit : THE perfect body

halford1983 : I'd like to be Quentin... only to have Salma's foot in my mouth... love her... <3

Sam McGuire : I wish I was that snake.

JayPeh : Not gonna lie. I laughed so hard at the part where quentin drank beer off her feet. There's no way he wouldn't take that opportunity.

razorcharlie22 : her body, her face she's the perfect woman

NEKTARIA NIKOLAOU : probably the most heart-stoping scene ever

Arsaga89 : This scene deserves an Oscar!

Lexington Deville84 : Salma Hayek is knocking 50 and she still looks great.

Killaim : Quentin Tarantino only made this movie so he could get salma hayek to do this scene with him

Abby Mitchell : No matter what sexual orientation you are, this scene just makes you feel dirty and it's great

PokerLady houle : ok not to be mean , but if you look at George 's face when Salma bends over he's got this SOUR LOOK ON HIS FACE  LOL

Thierry Com : Thank you Salma that was nice lol

Sumonto Chaudhuri : Lucky old bastard Tarantino - indulged his raging foot fetish once again ...and reserved the foot suck bit for himself !!!:)

Никита Элита : лайк кто от папича