From dusk till dawn Salma Hayek dancing 1080p

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Moby Dick I : Oh, Salma, you goddess!!

Angeli Rodriguez : Damn that girl. I'm straight but damn, she's super fine!!!!!

Is mayonnaise an instrument? : Giving men raging boners since 1996

PC LOAD LETTER : Those hips are in the Dictionary under "Hips."

sakura_rain : I find this scene so erotic: salma and the snake, when she shakes her hair I'm like "damn, she needs to teach me how to look that hot when doing that" and of course the man who singing, that song and him combined are like WOW!!! :O

sershX : Yeah, if anyone is going to drink tequila poured down Selma Hayek's leg in a Quentin Tarantino movie, it's going to be Quentin Tarantino.

lovethe world : this is what made me turn lesbian :Op hehe

Dogdrum : And this, my friends, is why America should never build the wall.

Norcal : God damn, she is basically the Goddess of Sex in human form.

accofam1 : All brain power is useless... definitely WORTH selling your soul for. Men would wage war for that kind of body.... and have.


Edmund Herrera : George Clooney had the best seat in the house 👌

JJ : Watching Salma dance in this scene makes me thankful I'm a man.

Black Box : How many takes did Quinton make her do to get this RIGHT...??????????

Brendan Routh : It doesn't matter if your a man or a woman or what your sexual orientation is, this scene IS sexy for everyone, and I say this as an openly gay male.

Sumonto Chaudhuri : Lucky old bastard Tarantino - indulged his raging foot fetish once again ...and reserved the foot suck bit for himself !!!:)

jaguar4u2012 : Tarantino has a serious Fetish with Legs

Baseball Fanatic : Anybody who likes this scene can thank Tarantino's boner cause that's all this scene was for

rhea waterfall : I can't be the only girl here enjoying this XD

Cory Louis : i feel like this chick could give straight girls hardons

Killaim : Quentin Tarantino only made this movie so he could get salma hayek to do this scene with him

Sailor 92 : Now that's what I call a fukin' show!!!

Isabelle Powell : I think QT's face at 4:38 sums the whole thing up.

Lexington Deville84 : Salma Hayek is knocking 50 and she still looks great.

eddygtube : 3:57 that is the face of a man looking upon the heavens

NEKTARIA NIKOLAOU : probably the most heart-stoping scene ever

Craig Eager : Salma Hayek's dancing was truly the most sexiest dance I have ever seen and I really did like seeing several of those shots on Salma's long slender legs and her delicious belly button because she certainly does have such a gorgeous and sexy body.

Derek Stiles : В детстве, при просмотре данной сцены я впервые понял, что такое эрекция..

TheGreaterGood80 : And that, gentlemen, is a real woman

Asinine Donkey : "Lowly dog! Kneel and worship!" I would, without a second thought.  One of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.

ZGMFXGN0042 : Thats hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Anaïs Edwards : Jesus christ. I saw this when I was 6 and knew I wasn't straight. It's been almost 10 years and she still looks this fine. My sexuality is Salma Hayek.

Chantelle : This has to be the sexiest scene of all time. Salma is so gorgeous with the best curves. I bet when they were filming this scene all the guys' reaction were real, including Quintin :P

Matthew Londeck : hands down the sexiest scene ever put to film

Podrub : Привет от Папича :D

nuller87 : The perfect woman body... damn!

Smooth Operator : Love Salma to death, but that lead guitar stole this scene....🎸🎵

Richard Prokopchuk : That lead guitarist and singer is Tito. The band is Tito & Tarantala. They are awesome. I have several of their albums.

jtiss _ : OOOPs almost forgot to watch this today

Armand Hammer : Super-hot body; that's why I'm looking at the video. But when I saw this at the movie theater I almost didn't recognize Salma because of her buxom appearance. Everybody pretty-much knows that a camera lens adds weight to someone's appearance, and the effect of making somebody appear larger on film has been around since the '60's. But Salma's proportions, especially hips to waistline is freakin fabo!!!

halford1983 : I'd like to be Quentin... only to have Salma's foot in my mouth... love her... <3

Bre Cobain : This woman is sexy as hell

Bára Křepínská : The sexiest woman that has ever existed.

scynapz : Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked.

Josh Barrett : By far the most sex woman st that time. beautifull!

larreey : I thought she was hot as fuck in Desperado, but, damn, this dancing scene nearly made me stroke out.

Garvin Daniel : At 1:36 I wish I was the snake's tail

Miranda Panda : shes so fucking beautiful ughhhh but it is funny how her leg buckles at 1:06 lol still love this scene tho

Turan Abbas : The song is amazing too ))

TheJusnic82 : hall lee fawk hottest scene EVER